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Happy Birthday Jessica, Vlado, Manuel, Erol...and myself.

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Hi there guys,
I know that it is again the birthday month and a lot of you had already birthday. I'm really sorry that I didn't write a card or let you some other way know, that I really care for you.
And since I ****ed up already a lot...I want to do at least this right.


these words are for you:
YOUR ONE OF THE MOST DETERMINDED PEOPLE I KNOW. If you have a goal you'll try to approach it. You are a lot more pragmatical than I am, and I'm a lot more...complicated than you are...and we both know this... but when ever we speak,  when ever I hear of you, when ever there are news of you, basicly when ever there’s something linking you with me... I'm very proud to consider you my friend, to have spent sooo much great time with you... it is a honor to know you....and there will be no day or time you can't count on my help. Happy Birthday.


These words are for you:
long long time ago, I can still remember…when we used to drink, chat, go make barbeque and have a great time together. I will never forget the careless days we had than, worrying about nothing, laughing about everything. It was an unforgettable time that I will always carry on with me. Especially the Fasnacht and Brötle we spent together. Now, things have changed a bit, we got older, separated and have grown different point of views. I like the US you like Australia. You love Japan, I love China
J Never the less, I will never forget about you as a person, the time we had and still have. I wish you the best from my heart. You can count on me, when ever you need me. Jessica, from heart…Happy Birthay.



These words are for you:

From all my friends and all people I know, there is nobody so unique like you. You are a gift to this world. You are so optimistic, outgoing, easy going, creative, sporty, enthusiastic, humorous…actually there should be a world invented that combines all good things in one and than it should be given only to you. When I think back how much we laughed together or how blind we just felt good just being together…. gosh…unforgettable, these precious times, drinking beer, having fun, playing play station. I felt like we two never felt the need to talk about politics, life or women for we had just a great time together. It would have just made our great time les fun. Now we too have gone separate ways. You got a house, a girlfriend

and a life to live, but when ever I see you, when ever we meet,  I’m really proud and rich to know you and to call you my friend. Before I came to China we met on the roof of Messe-Garage, that moment was very touching. Erol, from heart, I wish you a happy happy birthday.

Any time you need me…I’ll be there. And I promise I’ll never buy you a book again as birthday present.



These words are for you:

Now you and I, we didn’t have actually a lot of time to gather a lot of memories. But let me tell you things, from my point of view. Manuel, you’re like sunshine. I can not remember a single time we talked, played Poker or just partied with each other that you didn’t create a positive and warm atmosphere around you. When ever you start talking, it feels as if life itself is swelling into the room. I wish you all the best my friend. And even though you’r the Poker King of everybody, I think you found in me your match :P Manuel, I sincerely wish you: happy happy birthday.


These words are for me:

Nicolas, exactly 10 years ago (picture), you sat somewhere at the beach in San Diego, California and now you are in China.  Gosh how time passes by, how great your journey was. Have a look back, be happy, enjoy what you achived and happy birthday.


And last but not least, I wanna thank all of you who support me, cheer for me, inspire me, think of me,protect me, who drive me forward, worry about me, are happy for me, who want me to succeed and who will wait for me with open arms. Thank you soooo soooo much.

Yours Nicolas

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Happy Birthday Jessica, Vlado, Manuel, Erol...and myself.
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