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V2018.12 BMW E/F scanner reviews on Diagnosis, IMMO & Mileage Correction

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BMW E F scanner v18.12.03 have the abilities of BMW OBD diagnostic, IMMO key programming, Mileage correction and coding etc. This post is on  v18.12.03 BMW E F scanner free download source, installation guide and reviews.

BMW E F scanner v18.12.03

Firstly, download V2018.12 BMW E F scanner for free:  
Password: ikmumq
3 Files in total:

Note: Both “EF 20181203” and “BMW_v018.12.03” folder include BMW explorer software.  In “BMW_v018.12.03” folder, you have to setup driver and software before use. In “EF 20181203” folder,  software is preinstalled and ready to use. MUST RUN “BMW-EXPLORER” AS ADMINISTRATOR!!!
Software version: BMW-Explorer v18.12.03:
1)Added new versions of SWFL for FEM/BDC and DME/DDE
2) Fixed programming FEM/BDC/EGS/DME/DDE
Compatible with 2018 BMW E F scanner full version

OS: Win7 8 10
Language: English and Russian


Then, install BMW-Explorer v18.12.03 for BMW E F scanner
Video to follow:

Finally, test BMW-Explorer v18.12.03 with BMW E F scanner.
Review 1:
As I understand 2018 BMW E/F scanner is BMW Explorer clone! Very interested in this because this have EGS ISN reset option that some said will be coming to VVDI2 in next update but that was 3 updates ago so i guess it is not coming..
I considered to get CGDI BMW that does almost the same things for BMW as VVDI2 and much more including this EGS ISN option but CGDI is meant to use with subscription (Subscription or free if you have CGDI MB or CG Pro 9S12. ) so i don’t need that. But 2018 BMW E/F scanner clone tool i would like to get if it works so any feedback from this E/F Scanner working or not working would be appreciated.

I know that buying BMW Explorer would be the right thing to do but it is crazy expensive (You can get the base version for 1.200€ + Module for authorization CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3 600€.) and while i can’t afford to invest that kind of money in tools for now i am willing to take a chance on clone tools like 2018 BMW E/F scanner clone. VVDI2 and CGDI also are not the origin developers of options like FEM key making, ISN reading. That all is coming from BMW Explorer. They have just cloned the service under their own tools.

Review 2:
Xhorse made a blue colored Bmw vvdi unit (said this 3 years ago)
That will have these explorer functions.
Will they also upgrade the vvdi2?

If not, i am thinking of buying cgdi BMW, instead of this explorer scanner. It cost a 116euros more.
The description of the bmw cgdi is very similar to the explorer.
I already have the full vvdi2 including Bmw. So i would prefer a vvdi2 update in the near future.

Nice feature on the cgdi bmw is the eeprom adapter, you can plug in. (costs extra,bought from http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/reading-8-foot-chip-free-clip-adapter.html)
Would love to see that on the vvdi2.

Review 3:
It is free in cgdi bmw which is much cheaper in full as only some BMW activation in vvdi2
we will see how good is this e f scanner clone really. i will order full one.

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