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An OBD tool and software for removing dpf,egr,adblue, nox

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If you are looking for a recommendation for an OBD tool and software for removing or modifying files on most makes and models. Please read this article.

As I know you need more than one tool:
About 90% of people are using clone or reworked tools like kess or mpps.
You need more than one tool:
Hardware: Kess + Ktag for reading/writing
Software: Winols /ECM TITANIUM for modifying files (if you know the maps of it).

If will be for yourself use kess ktag clone is the best option.

the mpps is good but not in all cases . Mpps i think is more fastes . But kess have more ecu`s . For dpf egr etc. you can use ADS DPF, EGR remover but not all solution are good . You need to learn Winols.

For kess, KESS V5.017 No Token RED PCB. it is a clone but is very good.

Read this article: Best ECU programmer China Clone buying guide.
This article is trying to talk about the best ECU programmers China Clone incl. Ktag running ksuite, Kess V2 master running ksuite, FGtech Gallote V54, MPPS V18, renolink Renault ECU programmer etc.

Read this article: Clone Kess 5.017 Ksuite 2.47 review

One more helpful article: all ECU programmer China Clone software download

Hope it helps.

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