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2019 JMD Super-remote questions and answers

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JMD Super-remote, available in mid-March 2019, comes with three types of remote control: DS, Ford and Buick Oncora. Super remote control is a combination of chip and remote control, including chip and remote control functions. Super-remote control generate electronic sub computers in Handy-baby II.
So, what questions do you have about this Super-remote? this post answers 10 questions that customers may ask.

Question 1: When does Super-remote come on the market?
Answer: Super-Remote control will be available at the end of March 2019 and can be purchased by contacting agents.

Question 2: How much is the Super-remote pricing?
Answer: No pricing.

Question 3:How many models and functions of remote control are there?
Answer: Now there are three types of remote control: DS, Ford and Buick Encore.
The three styles have different shapes and the same functions.

Question 4:What are the Super-remote supported Vehicles?
The type of chip supported by Super remote is the same as that of Super chip.
Including 4D/46/47/48/T5 chip types.

Specific support for remote control models can be seen in mobile phone APP 【Remote】-【JMD Remote】【JMD ELE-Remote】
jmd-super-remote jmd-super-remote jmd-super-remote jmd-super-remote jmd-super-remote-06

Question 5:Does the Super-remote control contain chips?
Answer: Super remote control is a combination of chip and remote control, including chip and remote control functions.

Question 6: How does Super-remote control generate electronic subcomputers?

Answer: Electronic subcomputers can be directly generated in Handy-baby Ⅱ.
——Handybaby Ⅱ【chip-fun】
——【Remote Transfer】
——Choosing the Corresponding Vehicle Type
——Analog key for Handy-Baby Ⅱ antenna
——Matching with equipment on board
——When the matching is successful, the super remote control is put into the coil to generate the remote control.

Question 7: Is Super-remote control wired or wireless?
Answer: Super-remote supports both wired and wireless burning.
After selecting the corresponding model, APP will prompt you to choose the burning mode.
(Some models only support wired connections.)

Question 8: How does the Super-remote control generate the corresponding remote ?
Answer: Cooperate with Handy-baby II and APP to generate remote control.
——【JMD Remote】
——Choosing the Corresponding Vehicle Type
——Choose the generation mode
——1. Connect Handy-baby II generation (wired)
jmd-super-remote-07 jmd-super-remote-08

——2.Remote Placement in Handy-baby II Recognition Coil Generation (Wireless)

Question 9: How to match the Super-remote copy to get on the car?
Answer: Super remote control matching methods include manual matching and equipment matching.
Matching remote control or all loss with JMD OBD.

Question 10 : Does JMD have ordinary remote control?
Answer: Super-remote control can be used as ordinary remote control. Ordinary remote control is planned.

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