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Fünf Prozent der Deutschen führen Weblogs1 August 2006
Acht Prozent der Deutschen führen Tagebuch. Wie eine Umfrage des Nachrichtenmagazins 'Focus' (kommende Ausgabe) ergab, schreiben fünf Prozent gelegentlich ihre Erinnerungen auf, drei Prozent halten sie regelmäßig fest. Fünf Prozent verfassen Weblogs.

Zwölf Prozent der Frauen, aber nur vier Prozent der Männer führen Tagebuch.
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Blog löschen13 April 2009
Guten Tag!

Wollte nur mal fragen, ob man den Account bei CHblog auch löschen (lassen) kann? Bei den AGB steht nur "Support benachrichtigen", aber ich sehe nirgends einen Links dazu...

Viele Grüsse

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Blog löschen13 April 2009
Guten Tag!

Wollte nur mal fragen, ob man den Account bei CHblog auch löschen (lassen) kann? Bei den AGB steht nur "Support benachrichtigen", aber ich sehe nirgends einen Links dazu...

Viele Grüsse

Erstellt von R.M.

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Viele kommen aus Deutschland12 December 2012
An der ETH haben wir Deutsche die hervorragende Leistungen erbringen.

Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich
Erstellt von Anonymous

was restore? So i11 November 2015
was restore? So i tried it. It reerotsd all my settings, including mail, so all I had to do was reenter passwords the first time, and I was back up and running after it resynced my apps again. Those stayed in Itunes so I didn't have to redownload everything.Playing with pictures is pretty fun and very smooth, and the speaker on this thing is surprisingly full of bass. There's even an equalizer for tweaking the sound output to your liking. And the music keeps playing after you close the app so you can have the tunes playing while doing other things (but it will stop when you hit something else that takes over multimedia like a video or some other sound thing from an email of course). I grabbed the apple book-like cover and the dock, but you can't charge it in the dock while that cover is on. So I went from the initial What a useless piece of junk detractor to the I wouldn't live without it supporter.I gave them all sorts of grief for using the term magical to describe it, but I have to say, that it actually felt nearly magical that first hour doing things All my experience with the tablet PC and I wasn't ready to experience what this interface was like. And with this, i may finally be able to get my grandma to have something to keep at her condo so we can email her pictures and such This would make it a lot easier for her than trying to get her to use a full computer So for a first revision, it's a grand slam out of the park hit. Granted, it's just a big ipod touch or iphone or w****ver, but for someone who never used either of those, and wanted something with a useful form factor, this is a BIG hit.
Erstellt von Stas

The iPhone 4 has a g11 November 2015
The iPhone 4 has a glass plate on the front screen as well as on the phone's back end, <a href="">givnig</a> it it's shiny appearance. What I can tell you from experience is that the glass is most definitely stronger. I keep my iPhone 4 in a case (as should you), but I have dropped it on occasion with and without the case. I have yet to drop it on an extremely hard surface like a parking lot or hardwood floor, just mainly at work or at my apartment where it's carpeted. It has yet to even crack. I've had it about six months.It's a beautiful phone.
Erstellt von Bruno

That won't work for 13 November 2015
That won't work for me, I'm in a big city (New York) and pretty much all of my beiunsss is here. Is a network location filter essentially a big big IP range filter for everyone on the network (my company plus however many other companies may use the telco's network?) If so, that's a much larger group of potential visitors than I want to filter out of my traffic. [url=]ivpvkrq[/url] [link=]mbccqlxxwlt[/link]
Erstellt von Tosker

and some of the best15 November 2015
and some of the best Smart TV functional (of great <a href="">insetert</a> to me) functionality of all TVs in the price range.Let's start with the screen: Perfect size for our living space of roughly 10-15 from screen. It has great color and life like tones. I popped it into passive mode, just to check out some 3D action and I think it flowed very nice. I have yet to see any ghosting or issues with movement. I chose LED over Plasma, as Plasma tends to have more glare and our living space is bright.I was most <a href="">insetert</a>ed in the Smart functions. I was looking for a TV that would allow for a QWERTY keyboard to make searching for movies and browsing the net quick. However, with the exception of a few Panasonics from 2011, there were few TVs that have a QWERTY keyboard. With the exception of a few high end models, there was nothing that fit the bill. Until I found the ET5 series.It not only has a free app from Panasonic (this TV is compatible), but it also allows you to use the keyboard on your iphone/ipad/android to type in things. ADDITIONALLY, (Panasonic does not advertise it very well and Best Buy sales guys are clueless), but you can use some USB wireless keyboard devices as an input device.What makes it stand out:1. Panasonic Viera remote compatible with Iphone/Ipad/Android control2. Can use 3rd party mini wireless keyboards3. Easy wifi or ethernet connectivity4. Bright, vivid screen5. Excellent value for the priceWhat could be better:1. It only has 2 USB ports (could be expanded?)2. The basic remote it comes with really is generic. I need a remote that can learn functions (so as to replace existing remotes) and has a keyboard for easy entry.Hope this helps!
Erstellt von Rushikesh

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