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Why do you need VCM II recovery?

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Why do you need have VCM II firmware recovery?
You Chinese clone that after flashing says beep every second …
or firmware in the clone for IDS84 program , and you want the software to IDS86 …
or you have violated the data on the memory card or memory card is broken …

Is it safe to do VCM II recovery?
Not really. ALL can be done AT YOUR SOLE RISK . You’d better SAVE YOUR OLD MEMORY CARD .

How to do VCM II recovery?
  1. Install a clean copy of the operating system, this system must not be connected VCM2
    2. Install the drivers for all devices and update system
    3. Download files from the links below
    4. Disable updates Disable Firewall, Disable Web
    5. Set the date on your computer September 1, 2013, and disable time synchronization via the Internet.
    6. Set IDSv86 on your system.
    7. reboot
    8. kill the following processes if they are running:
    9. This item is optional.
    unzip the boot.zip and put it in the folder “C: \ Program Files \ ford motor company \ IDS \ system”
    that is, the full name of the folder should be “C: \ Program Files \ ford motor company \ IDS \ system \ boot”
    10. Apply the patch from attachments. Up to this point NOT connect device VCM2. 2nd item when using the patch (for VCM 2).
    11. Reboot
    12. WARNING! your device VCM2 must not connected wires.
    13. Remove the side cover from VCM2 with the side where drawn Wifi, install the card 4 or 8GB depending on what was installed in your device. Commonly used
    class 4 cards
    14. Press the plastic button (to the quiet click) but not much, because the Chinese are very fond of buttons to break.
    15. connect the +12 v supply through connector. (Continue to hold the button)
    16. Wait a few seconds, the red light, but you must continue to hold the button. When a beep sounds immediately release the button.
    17. Wait about two minutes (visually nothing will happen), connect the USB cord from VCM2 to computer.
    18. Start Bosh VCI MANAGER. Once connected, you will see your VCM2 in recovery mode.
    19. click on “Restore” button and go to drink coffee, it takes about 40 minutes.
    20. after flashing VCM2 automatically reboot. (If, after repeated firmware situation BEEP 1 second, you can try to do firmware lower software version number,
    eg 84 or 85)
    21. Wait 2 minutes.
    22. unplug all cables from VCM2
    23. Restart the computer, wait for the full load and run the IDS86 (VCM2 not connected). on offer data entry, enter the dealer Ford / Mercury / Lincoln,
    dealer code UR097, country Russia
    24. Wait until the start IDS86 and connect the device.
    25. system will install the drivers and communication protocols VCM2
    Everything should work!
    p.s. If you broke the paragraph 14 of the button to close the tweezers solder contacts or temporarily remote button on the wires.
    If this does not help, follow instructions at the end of all the action as follows:
    26. Reboot
    27. Press the reset button, plug in the +12v to VCM2, wait for beep, release the reset button
    28. Start IDS86 and wait until the boot
    29. Connect VCM2 USB cable to the computer program IDSv86 should offer to update the firmware of the device.
    30. Update the device.
    31. after flashing VCM2 automatically reboot. (If, after repeated firmware situation BEEP 1 second, you can try to do firmware lower software version number,
    eg 84 or 85)
    32. Wait 2 minutes.
    33. unplug all cables from VCM2
    Now exactly Everything should work!

The link: https://mega.co.nz/#!ucJXCDSB!385VlhEyXMsjTzlHc1Ij9gddveml0afwt1Wtwis2F9I
Password: 1235

Is the tutorial working for VCM II clone?
Yep. The recovery tutorial works for both VCM II genuine and clone.

Credits to v0iD0zZ3r from http://mhhauto.com/,BIG THANKS 


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