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Zambia 22. - 24.11.2008

Posted at 02:07, 22 November 2008 in Southern Africa

22.11.08 Kasane - Livingstone (Zambia)

The other side of the Zambesi river then has again a line full of trucks and vehicles to go across the other side. So a very busy area, hot and humid... and I was really glad to be here with a group! We all got the passport stamped (and Visas if required), but then it took 2 hours to get the administrative paperwork done for the bus we travel. So we waited patiently.


After a short drive then we reached our final destination: Livingstone. Now... I did not expect a huge city, however this is not at all what I thought Livingstone would look like. It is a one-street city, meaning there is one main street with some kind of funny looking shops (for us from the 1st world they look like storage shacks...). Very dusty, quite smelly... and that is it!

We ate lunch at the hotel, strolled up and down the street and I then updated this blog before we then left to drive down to the main attraction here: the Victoria Falls! Now... just in time for that it again started to rain really hard. But the biggest disappointment: at this time of the year the Falls are dry on the Zambia side! So all you see is the steep canyon/gorge, with the 100m wall where the water normally would fall down. Bugger!!! The only water we had coming down was from the sky, and we all got soaking wet - even with the raingear...


So instead of having a nice sunset dinner at the Zambesi river, we had to go back to the hotel to change and then went back to the restaurant in the dark. But by then everyone was already in a quite good party-mood, and the evening/night become another huge dancing party... Good fun!


23.11.08 Livingstone

It rained all night, but luckily just in time it stopped in the morning. So off to do some crazy adrenalin-pumping stuff: Bungy-Jumping, Flying Fox and Gorge Swing over the Victoria Falls Gorge... Now I have done Bungy and Flying Fox before, but still loved it - it is the 2nd highest jump in the world with 111m! But then the Gorge Swing - holy malony - now that is the best thing EVER! You jump from the same platform as for Bungy, but instead of just going down and up, you freefall first and then swing back and forth in the narrow gorge. ASSUME!!!

I was all shaking from excitement.


As Livingstone does not really offer to much... (like nothing...), I then spent the rest of the day hanging around in the hotel. Nice to just do nothing... It again started to rain in the afternoon, so watching TV after 3 weeks was a welcomed distraction ;-)


This evening then we had our Farewell Dinner at the hotel. Last time of African feeling, as it took them hours to serve us... But we still had a lot of fun together - also afterwards when we sang a self-created farewell song to our guide and driver. Crazy little group this is ;-)

Some good-bye drinks at the bar, and then off to bed.


24. - 25.11.08 Livingstone - home.....

Some of the group still have a few days in Livingstone, but the majority of us left around lunchtime to the airport and flew to Johannesburg. For some of us it was really hard to say good-bye... lots of tears and emotions...!


For three of us the stay-over in Johannesburg was very long, so our guide organized a little shopping tour in a huge mall for us. So us girls strolled around the stores - not really buying a lot, but just enjoying time away from the airport.  

And back at the airport we had another little dinner before it was then time to finally say good-bye to each other (yes, more tears and emotions ;-) 


Yes, and the rest was just a looooooooong travelling time, with to much time at airports...

But back home I had a nice surprise, as my little beloved niece and nephew were awaiting me with HUGE smiles, big laughs and even bigger HUGS... ahhhh felt so good ;-)

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