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Santiago de Chile 16.09.06 / La Paz 17.-19.09.06

Posted at 02:34, 17 September 2006 in South America

After a loooong but surprisingly comfortable flight (I even slept for 7 hours!), I arrived safely in Santiago de Chile. Right before the landing, the plane crossed the Andes - it was beautiful to see the snowcapped mountains in the sunrise.

On foot I went off to discover the downtown area. Santiago has an interesting mix of ancient buildings and topmodern skyscrapers with very creative architecture. And from the top of the outlook "Cerro Santa Lucia" I got an impressive look at the large city and the high mountains surrounding it.

And to my surprise I am getting along very well with the remains of my Spanish.


La Paz now really puts me into the South American life. The city is situated in a funnel, surrounded by hills, full of houses everywhere. The earthcoloured houses however are mainly unfinished brick houses, which you can hardly make out as the land is so dry. As La Paz is on 4000 m altitude (highest capital city in the world), there is no grass and almost no trees. A very special site! The only colour comes from the women walking around in their traditional woven clothing, colourful and with cute little hats :-) They are sitting right and left of the streets, selling all kind of stuff. And often they have their little kids with them, covered up in the woven artisan blankets.

I first had to adjust to the high altitude, so I took it easy... as even the smallest movements seemed to be a fitness program ;-)

Walking around in the streets of La Paz is interesting. It is very hectic here, but not at all chaotic. Funny to me are all the busdrivers who scream out their destinations and prices when driving. I am enjoying it.


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