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{ 12:44, Monday, November 16, 2009 } { 1 Kommentare } { Link }
Hi there people,
I got a new Blog because I've been told that you people can't write comments on my old Blog. Sorry, wasn't my falt. Now you should be able to put your comments up I'm looking forward to that.
I up dated also my pictures... Birthday, friends Birthday, and Halloween Party

yours GeorgeDog


{ 10:53, Sunday, November 15, 2009 } { 1 Kommentare } { Link }

I still feel really bad for writing so little, but let's not go there again.
Today I have something special to share with you. You all know that my FB is down and that I can not go on youtube...BUT... I got something else for you

I got a Chinese YOUTUBE
called YOUKU!!!
And those who know me really well, know that I love to post links and give people the chance to glimpse at the world as I see it. So here we go:

First link is about Chinese pop's an older song and...yeah...not so new...just take it as an introduction to some Chinese pop music. HAVE FUN.... TRACKTITLE: HONEY

The next one is a song I personally like because it's easy to play on the guitar and sweet to listen too.
It reminds me of what is most important in life and the only reasonably answer for the question what we actually live for. So's a love song...enjoy
TRACKTITLE: YOU WANT LOVE (你要的爱,ni yao de ai)


Now the last song is really a sad one. I hope you still remember the earthquake last year in Sichuan province, south China. It killed at least 68'000 people...many children who were in school...Now, I'm showing you this because life is very precious and all humans treasure it. I'm also showing this to stress out the things we have in common with Chinese. We all love our children and we all should overcome our prejudice and learn from each other instead of pointing out the differences. By the way, the song is sung by Chackie Chan: Tracktitle: LIFE AND DEATH AREN’T APART FROM EACHOTHER (生死不离, shengsi bu li)


Refrain: (my translation)

No matter where you are, we all want to find you,

Blood vessel can create wonder (mighty work),the light of life is precious.

No matter where you are, we all want to find you,

Hand in Hand, life and death aren’t apart from each other.


So again,

live your life to the most. Find the person you love and don’t let him/her go. Enjoy the time with your family, be an upright, kind and honest person and don’t be superficial, fearful or angry with other people, because you don’t know how much time you have been given.


Greeeeeeeetings from China and Beijing. Wish you all a happy time and a great winter!!!

May you laugh a lot and find the right presents for X-Mas!! And just in case you guys don’t believe the Chinese characters I wrote, or if you want to translate song text for yourself, check out LEO.ORG

Sincerely, GeorgeDog



Happy Birthday Jessica, Vlado, Manuel, Erol...and myself.

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Hi there guys,
I know that it is again the birthday month and a lot of you had already birthday. I'm really sorry that I didn't write a card or let you some other way know, that I really care for you.
And since I ****ed up already a lot...I want to do at least this right.


these words are for you:
YOUR ONE OF THE MOST DETERMINDED PEOPLE I KNOW. If you have a goal you'll try to approach it. You are a lot more pragmatical than I am, and I'm a lot more...complicated than you are...and we both know this... but when ever we speak,  when ever I hear of you, when ever there are news of you, basicly when ever there’s something linking you with me... I'm very proud to consider you my friend, to have spent sooo much great time with you... it is a honor to know you....and there will be no day or time you can't count on my help. Happy Birthday.


These words are for you:
long long time ago, I can still remember…when we used to drink, chat, go make barbeque and have a great time together. I will never forget the careless days we had than, worrying about nothing, laughing about everything. It was an unforgettable time that I will always carry on with me. Especially the Fasnacht and Brötle we spent together. Now, things have changed a bit, we got older, separated and have grown different point of views. I like the US you like Australia. You love Japan, I love China
J Never the less, I will never forget about you as a person, the time we had and still have. I wish you the best from my heart. You can count on me, when ever you need me. Jessica, from heart…Happy Birthay.



These words are for you:

From all my friends and all people I know, there is nobody so unique like you. You are a gift to this world. You are so optimistic, outgoing, easy going, creative, sporty, enthusiastic, humorous…actually there should be a world invented that combines all good things in one and than it should be given only to you. When I think back how much we laughed together or how blind we just felt good just being together…. gosh…unforgettable, these precious times, drinking beer, having fun, playing play station. I felt like we two never felt the need to talk about politics, life or women for we had just a great time together. It would have just made our great time les fun. Now we too have gone separate ways. You got a house, a girlfriend

and a life to live, but when ever I see you, when ever we meet,  I’m really proud and rich to know you and to call you my friend. Before I came to China we met on the roof of Messe-Garage, that moment was very touching. Erol, from heart, I wish you a happy happy birthday.

Any time you need me…I’ll be there. And I promise I’ll never buy you a book again as birthday present.



These words are for you:

Now you and I, we didn’t have actually a lot of time to gather a lot of memories. But let me tell you things, from my point of view. Manuel, you’re like sunshine. I can not remember a single time we talked, played Poker or just partied with each other that you didn’t create a positive and warm atmosphere around you. When ever you start talking, it feels as if life itself is swelling into the room. I wish you all the best my friend. And even though you’r the Poker King of everybody, I think you found in me your match :P Manuel, I sincerely wish you: happy happy birthday.


These words are for me:

Nicolas, exactly 10 years ago (picture), you sat somewhere at the beach in San Diego, California and now you are in China.  Gosh how time passes by, how great your journey was. Have a look back, be happy, enjoy what you achived and happy birthday.


And last but not least, I wanna thank all of you who support me, cheer for me, inspire me, think of me,protect me, who drive me forward, worry about me, are happy for me, who want me to succeed and who will wait for me with open arms. Thank you soooo soooo much.

Yours Nicolas


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Happy Birthday China!!

I'm writting from Beijing where the 60ths anniversary of the People's Republic of China was held. It was a huge colorful event, with hundreds, no... with thousands of people participating!! All began at 10 o'clock in the morning at the Tiananmen square. The flag was rissen under the national anthem. After that President Hu Jingtao reveled the military troops. He was driving in a black limousin down the road, past the troops and did greet them. He'd say: "Greetings Commrads" and the troops next to him would reply "Greeting Mr. Presiden!t" or he'd say: "Commrads are you working hard?" and they'd reply "We are serving the people!"
After returning to Tiananmen (the building with the big Mao picture), came the march of the troops, which passed then the President and all other leaders.
There were Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Special Force, Emergency Response and Elite Troops marching by. 52 New Weapon systems were revealed,  all made in China and most were shown to the public the first time.

After that, came a great Art parade with a review and achievments of China in the past 60 years. It was a real colourful and creative Art parade. And the end was market by marching school kids. It was really impressive.

Later, in the evening on Tiananmen Square was great dance event. Again very colorful, so colorful I can't even explain how colorful. There were lion dancers, dragon dancers, all kind of dancers. All dressed in beautiful costumes!! Just an amazing preformance!!! And of course, as in many states in the world there was a huge and beautiful firework at the end.

It was really  a huge party and China is really celebrating it's achievments!!! And it has to be stressed out. Since the year  1978 and Deng Xiaopings reforms, China has changed enormously!!! Congratulation to what has been achieved!!!

Greetings and best wishes...GeorgeDog

Spare Time

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Hello people and friends.

Today I bought myself a special book to kind of relax betveen my chinese studies. You shure have all seen the movie but I don't think that any of you has acutally red the book yet, which is "Forrest Gump"

Now Forrest Gumpe is really a great movie and I red already the first 3 chapers of the book. Though the book is already very different from the movie, I love reading it. Especially, that it mentions all kind of idiots in older books such as for example Harper Lees Boo Readly of "To Kill A Mocking Bird". Yeah, now I love it, when authores link their characters with older literature, because it brings back all those memories and joy one had when reading those books. It's like remembering the taste of a very good whine that you drank in good comapy.

I compared to "Kill A Mocking Bird" with "The Color Purple" in english class and woow. Mindblowing.
For those who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about. Don't worry, the books have all been filmed and if you still have no interest, there will shure be days, when I'll be talking about the party life in Beijing
(But for now, ya gotta be patient).
I really recommend all you guys to grab a book and do something better with your time than just watching the Simpsons. By the way, before coming to China I was reading "The Hichhiker's guide to Galaxy", which I only started reading because of my good Swedish friend Karoline.

So...greetings to you, my snyggen ;)

I better be reading some comments, that you read some book or at least have an excuse like: "I'm watching Inglorious Bastards over and over again, no time for reading" or something simulare. Because IF NOT, you  really are a couch potato!!
Think about it

Greetings GeorgeDog 


{ 10:47, Sunday, November 15, 2009 } { 0 Kommentare } { Link }

Ni hao people and friends!

Gues what happend to me. I met Irene in Beijing! Some of you still know my Australian/Chinese friend, whom I met in Stockholm,Sweden. She came to visit me, even in Basel and Slovakia.
And since she and I are real backpackers and travelers, that get along with eachother very well, we do have a lot to tell to eachother. So it happend, that she met my family. And now it's the other way around, I get to see her family.
My chinese is still very bad, so that I couldn't really open a smalltalk with everybody. I didn't even know what I am allowed to ask and what not. Like, in Switzerland I assume, it's already a little bit too much to ask, weither or not you have children, how old they are, what they do, what you do, what your income is etc. So, I was kind of unshure what to say, and what I said was even in a bad chinese. Uff...I thought I was really bad, but thanx to Irene, she helped me out well and introduced me to all the habbiets at a chinese table.
I give you an example so you got a clue what I'm talking about. let's say you go to Italy to visit a friend. And that friend invites you to a dinner where everybody is Italian older than you and from Sicily. Would you start smalltalking about somebodies daughter or rize your wineglass to toast all the older people at the table? :D Well, in a way, that was how I felt like. But thanks again to Irene, she really helped me out.

On the first of October is the Chinese National day, like the 1. of August in Switzerland. Everything is ready to celebrate the 60. Birthday of todays China. There will be a huge military parade at the Tiananmen square and I assume, also music,dance and a firework in the evening.
I'm looking forward to that, since I'm really curious.

News for you ;)

{ 10:44, Sunday, November 15, 2009 } { 0 Kommentare } { Link }

Hi there people,
how are you doing? Well, I'm shure, a lot of you guys are wondering, how my place looks like. So, just to let you know, I took a few picuters of my class and school mates so that you kinda get to see with whom I'm hanging around. There are all kind of different cultures (you'd call them nationalities) in my class. Let's see how good you are in guessing! Just go to my fotoalbum "Classmates", have a look at the picutres and than comment with whom I'm hanging around. Well, you can do so, or....we have a little chit chat about the weather in Switzerland. But seriously, who gives a fly about the weather anyway? :D Let the sun shine is my quote for today, and people, today was a lot of sunshine where I went.
Open your heart and keep that smile on your face. All my love to you guys, where ever you are. And a kiss to that special one I'm missing.

Yours Nicolas

Welcome to my new World ;)

{ 10:42, Sunday, November 15, 2009 } { 0 Kommentare } { Link }

Hi there World, hi there friends
I finally made it, with a little help, to open a Web-Blog. I've come to hear that you all despretly want to hear how I'm doing, what I'm doing, how it is what I'm doing, with whom I'm doing what, where and at what time I'm doing bla bla bla... Well,no worries anymore. I'm hear and I'm willing to tell you
So, keep in touch, come by time by time and drop a comment if you disagree with me. If you don't write anything at all, I take it as if you totally agree with what I have to say. 
So, take care and cheers. Yours GeorgeDog


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