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I can't injure you with the love

08:57, 3 December 2009 .. 5 comments .. Link
I can't injure you with the love   

Let me hide the talent that like
Push away, sheathe, let I sharp sword
A pair of turning into flowing turbulently trickling sluggishly and thinly in the heart
Flow into you, flood you slowly
I want to make a reticent bird
Build the home in your mind meticulously
But not under the eaves or on the roof beam
Love you, must not put on airs
I must crawl, the shade like you
Keep the appropriate distance with you in the sunshine
Only in the backstage, while ending
Could combine with you together
Face eyes of kind of pairs of rifles pupil
I can't injure you with the love

Must I stand outside the door

Stand in front of the window, sunshine
Dab me through the glass
A kind of comfort is spread all over my body and mind
In the winter of the life, really wants
Shoot the arms of the sunshine happily
Make it warm and flood the shade of I and me
But the sunshine can only love me through the glass
Like wrapping a garment on me
Between a heart and a heart
Only separate a layer of transparent paper
I can't unload the window, or
Smash the glass delightedly, I can't
Dust sum noise that I can't let
Pollution comes in sunnily accordingly, I
This is that you stand in the room looking forward to

I, must stand outside the door

Go home in love that please lead me

If, I stretch out hands, like one
Weak Chinese wisteria, you want to hold
This city, like a maze
The ones that live in are full of some freaks beautiful

If, I tear gloves, tear
The cover turning black is supported, the hungry meat swelling
You want to hold five bones of mine
Then leading me, walk to the family slowly

If, I hand over the heart and hand over trust
You should open the door, you should be sincere
Go home leading me, like leading you
The initial most primitive love of illusion

You should sing the song that call back the spirit of the dead for me:
We have gone home, baby
We have already gone home
You should allow, I am in this one
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Sad love beautiful

08:43, 3 December 2009 .. 6 comments .. Link

Sad love beautiful

My love, the way in bloom with a flower begins

Autumn, a high chrysanthemum
Smile at me on the desk, smile
Come into my sunflower chrysanthemum in the study like last Double Ninth Festival
Form different chrysanthemums, in the autumn wind that slowly
State the same essence, after going in winter
All of my chrysanthemums
Adjust and thank

My love, end up with way in which a flower fall

The happiness is involved in a swan

A swan, pure king, closed on suddenly
I have no enough time, meet, one snow the same swan
Cross white night, neon and fan which cross the city are unreal
Come, if a bunch of warm white flame
Calm burning in my eyes pupil
The white one radiates brilliant light, the brilliant rays are reflected and leaked
All vacancy, dust and ugly in my world

This is the coming of a king, a swan is admired by me
I am on the ground like the shade crawling of rickets
A swan, a white high mountain
Amazed by in front of me toweringly and stood suddenly, boundless and indistinct snowfield
It inclines to be forgotten all me carve. Mine is noble-minded and unwilling to swim with the tide
I refuse open soul among this world again and again
In the sea where the white is pure, struggle earnestly
I collapse, I collapse, I become mud decayedly

One swan, in outside city dirty independence
I assert this is a king in my dream, this is
King that looks for in drifting on the road 30 earnestly
King of me come day that go to in severe winter
But I can't stretch out my hands, I fear
My hands have stained the beauty of the pure white swan of the swan
I fear I want to embrace the love and beautiful hand
Turn in the eyes of the swan into the dark muzzle

A swan comes, she bears the wings of the heavy burden
The city that declines here walks, how lonely she is
Swan! I am a initial and last king
I have already opened my door, the daytime and night
Wait and expect flag kind of me I
Hold up the goal post high, if you fly hard
Please hold back the wing, please fly into my quiet world
I will give you blood, give you a heart, here you are
I hide the love not polluted in the bone


What way can I use
Open oneself, like exquisite spring
Open a flower slowly, let you see
One kind of young and clean hearts of my pistil

What way can I use
Oneself appears, let you fix one's eyes on and care for
It is just like your small child, even
I have an innocent fault, innocent fault
Can get your tolerance and care too

What way can I use
Cover up oneself, let you rest assured to walk close
Then I become your cleverest patient
Let you treat and cure internal injury for me carefully

What way please tell me, can I use
Explain oneself, what way can I use on earth
Let me flood all of you with a heart
And is refused your injury by you


A thousand sails have already been crossed, you came suddenly
Just like the pure white snow lotus in the city
In one quarter when the pistil appears suddenly
I realize in surperise, life
Happiness like this unexpectedly originally

Originally, all frustrations
All drift and roam about
All arrangements sedulously of the destiny

Originally, all all pains of wound
All sad and grief
All a ring that can't lack in life

Originally, after it is penniless to have me only
You will be suddenly coming up to me

Eyes that can sing

I am singing day and night
Sing without using the mouth vocal cord in my song
I sing with eyes
Eyes which I can sing, all the time
Towards the road to lead to your soul

I spend a pair of dusk turbid eyes are sung
The deepest love of the song, sing the densest feeling
My song does not have a sound, this world
Too many ears are being eavesdropped
I'm afraid the song sung for you, will turn into
The rumor flying floats all over the sky
Become a knife which injures you

I sing, do not use the cliche
How abundant and how dull and pale the speech is
I sing only with my eyes
Then, my gate left unlocked or unbolted
Wait for you to knock lightly diligently, wait for you
The ones that go to me are at one's side
Listen to me singing with your eyes

Wait for your telephone

My aspiration, my arrow
Wash in the thick ink in night floating
Uphold in a direction, uphold
Just like drawing the string of all over bow
Split open tightly
Some unimportant telephones, are like the wind
Shake, shake string, let I palpitation
Then it is so disappointed as to run to put down

Have not made an appointment with you
I am waiting at daybreak like the blind one of one
Turbulent thing in my mind
Like the sea water in the middle of the typhoons of force 12
When can you use pleasantly surprisedly
Open a gap which attacks you for her
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This night is so thick, the arrow which I thirsted for
Hou penetrate her when in what
Then fall by your pillow, or in the dream

Ten kinds of vegetables help you to turn white

05:14, 10 September 2009 .. 35 comments .. Link
Ten kinds of vegetables help you to turn white
" Compendium of Materia Medica " record pea have " go wicked and dim making surface gloss " Efficiency. Modern research finds especially, it is original that the pea contains abundant vitamin A, vitamin A can be turned in the body into vitamin A originally, play the function of the moist skin.
White turnip:
Chinese medicine can think " favourable the five internal organs, make people's fair and clear muscle " white turnip . White turnip has this kind of function, because it contains abundant vitamin C. Vitamin C is antioxidant, can inhibit the melanin from formating, prevent the fat oxidation, prevent brown quality of the lipoprotein from depositing. So, it can make the skin fair and clear and fine and smooth to often eat the white turnip.
The carrot is praised as "  The food of skin "  ,Can moisten the skin. In addition, the carrot contains the abundant pectous material, can bind with mercury, the ones that make in the human body become harmfully and get in order to get rid of, the skin seems finer and smoother and ruddier.
The asparagus is rich in selenium, can resist aging and prevent and cure various diseases related to the fact that the fat is excessively oxidized, make the skin delicate.
Sweet potato:
The sweet potato includes a large amount of mucoprotein, vitamin C is very abundant too, the original content of vitamin A approaches the content of the carrot. Often eat the sweet potato and can lower cholesterol, reduce the lower fat of skin, it is exhausted to tonify deficiency, benefit strength, good for the spleen and stomach, the kidney male genital of benefit, thus facilitate improving looks.
The mushroom is nutritious, rich in protein and vitamin, the fat is low, there is not cholesterol. Edible mushroom know maid estrogen secrete vigorous, can defend always resisting aging, make the skin gorgeous.
Bean sprouts:
The bean sprouts can prevent the freckle, black spot, make the skin white.
Sponge gourd:
The sponge gourd can lubricate the skin, prevent the skin from producing wrinkles.
The cucumber contains a large number of vitamins and free amino acid, abundant fruit is sour, can clean and whiten the skin, dispel and sunburn it with the freckle, it is allergic to relieve, it is traditional maintaining the skin masterpieces.
Wax gourd:
The wax gourd includes microelement zinc, magnesium. Zinc can promote the human body to grow, magnesium can make people energetic, has rosy cheeks, the skin is fair and clear. 

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Relatively happy theory

11:25, 11 June 2009 .. 18 comments .. Link
Relatively happy theory
Those things sanctified by usage will not be changed easily. And the one that can only be decided by oneself, is one's own heart.   So long as there is a happy heart in the heart, it is always easy to find where the happiness is.

Where, where happy! This is a very always very old song, our youth at that time was young, carefree, free running, is thinking what color of marshmallow happiness is one on earth in the colourful sky.

That time, resources are still deficient, the candy of the bad smell of a handful of fruits, is little child's sincerest smile on the face. Mouth include transparent pearl, happiness tangerine that fragrant and sweet originally.

Having grown up, the candy of those years has already withdrawn from the stage evolving, the candy of new generation that what the ones that fetch are taken the place of is one hundred flavor of novelty of all kinds. Rainbow fruit juice candy, the Swiss candy of fruit salad, chocolate of cottonrose hibiscus of morality, every kind has pure taste. To be objective, whom technological content exceed that year absolutely red to like toffees. The just so exquisite soft sweets like strawberry includes in the mouth, has not let the gustatory bud be getting excited. Perhaps, it already tired on taste any of experiencing.

Yes, we are numb all unconsciously. It was the record a long time ago that sealed up for safekeeping in memory, but has not been still broken, because there are few things remembered in that era, so, those rare special taste has been kept. Packed with the thing around now, every day, far too many, many one even close eyes, can see, even not smooth either while dreaming of. So, we have chosen to forget, forget those memory of moving swiftly.

Remembered that once, it is hand in hand to follow the best partner, was saying, we should be together forever. Very innocent, think day so past day by day, everything can in there. As wake up some day, find those already suddenly from well far, commitment that make once those afford to disappear in front of reality. It is we that keep, promise, we even oneself unable to go, believe, it can have been oneself all the time.

Still remember at the time of the school, the teacher of the moral lesson will always assign some propositions of introspecting oneself, let us scrutinize oneself. Most classmates have handed in perfect oneself in the class. Respect the teacher, friendly classmates, cherish the trees, we are all good teenagers. I have racked the brains, can not find out either that has any shortcoming oneself, look, I am a perfect person. A few years later, find this yellowing notebook accidentally while clearing up the things, there are teacher's red comments above: People do not have perfect person. Very hasty and careless, I did not go to look carefully at all at that time, it was only that mark that was cared about. Watching the tender handwriting of above, every one, kindhearted, patient, insist on, industrious, think about others, selfdiscipline. It is familiar but strange to look at so. Perhaps, I was once such a person. Just now, it seems that it is very difficult to hold staying with the morphology.

In Buddha's quotation, there is a word: Have not asked, has not lost. It does not matter and lose to matter. In brief, not wanted not to ask. A young one I it seems to be to have, want, have, ask, matter, mind, lose either, there is nothing to care, there is nothing to struggle too naturally. The world is always full of luring, among them, how have no regard for. So begin, have, want, ask, can begin, complain get satisfied, the mood will get to the bottom of valley low, think what everything wrong it is. Negative mood is inhibiting the whole oneself, it is unable to free.

We begin to transfer the interest to the car, the house, money from the colored candy, all seem to be everybody in things of efforts for it. Must feel have no regard for, want, can receive some day only, all devotion we. Think, go wrong in this way, we to need, go, hard, receive thing wanted. Just nobody stipulates at all times that paying must reciprocate, sometimes, such a inequality exists. No matter the trade on the business field, the relation in emotion world, is never rules to equal two of one plus one.

The friend is an emotional woman, divide and divide shutting with the boyfriend jointly, but always cut constant affection. She want marriage the person give she, but she remain unchanged standing fast at one day of a new vista persistent. I ask her, are you happy in this way? She say, leave he I can regret live on, I can only keep at his side then.

My cool advice which stops me. I always maintain the long pain is not so good as short pain. But insist on not minding being as long as the heaven and earth endure at the same time, only lie in once having. Mind, things that just this world can be eternal are not many at all, instead of adhering to a certain impossible reality fearlessly, this moment when it would be better to believe two pieces of palmistry and hold, heart is happy. In this way, it is enough, no.

Still brilliantly illuminated outside the window, this turning that the world does not still rest, those things sanctified by usage will not be changed easily. And the one that can only be decided by oneself, is one's own heart.

There many answers of that question. Eat longlife noodles that a bowl of mothers boiled, the golden yellow egg on birthday in happiness, oil flows in one's mouth; It is at starlit night that the happiness reviews the homework, the grade examination that was passed at last; The happiness is still one outside alone, receive the telephone of family's care at the night of quietness.

Happy, it is always so modest arrogance. It always stands high above the masses, let people feel difficult to match, but in fact, she turns body into the ordinary things, seen everywhere. So long as there is a happy heart in the heart, it is always easy to find where the happiness is.

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The longest and most complete constellation analysis in the history(two)

04:59, 16 October 2008 .. 14 comments .. Link
The longest and most complete constellation analysis in the history(two)

One pair of fish

See a lot of various legends about one pair of fish, analyze, explain. The ones that seemed without exception had regarded one pair of fish as a woman's constellation, just shed the tears easily, moan and groan. It's a pity that can sigh, if one pair of fish is really only such a constellation, can then say nobody would like to do one pair of fish, and there was not any famous pairs of fish personage in history.

The most essential part: Thinking
What is the most essential characteristic of Pisces? Kindhearted? Cowardly? Gentle? No, I tell you, think (under many circumstances, it is too much thinking) .
Yes, all characteristics of Pisces, all come from his too much thinking, perhaps not have the second constellation that can insight others' psychology even more than Pisces in the world, can analyze the essence of the thing even more.
It can call thats to be the sensitive to you,but once this kinds of sensitivity can correct use, can there are no people than the society favor accident with faster Pisces, in this respect, there is especially outstanding what a great man of Pisces did, his name is Chou En-lai.
Because there is too much one that thought, even if the person of Pisces is not really kindhearted, it is kindhearted to be a surface at least too. To one pair of fish, the kind-heartedness is more of a life style that one pair of fish likes than essence, live by way of kind-heartedness, relaxed and respected, general Pisces can be insighted to this point early very.
It is gentle to have a talk again, this, no matter which article, will not forget to propose tenderness of Pisces. Yes, one pair of fish is really gentle. Because the slight change of realizing the other side that a pair of fish's total energy is sensitive, knows the transition of the other side's compliment constantly, show, in the action, can know when should put on one's own coat for girl as soon as possible, when should stop the work in the hand, turning round and words with good woman friendship.

The part out of the common: Faith
The faith of one pair of fish has no faith!
Inside the world of one pair of fish, there is not the absolute one correctlying and fault, if a thing happens, his first thing done is to understand this, analyze this, but not go to judge this is right or wrong.
Quote this characteristic of explaining one pair of fish of a passage below:
"Pisces man have prejudice, wear deerskin move odd Luis in person, he will not judge Indians; Not trying the barefoot and walking, his persons who will not judge the naked body doctrine either. Even these have been done, he will forgive with joy that but will not overly criticize. His few grim accusation, the warm each time one stands, he will even have a try to understand his mother-in-law, how many men are there be like this in the world? The sea prince has rare sympathy spirit, his friend reveals the secret to him and never worries that will frighten him, it takes bomb of more than two tons to frighten to the fish at least. If you and I and fish three people of you with hold one room, one man come in, tell us to be he a little worried, because of he bigamy, have one wife respectively in four state, you might eyes afford to stare at, in spite of fire, think prison the place for most suitable for himming, whom I might scorn say he pieces of base hooligan, but your fish will probably ask: "Which four states? Do you love any one among them? " The fish are very curious, but resist shock. To him, the fellow need one mug sympathize with and getting kind lawyer very. "
A great man utilized this characteristic, accomplished the mythology in the history of science finally, he is Einstein

The fatal shortcoming of one pair of fish: Cowardly
Pisces in reality really gives people too much disappointment, cowardly, suspicious, feel self-humiliation, indecisive, there is no judgment ...... Perhaps one Pisces does not have all characteristics of above, but there is one at least, two. Even if great like Chou En-lai, unavoidable some indecisive and having no judgment sometimes, certainly, this kind is not many at time.
The reason causing Pisces to be indecisive is very simple. Because a same choice, in a shooter's view, only need to consider 2 kinds of things, but in one pair of fish's view, need to consider 10 kinds of things, because what he thought are really too much. To put it briefly a word, one pair of fish will all expect how much kinds of different influence it will bring to person around, what kind of views it will be have to oneself by people, will cause and misunderstand. (though frequently,it is will excited in pairs of fish escape one's lips some)
As for suspicious, this point and feel self-humiliation get in touch closer. Though understanding intention of the other side whose Pisces is can easily, find out the truth of thing, but often can't insist on one's own view, this kind can't insist great majority are because Pisces is unwilling to accept this fact, because one pair of fish is not self-confident enough to oneself frequently too. About before some,a piece oves on it is getting more outstanding in example, girl of Pisces the straightforward to tell by she in less than boy, he love she, girl entertain a gleam of hope still always, though girl understand very in the heart.
Cowardly? Linked to faith about this point. You will certainly feel very strange, what does it have to do with cowardly with faith?
Faith is to plant very terrible strength, he can let someones make the thing not dared to do at ordinary times, have courage that there shouldn't be, sacrifice the thing that shouldn't be sacrificed. One pair of fish does not have a bit faith exactly, even if have, it is just for adding a bit and flavouring pharmaceutical for life, or find oneself a sanctuary. To one pair of fish, oneself can be too comfortable, smooth day is more important than any other things. Rich and powerful like the floating clouds, this point of making of thinking most is Pisces. The anything it is as for being patriotic one, it is full meal the pairs of fish of foot can can have spared no high price construct with deep feeling and enthusiasm too in wine on, but just base on the premise that have auspicious day oneself set up.
And then, can explain the cowardliness of one pair of fish.
So long as can let oneself and lover safe, anything not to stand? Some dignity, some morals, go to hell. So so long as does not force one pair of fish to the impasse, you can mock the cowardliness of one pair of fish. To stand range to be different each fish, but how so littly than normal people generally. But if you let a fish think that have no way to go because of carelessness, then you will be really careful. The fish can trample on all laws in human world, ignore all reasons, will not consider one's own dignity and personality. You must want, believe this, this few time, that only because God want, let people see miserable condition of hell often.

The greatest advantage of one pair of fish: Emotion
It is better to say that one pair of fish is a constellation for the emotion alive than to say that one pair of fish is a constellation to love alive.
To one pair of fish, the most important thing is the emotion in the world, a piece of fish that satisfy psychologically, there can not be other things, it is the happiest person (certainly, under most situations, without other things, it is very difficult to satisfy psychologically) .
Any emotion is all important to one pair of fish, the love is very important, but may not be certain to be more important than the kindred, in the eyes of one pair of fish.
To fish, the emotion is simple, and single. The fish can forgive the other side's everything, so long as that person is wholehearted it is kind to him. You can with wicked to the extreme, can eat and drink, visit prostitutes, gamble, the people to the limit before being permitted but the s JN, it can be a mean and shameless cheat, can all forgive for, so long as the fish can confirm you are the wholehearted liking him, it is kind to him. Please pay attention to a bit, most fish clever than you, don't think your little trick may deceive reach fish, whether you like him wholeheartedly, he knows more than everyone.
To a boy, one pair of fish girl can give you everything wanted to a girl, gentle, love you to be lovely in all desperation (whether be pretended frequently, most fish very clever) ,Consideration  .....
To a girl, one pair of fish boy .... Eh .....  Having seen your luck, if the fish that you met are that one have no ambition, do not want to do things, fish that play, and he already 25 about year old, so kind warning you, let's leave him as soon as possible. Unless you are a rich old woman, or you just look for a lover (nobody is suitable for cooking the lover than one pair of fish: Safe and happy and does not have side effect)  . Otherwise, you will go through most dreary marriage and life in this world, amen ................
If the fish that you met are enterprising, can be enterprising, the fish willing to do things, it is the successful fish or clear-cut, so congratulate to you on really, you are the luckiest one in ten million young girls, the even more nitpicking woman is unable to have more requirements to a piece of enterprising fish with the undertaking. You can receive in the world all tenderness and happiness, including spending money whom buying arriving and spending money, buying, the fish are willing to devote all of his to the person who he loves, see the person that he loves is happy, he will be more happy. Most fish "  Everything " Only only emotion, but without material, but what we discuss now are that kind of best fish, that kind can give fish of you fame and prestige and wealth at any time, now you know how lucky you are.

Jin Niu

The humour is a talent of the golden ox
Opposite with the golden oxen that are described on the general constellation book, in fact Taurus has sense of humour very much. They have ability that make laughs innately, good at, make relaxed atmosphere, need, think ox ox one stiff person that degenerate again, opposite they are very lovely. Remember playing with the golden ox of the treasure to send at the issue meeting-place of " takes gold first to the limit all over the city " to the brother constantly? His sense of humour absolutely makes the reputable entertainment reporter shocked too, does not say popularly at will, Taurus has generous mind.

In fact they have rebellious soul
The golden ox basically seems that all obedient children, seem to do solid work, stubborn and honest, but, who has expected, in fact does their heart have a little evil spirit to haunt? Though they are the life of following a prescribed pattern in speech or action, like the naughty practical joke in their heart. The ones that do not want golden oxen to imagine are too oppressive, they are actually riot of color of heart, and the special clock purpose produces small fun for various life. It is exactly so rebellious soul too, let some golden oxen make people startled. So general appearance handsome good well-behaved woman, common people gentle and quiet man of ideal, in fact, the appreciation range not belonging to golden ox, they are always strange to like some persons doing things creatively. It is comparatively outstanding that this point behaves on the golden ox man, spread out and bear many water bottles woman and golden ox's man's much-told tale because of this too.

Thinking is one of the golden ox is alike
Under the appearance of seeking pleasure, the golden ox has a philosopher's hearts. The method that they look at problem is out of the common, they have thinking logic of materialism, will not say what others say easily, just because of this too, they let people feel stubborn and extraordinary.
But must not deny the intelligence of golden oxen because of the stubbornness, there is Marx, Lenin, Kant   It is a card, can often set up tight system in intact rational thinking of golden oxen, just sometimes they are too apt to waste time and effort trying to study an insignificant or insoluble problem! But have distinct idiosyncrasy even if it is the ox ox wasting time and effort trying to study an insignificant or insoluble problem, Ao Li for this kind the representatives of golden ox:)

Do not need romantic arms in practical life
It is a duller thing to follow ox's ox's life, if you dote on the romantic ceremony.
No matter money or life because of ox's ox, they are all stepping on practical paces. They will not say easily I love you, they will not give the flower at will, they do not even remember your birthday, it mention Valentine's Day by shape what there is still more but at various commemoration day,make this by people fires getting more mere very. Because of not having love of the form, how could prove it is the love?
However, golden oxen will tell you, in fact sometimes real help is actually better than the perfume of flower, what sometimes step forward bravely takes on and actually surpasses all honeyed words. So the love of golden oxen, perhaps make people getting bored, but, under the representation of the poor love, but it is deep and watertight and filling hard care with the passing of time to hide them

Faith of indulging in material comfort in life
Golden oxen understand life. Though they are very persistent, when should give up, there are not too much they to hesitate. Proceed from interests way that consider, let they feeling just like fish in water suitable among actual life, and understand the one's own reading greedily of equilibrium, and pursue enjoying and tranquility wholeheartedly of the material, it is the highest grade in Taurus. Such a golden ox can be calm in the adverse circumstance, know how to comply with in the favourable circumstance. Their proactive intelligence, make life get intact planning. Seek leisurely and comfortable when being appropriate, so Taurus few face whom predicament be unable to free oneself strand beasts, they understand self-regulation and live suitably. They have one's own rhythm.

The wise of the life that it can be relaxed
Golden oxen behave generally in the constellation rank, but actually they are all very outstanding, the child of Taurus is often a cadre, the Papa and Mama of Taurus are all exemplary parents, they fulfil one's duty in life, are rich in the sense of duty, it is a little old fashioned and inflexible though sometimes, but exactly the frame that they prop up the so-called rule.

It is actually very lovely to live seriously and ponder deeply but there are golden oxen that can enjoy life fun, certainly, if they are not then the sordid merchant, it's much better!

Huge crab

The huge crab is soft-hearted, easy to be moved, even if the surface seems to always have a pair of hard and hard shells, but it is to be the soft to feel very much quickly in every one in that shell to heart. They face an emotion to hesitate repeatedly, don't say they are cowardly, they just understand oneself is the easy injured. They entertain faith to the emotion, believe purely, it is as long as the heaven and earth endure to believe, so is nitpicking sometimes.
This is a layer of shells with hard surface, it is easy to in fact capture, because crab's crab has a soft heart.
Crab crab love, at this moment whom they change glue people very much, the old woman mother very much, because you are in the center of it, it will consider a lot of for you, have you had a meal? Will the weather become? Remember taking the umbrella! It is many for way to get on the bus, slow to move a bit!   . Like that!
Crab crab deep love but unreasoning passion, fall in love with whom one will like very dark, know obviously, come to nothing, free oneself while being very much difficult. This is a kind of stubbornness of a huge crab, the thing wanted to get, will not often go all out easily. Sometimes, a section of loves of coming to nothing will become life center of crab's crab. This is undoubtedly painful, but hard to extricate oneself. However, cry to give up in heart in sense of insecurity of the huge crab, so the crab crab at this moment is always the hard suffering in the enormous contradiction insisting and giving up. The society gives up a subject that is crab's crab.
Certainly, if crab's crab really determines to give up, its is firm will make all people startled.
Remember: Except yourself, nobody can injure you

Crab son belong to unreasoning passion, good at, express, in the face of one's own loved people being overcautious putting, turning on. Their sense of humour becomes jerky at this moment.
Crab's son is affectionate, but not good at holding, why lose control of one's own mood again and again, say that knows the words that shouldn't be said perfectly well?
Split and good at hermit crab of illusion before saying the huge crab, say several several idol that have appreciate all the time first, they different, but they have one common point, they huge crab man. Zhou Xingchi, Wang Jiawei, Luo Dayou, Li Zongsheng, Liang Chaowei, Zhang Xueyou   Generally always depend on the huge crabs of the end in the billboard each time, it seems that there is not very obvious distinction, however, they are that others are difficult to be equal to in intuition and acumen of the artistic respect, it is easy to find out from these names. They are all gentle and cultivated in life, passive, even is often reticent, but in their film, in the song, open up and show the amazing talent, let us always can't help being infatuated with it. As Zhou Xingchi lets us smile at the time when the tear flows over, he outside is serious and serious that we actually hear the play early too, reserved, it is all very harsh to treat friend and lover; Movie emperor Liang Chaowei with shooter that personality try to go south by driving the chariot north Liu Jialing cohabit 20 more than year like we know, perform everything supernatural shape finish in play, the unwilling marriage so far, he always says, in fact his life is in the play; We know Zhang Xueyou was once the mixing small of underworld before being engaged in this profession, still drank after a night everyday, give oneself up as hopeless, see too Zhang Xueyou still fights desperately for the family after becoming famous, nearly collapse  

This huge crab, in fact, can prove huge crab speciality most, - -split no matter which kind of crab, they have a thought split. They wish eagerly to be stable, wish eagerly to be outstanding too, their heart is full of inspiration of art, exaggerative mirage, but in actual life, they are always submissive, very the difficulty is really demonstrated thinking furiously in the heart. So at stage of art, they can put to good use instead, let wanting ultimate attainment of enlarging to furiously strange in the heart, they can whom one role deduce really penetrating the song, all come from the passive acceptance in life, has got the best leading on the palace of art off, so the huge crab should really belong to the stage. Even there is not voice well that does not have good appearance, but they have good feeling strength and expression, their personality is like a hermit crab in fact even more, in really self- life, they make one's own parcel very urgent often, and deduce someone else, in annotate, the emotion of their heart has been released.

Another strong point of Cancer whether they have thinking strength world because two strength mutual growth and decline of philosophy, and water like typical overcast gentle strength. Water has a kind of innate world view like the person of the constellation, the huge crab is the same, in addition they have complex of mother love innately, so their thinking often has humanized care. Engaged in the huge crabs of the trade related to art, can be regarded as the lucky huge crab in any case, because can give play to the natural chief of institute of personality. But each huge crab has a such chance, so most huge crabs will feel one's own depression and agony. They wish eagerly, opposite they have numerous demand, thirst for a lot of, but they always hide and do the illusion of all kinds in one's own shell, just thinking, seldom implement. So if what you saw is always that submissive huge crab is not a real huge crab in fact. That is only a false appearance of a huge crab.

The ones that can't be erased forever feel self-humiliation huge crabs actually feel a group of proud persons of very good mark air oneself, but but formidable moment wants to hide from the inferiority complex into shell. They are suspicious and sensitive innately, meet the difficulty, hide from into shell first, deceive oneself as well as others, weave self- sense of safety in the dream, it has turned the crisis into the opportunity voluntarily how and has never thought of. They treat difficult passivism way, make them always very difficult wooden show really in the forest, they are always catching them and thinking the best opportunity, but that opportunity is always unable to come, in fact where is there completely safe plan in this world? When crab's crabs are arduous and self- rich each other, the great opportunity has already lost. But it is very difficult to change such innate inferiority complex really, crab's crabs nearly totally can't help. vhf radio banduhf radio banderp solutionserp systemserp vendorserp systemerp manufacturingerp softwareerp projecterp accountingerp producterp application

It misses old times or old friends to be huge life in crab theme huge crabs miss old times or old friends very much. They like the old things, cherish the emotion of yearning for the past, there is natural attachment to the family. Yellowing photograph, the silk ribbon fading, the dressing table covered with dust   All old things with romantic ambience, can all make them dispirited alone, recall dimly, they always immerse it in the past memory, it was lonely and sensitive while remembering forever youngly, remember first love lover forever, still look for the first love lover's news everywhere many years later, have consoled the book and remained fresh memory throughout for many years. So Wang Jiawei's film always likes such one type beginning: Many years later  

They are pessimistic innately in the cold one minute and hot next love swayed by considerations of gain or loss, need more forever, more sense of safety. Why they need sense of safety so, because they do not have sense of safety innately, so they are very apt to be panic, so they just become very suspicious and suspicious and resentful. Should consider to love a huge crab carefully, because they will be suddenly cold one minute and hot next, ignore suddenly, unexpected rude language in opposite directions, but they love you actually, sometimes they are angry with vomiting by oneself. They wish eagerly to glue staying with you in 24 hours of everyday, they have strong occupying wanting to the lover, itching to draw the lung to give to you from the bottom of one's heart, they pay close attention to your bit, are even as small as buying a hairpin for you, which kind of bus to even as big as helping you to choose   They strenuous attention, they everything whether you consider constantly, the ones that but because pay do not anchor increase to worry more and more, will not be less than the reciprocal love. So they will suddenly become cold, perhaps only because of an expression in one's eyes of yours, they thought you have already been not so good as the past, then began the ceaselessly probe, they are always full of turns when speaking, but always hope you take a stand clearly forever, suppose you too getting ambiguous some day, over then, crab crab beginning of conditioned reflex anxious and fearful to find out countless fictitious scenes at once, in endless pessimism, all sorts of miserable scenes happens excessively in purpose, while meeting you again, it is cold one of cold mouth, even say the words of the incomparably hopeless feeling - -So, you and they of the huge crab, will go for break-in hard, will give them enough trust and security, they repay you, the one that absolutely moved you is brimful of tears.

The false packaging makes the heart which exchanges the sense in fact the huge crab is good at disguising. They like smiling at, no matter when and where, they will often smile, perhaps sometimes this smile is gratifying, but sometimes will let people feel extraordinary sham. Certainly huge crabs always have one's own raping and seducing small and bad small too, but their false prerequisite, always first in order to protect oneself. They black ancient unit of weight, equal to 1/24 liang must relatively to one's own deserved interests, sometimes it let people feel them to be very much petty, but in friend person who have a get-together occasion, they straight forward and generous absolutely, vying for the person that pays the bill voluntarily. So huge crab pieces of concept clear person very public and private actually, they courteous at all absolutely to will have, and treat the friend, they think again actually this money is basic nothing. They sentimentally attached to friend and family, they basically some like wine. And capacity for liquor is all also good, because they are sentimentally attached to that kind of guest's atmosphere with to the limit joyous looks, sentimentally attached to the families and happy and harmonious senses. So huge crabs like cooking, even can not cook and show favouritism to table delicacies naturally, they know how to enjoy the life of the house, so huge crabs have an ideal marriage is the happiest thing. Question whether huge crab choose, marry at a mature age or get married often, because they suspicious and also afraid, they are always full of suspecting to new dreamland, yearn for and refuse the new family, in oneself's contradiction, are wasting time in time constantly.

It is always uneasy to create the huge crabs of stable feeling for oneself by oneself, this is a kind of bad feeling, because like this, a lot of huge crabs waste time futily, strongly fragrant and strongly fragrant all day. In fact, huge crabs can try oneself as creating the stable feeling by oneself. Look for a target who family members like, set up a own family, perhaps the huge crab will find that will make smooth a lot oneself. It is a more ideal choice to look for one to rub the castrated ram. Or look for a own hobby, throw into all energies, will make stable a lot oneself. Natural crab crab can say you stand, speak waist ache, if it is so easy like this perhaps, need your saying? Oh. However, in any case, at uneasiness that we realized oneself, should make great efforts to overcome him, the world in fact outside the shell, it is so terrible not to have, this is true.
Generally speaking, huge crabs are very lovely, especially those successful people in art, what they created are to make people admire the monument stopped, so huge crabs needn't feel self-humiliation without rhyme or reason, in fact you are all very charming.


Say the different class of Virgo, double personality, even have a little nervousness, in fact there is one reason, everything of Virgo should rotate with apparent personality outside oneself, call it tentatively " The state " . In Virgo state fine, can oneself talent, exquisiteness, ability, tender feeling, humour, have intension,etc. fine quality totally other exhibition, they seem perfect at this moment, radiate brilliant light, and can behave very export-orientedly, talkatively, it is easy to become one with people '  This is not originally their personality)  . And once Virgo is in bad condition, will become another person, even very good-for-nothing, accomplish nothing, but usually they all avoid the external interference at this moment, so let people feel that there is intermittent self-closing disease) Because with defend for Mercury, so virgin as double sons apt to change, double son the attention in a apt to change one, the virgin apt to change is the mood.

Virgo want, face a lot of real trival matters frequently, Virgo at this moment have when being cold in the face of the world around: Or it is very unatural to speak and do things, there are artificial traces; Or extremely cold and detached and passive, ignore to everyone. In fact one's own look like this that Virgo is very clear, but they are unable to change and control one's own mood, can only choose to escape everything crazily.

What they thought is: Instead of facing you very unaturally, say some words irrelevantly to you awkwardly, or because until contrast too heavy to say, fail to act and think in the same way at ordinary times, the personality is unusual, it would be better to hide a moment first, wait for and regulate coming out well. So, in associating with people, they will only be with the person (really hide from) having to exchange Or totally strange people '  Anyway not matter)  Talk, but and the friend knowing well it drifts apart instead.

So. The heavier your position in his mind is, he hides so that you are the farther. Especially the lover.

Moreover, everybody knows the person of Virgo is prone to serious perfect doctrine, so there is the so-called one \\" The person of Virgo likes most being partly accepting and partly rejecting \\" . The reason is very simple: He only wants to give you a piece of oneself that had better be perfect, and unwilling to let you see his helpless and fragile side. So please remember, Virgo is cold to you sometimes, it is not you that do anything wrong wrongly definitely, this they normal physiological phenomenon, they want, let severe cold and moral integrity injure you (can these kind of method injure in fact) just . Needn't be sad, because they mind your words, their heart will be sadder and feeling guilty and guilty than yours! They can do, only hope to adjust good mood as soon as possible, come back to your side.

Because of two the above-mentioned points, Virgo will demonstrate very different behavior and thoughtcast sometimes. Personality of them a lot of source herein too: Like, voluntarily, good at communication ' can hospitable too, hot in today just can cold some day) ,Like, behave, like, show up (in case which day mood unable grasp in bad condition, do not quite lose face)  ,Like that.

About " The clean addiction " --It is not the virgin that all have a clean addiction, a lot of Virgo does not like cleanliness, but require neatly, they are in good order, do not like others to destroy what they sort out and assign " Perfect " Pattern. More spiritual clean addictions of Virgo. Once touch and touch their spiritual forbidden zone, will display hysteria when being serious.

About " Fickle in love " --Get on very well Virgo to be never fickle in love generally, loyalty is their pronoun. It will be probably that they need to confirm a popularity and oneself are charming that opposite sexes have many relations, to strike back those general views. Once find the true love in the heart, he will take good care of you all one's life, so long as you can give him sense of safety, he will never betray, only you alone in the eyes in the heart. Go round singsong houses, these and they unfaithful to her husband are insulating (result from sense of duty, second, afraid of the trouble)  .

About " Clever " --It is flexible and adroit not to like a pair of something small and hard, it is outstanding not to like the intention of the water bottle, it is not scorpio that kind is planned carefully, what Virgo reflected more is intelligence. Learn to add first-class insight and the strongest logic thinking ability in 12 constellations finely and smoothly, rationally, easily, Virgo wants to be non- clever and difficult. It's nothing, little to talk irresponsibly in front of Virgo, lie at will, much false yarn they can see through at one glance; Not playing with any scheming with them either, you can not play with them. Virgin whether that kind can sell for you you must to type that him express one's gratitude. It's nothing, too little to argue with Virgo, they cut, can also find out, pay attention to, find out more than one proper arrangement come. The virgin will never suffer a loss.

About " Simple " --Virgo is very pure, but never simple, their heart is so complicated as to make people difficult to imagine, a lot of careless things may be all fixed up meticulously by them. Virgo in pure to become reconciled color wander up and down, this is most difficult to make it clear always too. But it is extremely kindhearted that their real heart is,
Oneself would rather be bitter and unwilling to injure anyone too, soul is as sparkling and crystal-clear as crystal.

About " The humour " --Say Virgo is cold as ice and frost, lack the humour. Keep in touch with them more, you will realize what is the cold humour, what is the real humour, and does not sample vulgar making laughs.

About " Obtuse " --Although they do not just realize until half a day when you and Virgo talk about some propositions, in a moment, they might turn over five six you the consequence (passive consequence usually) that proposition will lead to the fact already in the brain in whom you agree . They always think too much, absolutely not think too slowly.

About " Selfish " --Selfishness of Virgo it feels to be that kind of lion extremely conceited, no regarding oneself as the centre of water bottle even. Because Virgo just because it is unselfish, seem selfish. (Understand, OK? )Because the virgin does not want to injure anyone.

About " Escape " --Because of the factor on Virgo personality, the pressure is very large that they will usually seem. When the things of the surrounding area have been already unable to control, or one's own mood is unable to regulate well, they will escape crazily, degenerate oneself, this kind of state is usually harmless to others, but injure oneself, let all love the people of theirs to feel heart-broken. But needn't be too anxious, they can do by myself well later, the self-criticism spirit of their natural instincts will work soon. Virgo will seldom be degenerated completely, may have already allowed some leeway before degenerating, arrival that is just waiting to hope. Even degenerate and all show others sometimes.

About " Intension " --This is definite that Virgo knows how to exercise self-control. Draw the lesson in growing up constantly, is studying constantly, suck a person's brains abundant one's own intension. Because they feel the unable assurance of mood, these can be accomplished steady and surely oneself, will certainly be helpful in the future. This is a perfect doctrine goal that they pursue.

Virgo one surface mysterious to get difficult to ponder reveal but simple constellation very. Most close to the person of the god? Perhaps, Virgo likes like this
To brag about oneself. Because they really have extraordinary and refined side. Their heart is close to the god, is in this world, can't be above the material attractions of the world, so must wear a mask and live in this world.

Virgo likes saying some ambiguous words to people, but the target to the heart appearance is too shy to explain.
Virgo hopes others understand oneself, but that part that can be announced only is shown to the outside.
Virgo is responsible individual the most, can fear to bear responsibility frequently.

Double sons

Have many friend, but " whether seem friend to be numerous, the intimate one there are not odd " This description with very deep sentence is double sons. Double sons are good at speaking, he can have a chat the Eight Diagrams very much with others by having a chat of far apart, will have a chat about some very serious topics too. Double son can have a chat a lot of things with you, notice he to have a chat with you some imprison one's own thing. He tells you at will what it is, but it is all only the fur a bit to relate to oneself. For example how about does it there is a certain star today how; There are handsome boys of a lot of beauties' in the class next door. About one's own thing, he does not almost say, even if say, say too some is about one's own irrelevant thing. Until you think further one understanding pairs of son, he will getting more natural very have topic given if tearing, turn on.

To double self-confident sons, he does not have sense of safety very much at the same time, these are characterized contradictions of double sons. He likes to live in one's own tight encirclement, do not allow exposing by oneself. To double sons, if expose oneself in front of a person not understanding, mean letting others catch one's own handle. Lose certain advantage in this way. Feel sadness Dugu, only can shelter from in the room crying alone as double son, or a person is gloomy.

Double sons are very afraid of being injured too, would rather bear all by oneself frequently, does not wish others to catch one's own handle either. So has just formed a habit as time passes. Double sons are basically a very painful person too. Always very vigorous on the surface, very happy appearance, he was always very sad when but there are no people. Double sons are always shrouded by a kind of baffled sadness. But he will not let others find, he is afraid of being injured, is afraid of being abandoned by others, everything that can only be one's own to endure with all one's will. So double son nervousness very, spirit fragile, it is easy for personality to split, bear too many things.
Generally speaking double sons' children are all very early-maturing. Double son afford to lie in to a lot of thing. Double sons do not want to cover up oneself on purpose, say above, this is only a kind of habit, but he becomes the false person in stranger's view.

Double son generally acknowledged most fickle in love, unfeeling constellation most. It is fickle in love in fact to double sons, really what have not thought of saying again. Explain too much, tired, not patient either. But talk about a pair of something small and hard, have to mention the emotion, double sons this life, seem to be led the companion by the emotion, pester with the love all one's life. A lot of people say a pair of something small and hard is not fickle in love, just universal fraternity, so just there is so good popularity. Have forgotten where to see such a a word: Double son heavy grief lie in, have two thought of people most, but only health of man, double sons have the right to love the person loved by oneself, have obligation to protect the person who loves each other too, when double sons are only one left, the love just only has obligations left.
I want with come if a word spoken to go give pairs of son fickle in love to make a summary: Infatuation that the extreme fickle in love is is terrible. The person who should understand should be able to understand.

Too unfeeling to really know that it's time to talk about from where. In fact double sons are the most gentle constellation, if needn't conflict, will try hard to avoid. Double son quarrel with others seldom too, he dislike quarrel, if because some life trifling minor matter quarrel, then forgetting this at that time when finished if double sons are quarrelling;
Want a pair of something small and hard to turn hostile suddenly with you truly, only your behavior or said really lets a pair of something small and hard not been stood, he can cast a look at you very much at this moment, then the head does not walk going back either, will even not leave leaving face for you. You do not want to become reconciled with him again either all one's life at this moment, even if double sons of some become friends for fear of face and you, but they have already disdained you to the limit, have only maintained this layer of " friend " having to keep Relation actually, a big chunk double son, treat emotion very single-minded, leave somebody the good name fickle in love, because few people can let double sons with childlike innocence work up the real emotion, not double sons are ironhearted, but there is some melancholy innately inside one pair of sub individual characters, some a potential one self-confident, double son hidden deepening just, but once let a pair of something small and hard work up the real emotion, has congratulated you, double sons' innocence, forthright, the extra ability to express is abundant, can unquestionably let you obtain much happiness.

Each double sons all have a story to hide in the heart, the majority is the past event that cannot bear to look back on, double sons are a constellation keeping old friendship in mind or liking being immersed in remembering, he (she) This pieces of story usually is surround because of feeling,it carries away by emotion to be fragile double son that injure, it is strong too, he (she) Can bestir oneself quickly, can look on as any thing and has not happened, all these ones that are performed for common people to see by double sons, when in the dead of night, the pain of injury of a pair of sub heart permeates through whole body with the blood, he (she) Can a whole night go bit remember, can with to immerse among the agony a whole night, can sit in there staring flankly a whole night, but once daybreak, want, go out, meet the people, double sons will leave and walk from the agony soon, what you saw must be a piece of double something small and hard full of vigor, this is double sons, double sons with double personality, one is carefree in front of common people, happy, double sad sons alone of lonely night.

Double sons' love is the most eternal, can pay all, someone says we are fickle in love, we did not have real love at that time, was painful when double sons fell in love with a person, because we are too sensitive. If double son love one like one's own person, that I believe he can love and then never, having given a person to love, he has no ability to pay again, in fact too many people do not understand us, in fact even we do not understand oneself, we can disguise very well, can lie very well, but we are the most fine and most smooth, the most sensitive to the emotion, who really understands double sons' love and sad


Leo, a universal fraternity and full of sunshine, the constellation of energy, in fact the person of Leo yearns for the love very much, the love that he has is not the true love sometimes only a kind of yearning or one's own dream, it is frankly speaking that what the person of Leo loved most is oneself, he wants to let oneself emit light and heat, obtain others' love and respect, among them, he feel joyful to can realize this kind of care from others, then, he falls in love with others. . . However, we of Leo think about it, think about it carefully, did you really love? The love really like what you said?

Study carefully its at all, we love, because we love oneself, narcissism intensity of person of Leo say to be 12 constellation the first, he all right because others' sight or attitude of weak tendency of worship represent one's own love and vast mind, however, this is not pure love;

In addition, the person of Leo likes conquering the sense very much, either he does not love you, or not enough to love you, conquer sense, he or can " love " for one part Having you, in order to prove one's own outstanding glamour, certainly, the person of Leo is very unwilling to injure others, because it is kindhearted and was full of sense of justice that his heart is, he is a person who pays attention to the principle, however, if he does others' thing of injuring, even if he has not said anything out of face, but actually he will be really easy to accuse the so guilty one in heart, though others can not see, but he will really be so sad.

Person of Leo, no matter men and women, very easy to fall into one emotion, come on quickly warmly, the pace of cooling is surprisingly quick too, I do not know whether others are like this, I am true such. If he can last very long time to an emotion, congratulates, the advantage is very charming to explain you really very, it is enough to make him die-hard to you, otherwise, such Leo has no animal with very sensitive sense of safety inherently, will probably look for and make warm from more charming and more fresh things, because the so strong good sunshine is so optimistic that we of Leo look, but the unsettled sense sub inside of bone has never disappeared, superficial confidence only protects one's own suit of armour, but not very true.

Meanwhile, person of Leo can very hopeless feeling too, this I know all person of Leo include myself picture very much too, it is impossible to gaze on the old pasture, has not " regretted " in the dictionary Or " turn round " These two words, because the person of Leo is very concerned about face-saving, the self-esteem is more important than any other things, once give up or determine can not go back excessive to change, the person of Leo is very afraid of being injured too. As me, would rather miss an emotion, would rather give up. Will neither want, nor take the danger that may be injured, is not worth very much, because the person of Leo loves oneself very much. . .

Person of Leo like, liven up, enjoy lonely very much too, he can engaged in very much balancedly between these two, he likes it with friend very much, crazy playing and making a noise, become the protagonist of one party, come back home, he set up horse can become unusually quiet, dislike, bother, he needs one's own space to think, if does not give lions this space, pressing him hard step by step, then he is sure to go frantic, become impervious to reason, he will also leave you, because in the dictionary of the lion, " free " With " oneself "  The proportion of these two words nearly occupies all.

In addition, the person of Leo likes the fresh one very much, magnificent, have the feel, expensive, there are things of the grade, he likes too being sincere, it is boring and barren not to but does not like, he fears the unalterable dullness, he fears that can predict the possibility of tomorrow today, the interesting things that what he likes is fresh, if you happen to possess this, then you and person of Leo cooperate very much.
The person of Leo has two kinds of different inclination, one likes the natural thing very much, do not like too much decoration; Another kind likes the things with peculiar luxurious different class very much, Leo or the two more to have concurrently, I belong to this kind, my disagreeable and excessively meaningless decoration, but appreciate different class very and graceful things, as to on the lover's choice, perhaps will combine this standard too.

The person of Leo is very tolerant, will not usually worry about petty gain or loss because of minor matter, they like representing one's own kind heart out of the common and be respected. As to the passing lover, the person of Leo seldom discusses whose merits and demerits, no matter how the other side at that time injures oneself, but went over in the past, the person of Leo will not go to curse or ****, because they like looking forward, they do not like being eight old women and diminishing the thing of one's own noble image. The person of Leo believes, so long as oneself is perfect and diligent, happy just in the front, the more beautiful one must be waiting for us! !
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The longest and most complete constellation analysis in the history(one)

03:45, 16 October 2008 .. Link
The longest and most complete constellation analysis in the history
In proper order sequentially: Shooter. Rub the castrated ram. Day balance. Scorpio. Water bottle. White sheep. One pair of fish. Jin Niu. Huge crab. Virgin. Double sons. Lion.

Optimism and sorrow: Sagittarius people's heart is not that the appearance look so optimistic, the ones that because like seeing are far, there are just many things apts to worry, in their dictionary, even good now, might not represent good future either, a lot of people think
fine one work or a companion very sometimes, they can give up, lose easily very, may just because of one fine long hair unattractive little reason. So, such external manifestation, let people think they do not like being fettered by some thing or someone, pursue freedom, the feeling without pressure.

Reality: Often say Sagittarius is a person who courts the dream, but often neglect them in the realistic side, it can not be worse than Virgo to calculate, just hide even more more sophisticatedly. Sagittarius people's dream must be set up on the realistic basis, generally they seldom refer to one's own dream, but the real one does some to the thing of dreaming of drawing close. If can borrow the thing that skillful strength finishes, it will never take a little time more. So sometimes Sagittarius is apt to play with the feeling of the cleverness in trivial matters for somebody. However, it is good to have to admit what they finished is still full. Perhaps throughout one's life, they are all considering what ingenious doing some things it is, the energy at least of the flower reaches the best result. So, a lot of Sagittarius looks that let people feel very lazy, but actually their brain has not stopped to ponder over the realistic thing.

It is vulgar to refuse: Heart of almost all the Sagittarius is proud, its intensity is not second to Leo definitely. They can appear at face except that, external behavior always amiable, appropriate. But there are extremely strong self-esteems inherently, sensitive and changeable in mood. Because is proud in Sagittarius hearts of people, they refuse vulgarly, do not like any vulgar, rough thing or people. If permitted, they hope all relevant things are all graceful, noble, worth sampling. Really can let them think people made friends or fallen in love to worth few, though they are very amiable on the surface.
Affectionate: A lot of people say Sagittarius is affectionate, especially men. In fact really tend to be idealized as to the love in Sagittarius people's mind, fall in love with them, it is a highly difficult thing. It is very in they disagreeable and vulgar person, so you can very material or like last money, but they very realistic, so you can penniless, different fields must have sure capability too. Material and spirit, it was just just good that you must be balanced, just let them think you were worth loving. Alternatively, you have enough mystique, can let them not know where your shortcoming is, and the blind one loves you. General, does not certainly have perfect person, so, will let the shooter feel the stuffy and stuffy person that fathomed not completely forever like Taurus, will attract them very much; Or like double sons, quick-witted enough, know how to watch the mood and guess the thoughts, catch their mood, will let them feel the happiness of the love. The general shooter's emotional mode is, at first stage, you are still unfamiliar with each other, he (she) Have fallen in love with you, very hospitable. At second stage, you are familiar with gradually, and he (she) Begin tortoise's hair, the nitpicking your defect all day, no matter privately or face to face. If you have the honor to pass him '  She) Nitpicking for course,ones that nitpick basically happen the troubles zero or a secret one is the getting finer very at pairs of shortcoming you; Entering the third stage, they are loyal and hospitable lovers. But can basically be very few through people at second stage, so the shooter talks affectionately. In fact the shooter, to the lover's nitpicking, come from the nitpicking of the love, the fear of losing freedom sense.

In Sagittarius people's life, is often lucky, because they are bright, clear, penetrating. Out of the common, dream that they pursue all one's life perhaps, hope every shooter people, can find their dream!

Everybody says Sagittarius is the cheat of the emotion, does not respect the love, only pursue pleasant sensation for a moment, fickle in love and washing the symbol of the desire all overly. Friends  Do you understand the truest side of Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is a big child, innocent and kindhearted, while meeting love, may let people feel half-hearted, there are fewer ones that pay than everyone. However, know? Think of the love very much, is also very afraid of the love in Sagittarius! They are only the devotion slowly at the very beginning, prudent love, so afraid oneself will be injured. In one sentence of loves, under one day and one day gets along, Sagittarius loses the defence with thorn, the one in all desperation at the beginning loves the person that they love, in others' eyes, just the action that Sagittarius does in order to achieve the a certain goal. But Sagittarius does not mind, he will be intoxicated in one's own happy imagination, hope the other side can experience one's own love, think the other side thinks it is happy in unison with oneself.
Having fallen in love with a person in Sagittarius, he will put oneself to the end. Have bitter to bear by oneself, will because unhappy in noisy first little shelf perhaps, also admit a fault most quickly, no matter whose fault, they will all forgive, know? Sagittarius will forgive betrayal of him for because of loving a person deeply, will pay much by your a word. They like playing, while playing, hope to bring that good mood to you too, Sagittarius is optimistic.

It is that people think world Sagittarius always the happy very,but? Nobody know he want, let others miserable oneself when Sagittarius sad, Sagittarius is not strong, but very kindhearted. Coax you to be happy when you are sad, let you depend on, after departure, he persons who will cry want to belong to you two's happy memory, the person not thinking of the love either is reluctant in unison with him because of sympathizing with. He hope people that oneself love to be happy than everyone, neglect oneself often, whole body wounded to smile, tell you whether I needn't worry while being very kind too all.

See smile of him think him to be OK, know what loud injury to Sagittarius does it fail in love in all people, there is a fragile one that needs the heart of others' understanding and comfort under magnificent appearance. Know? Care attention fine and smooth Sagittarius will remember you kind to him one o'clock in you, one's own giving to you without reserve of fine long hair of love, Sagittarius is not understood, but they will not blame nobody. They will be silly to think sillily, let me bear, don't let others injured too. So, the Sagittarius agony that don't be made happy, don't let their most charming smile become the mask of covering up the agony, love Sagittarius conscientiously. You will know love of Sagittarius, are full of tears 

Rub the castrated ram

Young evil spirit castrated rams are all very simple, I think they will not know either that will change the devil from the angel by oneself, the person of Evil Castrated Ram is kindhearted innately, emotions are all very fragile too, perhaps will be because of some very little a long time difficult to pass of things, so the cool appearance isolated of the coolness that they usually display on the surface from thing, in fact they do not just hope to let others see his fragile side, strong, reason, bear the pronoun that is a castrated ram of evil spirit, they are not thought of by very careless expressions, they hope to understand all people's personality at one's side because curious, it seems to grow in order to protect the castrated ram of one's own evil spirit out a kind of special ability just because of a kind of sense of safety.

Evil spirit castrated ram relative constellation any come than be able to until period of time find out personality of one no matter in how about hide they the most, this point find out heart of the other side as scorpio but them very much, it is very easy for them not to can know pluses and minuses of everyone by the they, but they will neither will say mind very much, nor usually, all evil spirit castrated rams forgive the other side very much and please remember, it must be friendly if there are castrated rams of a evil spirit to point out shortcoming that of yours, though they will point out with tone of a kind of satire.

All castrated rams of evil spirit have 2 personalities, the castrated ram of just most evil spirit is unwilling to accept, because they hope one's own eternal silly living on silly, evil spirit castrated ram can a match for constellations while being broken, perhaps they do not believe, but as the person of the accumulation evil spirit castrated ram of time is becoming bad slowly, in fact this is a kind of self-protection too, they need to know that understand one's own last trump, having done the stage of the aspiration of castrated ram of evil spirit of seeing the other side and reaching letting, this is not praising, seem to use and describe sinisterly, that is one kind absolutely when the castrated ram of evil spirit dislikes a person, the castrated ram of evil spirit will not dislike a person at will, but if which person goes too far, this person will obliterate from the bottom of heart of castrated ram of the evil spirit completely, if this person enrages the castrated ram of evil spirit, oh then this person can only wait for the coming of the disaster.

The castrated ram of evil spirit is a person of a comparative subtlety, they know surface go, offend, but they will plan, let this person know thing he do bring loud repayment more to oneself, the castrated ram vindictiveness means of the evil spirit is extremely cruel, he will return you, (whether if you suffer, get disaster to touch name you go, think about you until when offend evil spirit castrated ram then one day) The castrated ram of evil spirit will not go to injure a person at will, because the evil spirit castrated ram is disagreeable and one's own and bad, they are talented killers, everything is from long long ago doing the plan well, and they are considering before there is no incident to appear how too perfect to there is not retaliating against the plan of weak point for these plans, these and pessimism of him have connection perhaps, evil spirit people of castrated ram know the world well, but they believe stubbornly that know that is impossible oneself beautiful, the castrated ram's disagreeable and bad oneself of most evil spirit, it is impossible to certainly want to abandon oneself.

Friend (  Constellation liked acting dumb most) 
The people of the castrated ram of evil spirit do not all have sense of safety very much, they like acting dumb in front of anyone, this general ability of acting dumb, evil spirit castrated ram clever to lie in this point right away people have, they think fool in will involve injury any, would rather than become a clever person ordinary and at will as one fool only, worth evil spirit friend evil spirit castrated ram that castrated ram believe let the other side know, can do by myself full of wisdom never, and no matter safe and unsafe evil spirit castrated ram very much very, they treasure some friends very much to friend.

They hope to obtain the friend's trust most, if can not make trust from one of friend's places, he will not associate with this friend again. The people that have contacted with the castrated ram of evil spirit will all think they have a very good temper, the good one seems silly, in fact they do not have a good temper, just they can put very well, because they understand all personalities of the friend around, so they are forgiving the other side, what excessive thing even if you have done, they have wanted for a long time to consider well if why the other side do it in this way, a bit more most obvious, you can go to see the friend of the castrated ram of evil spirit at one's side, no matter why you do the castrated ram of those evil spirit will not be very surprised, they know why is you so already in fact. The friend-making view of the castrated ram of evil spirit is very careless too, they may know and the noble is very good, may chat with the beggar, contacts on everything piece is soul,whose name is few for evil spirit castrated ram can eyeses potent, unless your moral standing is too bad.

Emotional '  Super idiot) 
The person of the castrated ram of evil spirit is silly all right, they do not find out about love, but they only know the feeling of the love, as to the thing that expressions of any emotion of theirs are all a kind of feeling, their very serious feeling every feeling, majority feel can go, feel with one love that fail most take two people, the silly and silly evil spirit castrated ram will think at the beginning, love you to be that my own thing and you do not matter, but got to the worse felt more and more later, then began to explain the other side, but not know how to go down one step, perhaps not haunt romantically very much after explaining, succeeding in, the person of the castrated ram of evil spirit may make fun of anything, but need only him and say in love " I love you "  Or mention getting married in the future in topic, then he will not be joking absolutely, evil spirit castrated ram material very much, but this point is different from golden ox virgin, their material shows and loves, they think what brought the limitless material to persons loved is the greatest happiness, because they feel self-humiliation very much, the ones that can only make great efforts to be come with oneself are materials.

Go let people oneself love happy, as whom oneself make great efforts, person but because leaving hing while being other other oneself love, what is done wrong on earth to understanding finally oneself, it is really pitiful fellows.

Pursue: It is serious that the pursuit of the castrated ram of evil spirit is, so long as the other side does not allow the castrated ram of evil spirit to think that totally have no chance, the castrated ram of evil spirit is on the pursuit like lunatic, they will actually have no confidence to oneself very much, oneself is in the love, for the getting right one's own emotion that only power believe just, for loving once conscientiously.

Pursued: The castrated ram of evil spirit will not for any chance to the person who is not liked, the person of the castrated ram of evil spirit is very kindhearted, and they know the long pain is not so good as the reason of the short pain, if the evil spirit castrated ram accepts you reluctantly, that too starts from a kind of sympathy, they will begin to be guilty but associate in a couple of days, they think the love taken pity on is a kind of injury for persons who pursue, whom they will try hard avoid and not that very much cold persons who pursue try hard to let the persons who are pursued begin to dislike she / him to person who pursue. If the persons who pursue do not understand,it rest assured exceed on the one year the most longly,evil spirit castrated ram is will getting more rational very tell you whether leave at connection or not, she / whom he will disappear have shadow have vertical.

Refuse: If castrated ram really likes refusing you the evil spirit, never.

Refused: Castrated rams of evil spirit are all very more serious to the emotion than any constellation, the time to resume scar is very long too, they will choose to disappear, so you benefit his capital correctly, because he is afraid that cast a look at you and again unable to free oneself more. He is afraid that cast a look at you more. Heart-rending.

Day balance

Graceful balance smile to turn round when being dissipated and luxurious, look forward to expression, the free and easy fish of water. They and red wine, the crystal cup, evening dress, the piano music is bringing out the best in each other, overflow the careless public eyes of attraction  

Nearly all people have one such impression:
The good will of person of the balance seat, amiable, like making friends. Then everybody thinks from this the balance is the gregarious living beings, must fear to stay alone, like the lively one.  However, the fact is not that the surface seems so simple.

Indeed, the balance is a peaceful envoy. Can well regulate the atmosphere and equipoise it in the public occasion. When the atmosphere is warm, the front line of pushing down that they will be calm; Atmosphere condense, they will transport needn't light humour of trace dissolve solid ice. They can drift with the tide, go, encourage atmosphere cold and hot, like weigh the article with balance in a word, add or subtract the weight, make it keep horizontal state.

In make this kind add or subtract, movement graceful, attitude and happy they, seem too careless to speak and reveal one's feelings. In fact, they are persons who have the scheming very much, though it is difficult to cater for all tastes, can find a perfectly sound way to make the overall situation getting harmonious.
But this does not say they like deciding, just because they do not see weighing apparatus of gain and loss, that will enable them as if sitting on pins and needles.

So, though Yong's lazy balance seat dislikes the trouble, very disagreeable, they can't help bearing the responsibility regulated. Perhaps just because of this, make the balance never relax oneself in the public occasion. The personality makes them bear unnecessary responsibility, can't shirk.

They do not grudge the money, but grudge the time of freedom and quiet recreation time. Like wind directions constellations, they like freedom, like everyone like wind and can not catch him.

They like the unrestrained and independent space. Even if you he best friend, no, please old either and he glue it together, you should know he does not like so, though he will not say directly. You must believe too, perhaps your balance seat friend has no message in half a year, but only a meeting, you are still his best friend. Because he is this kind of friend-making way, what if you take him?

"I do not bother   "
This is a pet phrase of a balance seat. They do not bother to go out, do not bother to have a get-together, does not bother to treat with courtesy   So they do not like participating in party very much. Would rather stay at home and surf the Net, read, paint. They themselves are balanced, it is easy that one always comes balancedly proportionally than a group of persons. So they like staying alone.

Usually, the person of the balance seat will give somebody a feeling friendly at the first meeting, because they have Wen Wan's smiling and graceful bearing. To person that meet for the first time, balance flat demonstrate one's own lovely side most often: Understanding, generous, sincere, talkative. But such hospitable strength can't be permanent. Cold and detached it depends on the frequency that you and he associate when to come. You glue tight, he is the faster cold. Because they like "  It is light like water that it hands in the gentleman "  . Not because they do not like the companion, but they and people associate and pay close attention to the other side's mood more, always want to look after the other side's mood, don't conflict, so feel as if the work, it is relaxed that it is unable to be real.

Compared with to Aries of the palace, the balance is another kind of independent individual. White sheep is a kind of external independence, heart is hot; It is very strong that the balance is the surface to seem to be affinity, but heart could be incorporated by no one. The calm of the balance, even they themselves feel surprised. "I am so cold and detached! Too inconceivable   " When they scrutinize one's own, feel a little strange. That is because they cover up the inner world so that even oneself has been deceived.

The ability that they control mood is too strong. The person most on intimate terms will feel, the balance gives somebody a segregation sense without any change of expression, will be complained about sometimes " too calm, I do not know what you are thinking! "

But they do not want to conceal anything on purpose, just for the instinct. A person deceived by even oneself, what can you still require him to be honest to you?

They like hysteria, like, choke with tears, like, comfort others like comfort very much either. Because they understand, no one is able to really understand another person.

The balance is in fact a very independent constellation. They smile in the neon lamplight, lonely in the place waning of the lights. They let you understand: The lonely supreme realm is flourishing


Scorpio, it was deep in autumn that born in. It is quiet to like, purpose is quiet and beautiful. The cutting of love, it is also deep to blame. Essence light fame and gain, the talent that gets profit that but become famous.
Lay particular stress on fairy to bind with perfection of the meat. Intuition strength is accurate and sharp, action strength is graceful and special, often make the people who have the timid form in vain not already avoid the anger. Scorpio, a peculiar constellation. Clearly demarcated different ordinary persons of the style, the ambition is too ingenious to reveal in the form. Tolerate towards others hard to tolerate thing often, also smile at people's funny place.

As to friend, serious quality weight, require intimate highly. Would rather be lonely, than contrary to one's convictions. As to the love, sacrifice completeness in favor of discrimination. Would rather regret all one's life, than be improper and not so bad. Under the distinguished and admirable words and deeds unruly, pursue the love faith of a kind of religious consciousness persistently. Heart has high accountability, loyal, self-disciplining and contradiction. Romantic and cultured, witty and detached. Have strange and captivating appearance makings. Essentially, recommend being loved the natural disposition sexual love mode, disdain the pure brutish nature sexual behavior, but but oneself when being weak to take notice of will, indulge in during that time like being since cruel often.

Most resentment of scorpio is clearly demarcated, never black-and-whitely mix the meat and fish dishes. Like by Bao Zheng, would rather offend officers all,in order to rewards and punishments justice. Think the speciality spoken few much, complete and thorough intelligence, make the false one of truth panic endlessly. So, essence mourns in silence unsociable and eccentric extremely apt blame of causing others of scorpio and irritates the unwarranted charge. And tough and weak essence its, make it bear black pan plead either often, do not bow. " look on the typical one as the eternal fault alone, it is since carefree that cold and detached" Scorpio style. Will really adopt the reprisal in scorpio only when unable to endure any longer. But because it overly swallows humiliation and bears a heavy load frequently, as if honest people get angry, retaliate against and just show even more toweringly and powerfully, make real chief culprit of slick and sly vilain fly into a rage from shame instead, take this opportunity to play up. Because scorpio is born patiently for the good side, there are unique unique makings even more, thus led to the fact scorpio is envied by others but the phenomenon that is often countercharged appears. Too because typical scorpio, is not good at dredging and improving the interpersonal relationships, is not good at expressing and clarifying oneself effectively, thus become the most disputed constellation in 12 constellations.

The thinking of the intelligence like the talent that there are scorpio, combine realistic insight, it is different on the ordinary person's thinking angle to produce. Love view, friendship view, the outlook on life, all so. Because consciousness goes beyond the normal condition, scorpio are always: Suffer from human society have bosom friend, as stealthy to love so lonelily. Scorpio is really so extreme: Either the most different modern, or the most different primitive man.

People study mistaken idea of scorpio lie in, have no ability psychology to reach scorpio at all.
In fact, are seeking the intimate friend in all one's life in scorpio, they tolerate the rival's existence too at the same time, however, do not make the enemy. You know, the natural instinct of scorpio is not warlike, but possess intelligence and energy fighting. Please note: This is a key. So you can become rival and friend of scorpio, however, don't treat scorpio as the enemy. Because scorpio never infringes others' interests voluntarily. You don't make the hostile things of some low levels either, then can only seem it is foiled that yourself are boring. For example: If you instigate everybody, want to attack and calculate with the rumor roach's ballad, even isolate scorpio, then you will find that still live very freely and easily in scorpio, very unique soon. Because they did not originally treat you as the enemy, in a certain meaning, it was yourself that " proffered a love or affection which is not reciprocated " ,Have gauged the heart of a gentleman with the own mean measure. And such hostile trick too vulgar to be endured, to scorpio, is undoubtedly a pile of funny disappointing breaking and is employed. Scorpio natural disposition wish eagerly, understand, hope, understand content with lonely, can glad to be lonely. The advantage of scorpio lies in, as to the unique person, can see through at one glance, and totally show no concern. Perhaps, when you show self-satisfaction, what scorpio thought is not to take on this draught animal! Look, scorpio is such a psychology, forbearing and conciliatory noble-minded and unwilling to swim with the tidely, bear melancholily, but, agily simply cool, like a superb sword hand, but employed, just you are not a rival. Why you rival, because you make up one's mind oneself for the enemy already. As to the enemy, needn't have a contest. The interest is scorned to take even a glance at when not having. Interest come, a sword make the win and defeat. This kind of calm and orphan to the bone are high, it is although scorpio people that do not cause others, but still the base of causing the sinisterly poisonous bad name. And scorpio oneself know a vicious one you actually really only too! However, everything is useless, you know, can stand lonely person, the person thatting is to have nothing to fear most. This is why scorpio can be in the bad name rumor of covering the sky and the earth, live, happen one's own reason of style still. A certain angle will come to say, the scorpio people whose imaginative power overflowed sideways, while just slandering from others' impractical attack, have seen one's own value out of the common. Because nobody will take heavy energies much energy very, make too many concerns to one mediocre variable people. Obviously, scorpio is peculiar.

I am originally kindhearted, I am originally true, such a sentence, it couldn't be more appropriate to use on scorpio body. Each scorpio seems to be destined to go through a lot of disturbances for one's own uniqueness from the moment that born in that day. As to the human nature, scorpio is always seen more thoroughly than all people.
We can say they extreme, but they unable to produce oneself while being living untrue. Perhaps, only " the song is shut widowedly high " These four words, is the lonely and peculiar best annotation explanatory note of scorpio.

Scorpio. The star says, the scorpion born in late autumn is the most complicated like the book. Agree to this sentence. Because the scorpion can follow the need and mould oneself into a suitable role in the concrete environment, it is a person who is good at wearing mask life. But heart, this my strong strength, lets them can't help displaying his grim and gloomy side of scorpion at a certain moment again. Almost the person without any scorpion's seat can escape this point. Because essential thing, plant in the bone marrow deeply, take root in soul.
Here, I hope until one's own a one o'clock thin to see, get to know all complicated scorpion most this.
It is the most general characteristic of person of scorpion's seat that the emotion is strong. I have not found so far the emotional factor is owed the exhausted scorpion. They have unusually blazing emotions, but mostly hide relatively deeply, seem it is a more kind person at ordinary times, seldom break out, absolutely flow up while breaking out, there is strong fright strength.

Can impel scorpion erupt emotion that hide deeply thing actually few. I have summarized three kinds of situations.
First, deception, perhaps this kind of deception is not very big, perhaps happen between very good friend even relatives and friends, perhaps it is only a minor matter, but the scorpion it seems, what loss is led to the fact an important one is not no deception, but cheat this kind of behavior, he thinks this is a strong distrust, it is to his not respecting. A small deception will agitate the enormous unhappiness in the heart of the scorpion, natural instincts sombre scorpion habit enlarge, come, watch it, we can say this kind handle affairs style behavior that criterion act counter to they scornful. It is usually not easy to dispel to injure the crack that the scorpion produces by cheating. The party can say that will drop by a wide margin at once in status in scorpion's heart. Through observation, the person of no constellation is similar to scorpion and value and believe in and respect these two words deeply like this, they are generally very sensitive with this. Too sensitive to hold and present a grain of sand in what he permitted among a small circle small. The greater the injury to the scorpion of deception related to one the on intimate more terms is. Because they hand over often friend wholehearted, and the devotion repay what that cheat and betray that come, the limit that the heart of the scorpion will be getting cold.

Second, insult. Sensitive scorpion afford to turn on actually, they can say you true meaning of what sharp certainly, they will not refuse well-meaning joke. But with thorn they can absolutely recognize at once, he can experience the true emotional composition in your tone. Very self- scorpion does not tolerate others to insult him and belittle him absolutely. Perhaps a thing makes him terrible, let him suffer a loss greatly, but if necessary he can be constrained one's own mood, it is calm to pretend. Insult all rightly only, you can experience scorpion that time expression more and more sombrely, lockjaw. It is he that is storing up the strength of accumulating, you can experience the expression in one's eyes that he suppresses one's anger, the chest beginning to rise and fall, only need a small breach, enormous energy will spurt out soon. At this time, understand the people of theirs close up at once, otherwise no one knows that some terrible things will happen. I go through numerous such a scenes, break out in the fierce twinkling of an eye at all times by oneself, the person not understanding wonders why send greatly temper in this way suddenly, in fact the truth was, it has been angry for a long time for a long time that he is bearing, just you force what he broke into firmly.

Third, think the important person for him. The scorpion is the person living lonelily, they will find, oneself and a lot of people are antipathetic by oneself, the smile of his whole face is not from the deep of the heart frequently, just for the need of the occasion, really get along well and friends who understand them have few the same. Life people that he pay attention to sure to protect with all effort in he, scorpion for while protecting that person, the emotion displayed is strong. This person's greatest possibility is that have really understood the warm person that cared about when the scorpion has needed. Even a little. Will bear grudges while being alike, scorpion those be written in in the heart absolutely to he wholehearted kind person correctly, there are no too much superficial things, at the crucial moment, that friend that real Kenya died for you, it must be him. As to that person that he loves most, scorpion even Kenya probably go extremely for her. If he that piece of heart she injure others, scorpion have pain to cut out the heart, at this time, he may expose the most dark side, if it is connected to want retaliating against and scorpion, then this kind of situation is the first. The scorpion may revenge to destroy the enemy for her with the darkest strength driven by the huge pain at this time. In my view, scorpion strong emotion show, should be him for while protecting her most. The appearance of scorpion of the king of water elephant seems often not tough, even a little weak, this is a lot of impressions on them of people, but understand the person of their heart will find, they are persons hating being instigated. We can say, the scorpion yields to soft tactics but can withstand high-handed pressure, equal to his words, he is a very good person of an individual character son, if want to suppress him, scorpion's heart will be repelled at once, and they detest being used to to the person which they made indiscreet remarks very much in subconscious. The majority is refusing to obey in their heart, but will not obviously show, perhaps obeying the other side temporarily, the back accumulates strength, perhaps show and refuse clear-cutly directly with indifferencing and disgust quietly. The scorpion really likes controlling others' person, but does not command all feelings like that kind of bluster of lion of the fire elephant, the scorpion can influence people with a kind of unique strength hidden, because he has sharp strength which pierces others' heart and strengthens the calm makings. If the scorpion possesses some fire like the personality, it will be that one let persons feel very swift and fierce person, talk about and do the thing defiantly under calm appearance. If the scorpion is learning to publicize some in personality, will display the strong leading capacity at once. Scorpion have controlling, wanting strong too to one's own lover, only when the only to he kind a when alone she, he feels that feels at ease, he hopes she can be often accompanied at his side, hopes she can often depend on him, so the gentle and happy girl in accordance with people of bird can evoke the feeling that the scorpion loves most. This explain why he and water fish and huge crab of elephant very and obtain.

Scorpion prefer, do things without words of expression, we can say it is very difficult for scorpion not to learn, spend they of expression expression abundant inner world, they are persons who is not good at utilizing the expression. Scorpion's essence is not risible, not especially used to laughing between a lot of people unprincipledly, scorpion used to, smile, let they expression afford to overstate in front of everybody simple.
They really often give somebody the impression lacking affinity, even he has already realized this point and tried to change, the result will find, unless you give your whole attention to it, the feeling of distance of he and people has been produced baffledly. We can say to smile, keep mankind a certain primitive thing scorpion, scorpion smile, can lead silk to be shy, especially there are being many people or in front of the opposite sex. Seem very childish, let people feel pure, seem clever. But it is really more important that the scorpion smile more, the scorpion smiles the simple and honest and sincere appearance can well give up their in the minds of others bad impression. The scorpion can be practise in order to be facing toward mirrors more. The sensitive scorpion will accept the smile baffledly sometimes, this will leave a bad impression on others, they will wonder and guess the reason why you sank the lower face suddenly, frequently, the estrangement between scorpion and people is produced in this way.
Always have a kind of speciality with lonely yearning in the life of the scorpion.
Even they while not standing chilly and quiet, wish eagerly self- ultimate attainment could enjoy when alone onlied to get give play to and have, keep in the face of reality at all again.
So, the lonely scorpion is contradictory.

Water bottle

There is one section to imprint on the bones and inscribe on the memory memory of human world in nearly each bottom of heart of Aquarius, a figure that can't be forgotten forever.
Perhaps that is only that two extremely transient feelings are happy, just a kind of one-sided love, or one kind only exists on the unreal space.
Everything seems that so calm, so harmonious.

It is earth-shaken not to have, there is not a solemn pledge of love, does not have it amidst flowers and in the moonlight, not romantic, there is no oath, there is no temperature. Reason and indifference of Aquarius, have been destined any emotion to have no ignition point forever.

Aquarius is not apt to come to like a person. Someone says expecting too much to the companion of Aquarius is not in fact so, what Aquarius is paid attention to is feeling. Touch on lightly just, that person has already attracted all attention of the water bottle, unable transformation of sight from then on.
Takes one second to fall in love with one, then pay for all one's life and forget, Aquarius is such a trial target.
But almost all the water bottles will deny that fall in love at first sight on one's own body, consider oneself noble-minded and unwilling to swim with the tide always, admit, fall in love with one clock this thing seem insult own IQ.

Because had not discovered and already loved by even oneself when being more. Aquarius is very obtuse to the emotional response frequently, it is all the last insider to get obtusely each time. It is apt not to understand one's own feeling sometimes, is not clear what oneself wants to do, feel perplexed.

Can retreat timid when the other side has not expressed the emotion clearly very much, think love both sides would rather, do not want to force the other side.
Seem very passive, it is cold one minute and hot next, irresolute, extremely contradictory. Before not totally confirming, will never pay the emotion easily, is afraid of losing. Lack sense of safety perhaps, protection on perhaps, may can be regarded as a kind of selfishness too.
Good friends of general Aquarius are all through very long investigation in this world, it is not merely a few years, but it is several decades. Ones that are regarded as the good friend by Aquarius, will go through fire and boiled water and draw the lung from the bottom of one's heart.
On the bus, by the street, the market, the water bottle always makes a mistake. In the boundless and indistinct sea of faces, is looking for a familiar figure all the time, until producing the illusion.

At this moment, Aquarius wanted to cry bitterly very much suddenly, because found suddenly oneself was close to crazy falling in love with a person, have lose reason, has lost oneself. Such burst of feeling, very frightened, very helpless.
Do not like this kind of feeling, because wonder how to face in Aquarius. Want, let Aquarius go, chase voluntarily, piece unusually difficult thing, unable to bear and refuse in world of Aquarius, how strong so fragile, seem no matter on the surface.
Aquarius is always that one have no look without liver of heart carefree before people, not wanting others to see a one's own one sad, there is a unsafe feeling like that, always cry in the unmanned place secretly.

Let it be, let's put in the heart. Need awkward explanation then refuse, can in love to get along a difficult one miserable to say good-bye while being easy. Very good like this, no one finds out, unlikely to have no face very much. Can continue seemingly being graceful.
However, different. Though hold how not to mind, see and does not look at in Aquarius. But every sentence that the other side says is entered from ears, has not seen. Any excessive requirement which the other side proposes, Aquarius, according to accepting and doing the best meticulously completely only completely, have a half no word correctly. Totally become the slave of a love, put and have no expression on the face coolly, save face at all costs and have a hell of a life entirely.

In this case, if the other side enables some schemes and intrigues, drift apart and refuse to see or look but see not sedulously, telephone answer or moan Kazakhstan to be getting perfunctory, water bottle will give whole and getting crazy, begin, can think what oneself place make wrong, say improper remark, leave behind face have one's labour rewarded and sound out voluntarily. Needn't rebuffed twice much, Aquarius have self-knowledge, can go, think why it is so again, do not want to know either. Will think, it's proved the other side dislikes oneself, does not want to see oneself in the heart. After understanding, it is the absolute peace and quiet.
This is not over yet, a period of time has passed. If the other side suddenly and changes the attitude, unexpectedly Aquarius can let bygones be bygones and ask and ignore, the attention remains unchanged, there is not dignity that can be discussed at all. So long as can be happy and together with the other side, not important in the past, future was not important either, face is not important, the money is not important, time is not important, oneself is not important either.
The balance is out-of-balance, the very heavy keeping in the deep heart of emotion, float but oneself in midair. Lie in the other side very much, lose oneself is happy to become nihility.

Oneself is easy, who can also treasure.
Once Aquarius is paid, can't regain completely.
It is heavy that it is injured that the more what the emotion is put into is.
That is most good at is to embarrass oneself. Do not want the other side to be sad, have to let oneself be sad. Always think that has rare holding capacity oneself, think of oneself too strongly, and think of others too fragily. I don't know, the injured is actually oneself, do not just know how to show.
Love, this word is too heavy and precious, unable to annotate in language for Aquarius. Once explain, like the ancient historical relic, is explored and exposed to the air unearthedly, become changed beyond recognition, lose original value.
So, do not say easily.

Only takes once, Aquarius exhausts the energy of all one's life, because only persistent, it is all scratched up to come to. That section of emotions are corroding that numb heart like the strong acid, has pierced through a hole, it is unable to remedy again. Time is the strongest dwarf in the world, smooth the empty deckle edge gradually, no longer put people. Whenever the cold wind blows through, still smells indistinct dreary soughing, is like elegies.
Only takes once, Aquarius is no longer had fantasies of, then break into pieces by oneself ruthlessly, refuse to melt and piece together. Afraid of melting memory, is afraid of melting that far figure, is afraid of melting one's own expectation in millennium.
Later, Aquarius still played the conversation in a gay manner, still optimistic and optimistic, connected one section of new emotions continuing one section, repeating everything, because is unable to bear lonely.

People say water bottle to be fickle in love, see one love one, Aquarius will Haha, laugh at, say " where to have? Wrong! " . Its bleed in being solid, at the face but brilliance that must smile at, comfort oneself " who is I! How could be so weak! "
Someone says Aquarius is too unfeeling and too selfish, think amazing. But who understands again, the heart of Aquarius, the capacity is very small, there can only be one, and does not have revising nature. Except that person, all other returning automatically is a kind of procedure.

Because is unable to be false, honeyed words are all offered stingily. Because is innocent, still waiting till death. Because there is not courage, it is powerless to helplessly free the true love.
While seeing a bottle happiness or sadness, please must not be being confused, the water bottle always can't help being mixed with handling happily and sadly. In fact not as happy as what was seen, similarly, not as sad as what was seen either. Just at the time of the sadness, like taking the happy mask, and when the water bottle is happy, sad and not willing to miss easily.
Only really understand the person of Aquarius, that wisp is like having as the sadness that does not have could see optical fundus ing, could understand what let water bottle finding it one's obigation to walk forward and not to turn back like this, what let water bottle become so cold one minute and hot next and intangible, could realize water bottle only fragility covered up to do one's utmost.

Say, Aquarius is not often treasured by persons loved on astrology. Do I think, why? Perhaps the answer is just in the heart, just the natural instinct of Aquarius is unwilling to admit.
Except Aquarius needs one to like forgiving all persons oneself deeply, need a psychologist.

White sheep

"White sheep? Too terrific! They temper heavy, violence, look down upon people, hide from far a bit, wonderful carefully! "
If you think at the end, then perhaps you will lose a person of Kenya who paid the life for you. Fired by the Mars, the white sheep is by no means that kind of cold-blooded overbearing evil spirit in imaginations of people!

There are two inner world of the white sheep: The world and love world ****d. To show world and inner world be moved ahead simultaneously, only because his " ****s " outside white sheep Purpose is more clear and more apparent, has concealed that side that he loves.
Pale sheep is very much kindhearted, think someone else always in the heart, grievance that like frequently and helping others, but because white sheep can cover up one's own emotion, everything fight for mastery, have assorted discontented to can show out at once the end, then can't do the good job to the limit, leave a thorough good person, cause rejection yet finally instead! For example, white sheep wants to see the love serial, you want to see the science film, then you begin to crack down on the fake in order to see the end assortedly. If you hard to watch science film, white sheep will heavy to quarrel, curse, end " peng " TV give turn off! White sheep think TV you own, let according to assorted the end you think, forbid me think only in the heart? ! You do not allow me not to think you want to see either! But if white sheep gets the upper hand, takes a fancy to the love serial, and your going away quietly, white sheep will think for a moment that feel sorry, loves you, is afraid you are unhappy, then let you look. In short, white sheep serious form serious essence, can't tolerate others authority to challenge him while being extreme.

In fact, white sheep is that kind of person saving face at all costs and having a hell of a life. Face, have more important yet life than white sheep! What white sheep can't tolerate most is that others belittle him, look down upon him! Who shout several throat to white sheep, white sheep who 24 hours does it can shout. For example if superior blame white sheep improper, white sheep can blame superior instead violently, and the one that blamed is more joyous. The superior blames his one sentence, he can blame 10 sentences of superiors! ! After acting as the department and dismissing this unworthy staff, white sheep is not only not sad, there is one kind of brave and noble-minded senses instead: "Though has lost the work, has lost value! I have scolded a superior in front of then many people, really impressive! Eh, the colleagues must be also discussing my heroic deeds now   " White sheep thinks, think about it, can't help sniggering by oneself while looking for a job again, then stride proudly ahead, immensely proud, think oneself really amazing, overbearing and insufferably arrogant!

White sheep is concerned about face-saving, all easy to reach into the stage of the addiction. White sheep hope others like he, love he, flatter he, you had better show the utmost solicitude, with many attendants crowding round to him. White sheep man sigh for why fail, act as the president oneself, white sheep daughter think oneself material of the First Lady at all times always, have just confused the boyfriend because of carelessness! White sheep think oneself pieces of talent, have unrecognized talents, reduce to today the stage of small potato just always. For example, white sheep thinks oneself is an artist innately, just director Zhang Yimou has not found him. If one leads and finds him, he must be much more outstanding than Gong Li! Because white sheep likes that kind of feeling standing high above the masses, so, so long as you flatter him, praise him more usually, then he knows "  Stubbornly refuse to know to die hard "  For you,like you he how he on how.

White sheep is very gentle, so long as you have not offended him, you can play with him at will. But if if you have assorted the end one carelessness of moves offend against he, you had better give oneself prepare pieces of coffin quickly. For example, white sheep and you fool around and banter in flirtation, very happy atmosphere, both sides all find pleasure in it. Suddenly, a carelessness of yours, sold a bit more heavily, hit and ached the white sheep, white sheep will open eyes wide, improve the voice at once, one is cursed savagely to scold you, even return two heavier hands to you ruthlessly. At this moment, the happy atmosphere came to a deadlock, made you awkward to the utmost point in the heart. But white sheep thinks, makes a noise and belongs to making a noise, you must have a limit, sell tactlessly, really disagreeable, my beautiful hands have been all hit red by you! Think about it, white sheep will be angrier, do not do a good job and bomb you once again - --But after 10 minutes, white sheep begin, talk and laugh with you again, seem assorted last line thing happen either. White sheep's everything all come fast, go too fast, seldom bear grudges.

Perhaps you will say: "Does not white sheep bear grudges? How the end is possible! They always won't let go of others' mistake! " However, white sheep does not really bear grudges, they won't let go of others' mistake, in fact it is for reminding the other side constantly, don't recommit the same mistake! For example, the lover of the white sheep has extramarital relations, but through some setbacks, two people have become reconciled again. So, in the life afterwards, white sheep will abuse lover how it is the end abandon oneself, oneself many the end many misfortune for the end, how one's own soul receive mostly loud wound originally often! White sheep can the end this make, have two reason mainly: On one hand, white sheep remember these, can defy fire, angry very much whenever, then scold a lover, hating in order to solve in mind; On the other hand, pale sheep should remind the lover constantly to become at the end, there are extramarital relations any more later, sound the alarm for the lover in a disguised form!

White sheep is that kind of one's own person on others' agony of happy building, because white sheep loves the full place to advocate others' bromine thing. For example he will under public, say you you careless urine trousers play together, as a child, or, he will say to your sweetheart you are used to like digging the nostril (obey the white sheep occasionally even more - --). However, white sheep does not think and say the end is not all right that these are assorted, because in white sheep's heart, all these are so happiness, and the memory of childhood, the little titbits of the different expressions in life. They talk about your bromine thing, only because they feel interesting, feel very sweet, can bring fun to somebody, concentrate all others' sight to one's own body, let others think oneself is American pistachioses! White sheep has not spoken you sarcastically, dismantled the meaning of the road to your love at all, often just the result  

White sheep is born the makings outstandingly, philtrum dragons and phoenixes. White sheep aim life "  Live out oneself "  . Because there is one side of Jie Ao in white sheep's natural instincts, then when getting along with people, do not reveal a kind of arrogant breath consciously. Because white the conscientious pendulum something definite of sheep, understand white people of sheep shelter from the white sheep, because they think white sheep looks down upon people. But not have it last sheep white pieces of chance,then can have thought people sheep white have so been to be the good to close, so the soft. The arrogance that white sheep can not think oneself, just feel puzzled darkly secretly in the heart: Others shelter from I always for assorted the end, I many the end kind and approachable, affable! ! !
White sheep does not have more judgments, ears root is soft, one's own ability of making quality analysis is very bad. The white sheep's extremely rich sense of justice, like letting the inequitable thing be rehabilitated. But because white sheep have judgment, make white sense of justice of sheep have wishful color. For example, it is a kind of justice that white sheep thinks faithful to husband till death, then, it will all be condemned by white sheep and despised that people of the extramarital affair takes place in any. White sheep thinks, I will come down in all one's life, parents, teacher tell me to be faithful to husband till death, do I insist that faithful to husband till death that also there is a mistake? ! White sheep does not understand, it is a evil too that one of any is good, it is a simple final conclusion faithful to husband till death whether justice is far from and can be used or not. This can also reflect from a side the white sheep is a simple person, complicated thing any reach white sheep can become simple easy to do in the hand '  There can be this kind of daring and resolution in life that is really a good job too)  .

It is also that a response is marvellously quick that white sheep treats the emotion. If you are to white sheep's feeling adored of hinting, if white sheep likes you, you became the lover the next day; If white sheep does not like you, will far hide from you. If you run down a convict of, he can any face leave frank criticism you also: "It is some far to hide from me, I do not like you! Otherwise I hit you! " (Sweat - --)In white sheep's heart, likes liking, it is disagreeable of course, the so a lot of one is ambiguous and unclear.

White sheep likes that kind of person with act that surprises the world, because white sheep thinks only this kind of talent deserves oneself. For example, you date, by time to have a meal, you had better go with white sheep to the fishing platform to eat, even if your money is only enough to drink a bottle of mineral water in the fishing platform, white sheep will like dying you because of this heroic undertaking of yours; If you take white sheep to eat the searing hot-pot of the street, then you make good preparations for pedalling by the white sheep!

The sexual desire of the white sheep is very vigorous, but because they take one's own face into account very much, so always only want not to practise. In other words, the purpose of the white sheep is excessive and very serious. At for example, at bus, it last pieces of MM or GGs beautiful at one's side,then, begin produce sheep white to it endless one about imagination   Because the action strength of the white sheep is superstrong, it is ultra and marvellously quick that like coming.

Life is free

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Life is free   

    Live 30 more than year in this world, feel bitter and short life more and more.
If time can flow backwards, I can not choose to come to this world. But I am unable to choose oneself, it is the parents that bring up me. Such cognition did not take shape after growing up, remembered it very in the childhood in oneself, I have such an idea.
In my view, the best life does not have life. Always full of shortcomings in life, is always full of sufferings. In so many years, I am more and more tired of this kind of shortcoming, dislike the suffering in life, so, if can come again, I would rather not come to this world at all times by oneself.
Always full of sufferings in life, this is not merely directed against the individual, as regards whole human society, the suffering is always like the shadow following the person. Speak one's mind, I dislike suffering, abhor suffering, abhor very much! I sympathize with those people standing different sufferings deeply too. However, disagreeable, abhor and can not get rid of the suffering, this is life.
Perhaps, in some people's view, I seem too passive to the attitude of life, seem too heavy to life. However, I do not think so, because I am not always a passive person.
Hit and get up sensibly, I make great efforts to create for a beautiful tomorrow for oneself on in efforts all the time. As to life, I am always full of optimism, full of upwards, promising, otherwise, I may already disappear from this world.
However, making great efforts does not represent and reciprocate, frequently, my efforts will be paid in vain. So, not only there are sufferings in life, will also cannot help but have.
Do I often think, why is suffering federation accompanied by we like ghost? Why is the whole human society always full of sufferings? Move ahead in the suffering?
War, massacring, injury, exploiting, oppressing, invading, robbing,etc., these make vocabulary of the suffering, when to disappear from this world? The vocabulary victimizing like these devils, where to come from? In fact, it neither comes from it, nor comes from the ground, comes from ourselves,Mud pumps Gold Price Electronic Manufacturing timer software Subcontract Pcb Assembly WinSmart Contracting legenda interior Co come from our varied greed unable to be satisfied forever. It is the greed, has facilitated a series of varied vicious behaviours of ours, and this vicious behaviour, have caused others and a great deal of our own sufferings.
Certainly, all kinds of shapes of the suffering, but the greed undoubtedly brings up the root of the trouble of the suffering.
 People reached in this world to leave and meet with, it was not everybody that full of greed, but or a handful of is full of greed, the happy person based on others' agony attempting to be one's own, enough to make enormous suffering. Familiar, " people are above 100, varied. " Just because of this varied person, it is not good kind without exception, so, the suffering is for mankind, it is difficult to disappear forever.
The happiness in this world is the same, but misfortune in this world, everybody has his own misfortune. Indeed, the happiness is the same, it is the beautiful feeling that everyone wants most to be happy, happy than bitter to feel a pain people's welcome forever. However, it is very difficult to pursue the happiness. In my view, having pity on most, the most regrettable life, it is a frustration all one's life, the life of the suffering all one's life. If one has met such life unfortunately, besides making people hold one's own wrist to sigh, what if are we?
People often say, the suffering is the greatest asset in life. I only believe one, but does not believe two. Because the suffering can destroy life too, stand the suffering today, hope to reap the happiness finally. If only formed by suffering in life, what meanings does our life have?
Personally, I am who fears the suffering, especially fear that kind of feeling that the suffering brings. Should say, happy and suffering mix half, even so, I still abhor the feeling of the suffering life in I, that flavour is very painful. Certainly, I want to thank for the suffering too, because there are sufferings, I know what is the real happiness, because of the suffering, I know how to treasure, because of the suffering, I know that do one's duty, because of the suffering, I have deeper understanding to life.
But the suffering difficult to repel with no limits, it is the empty lamentation in life that have been sent out by me. Empty in life, hope people passivism treat life, it whether a kind of helpless mood of individual divert oneself from loneliness or boredom.
All one's life, no matter you kings and princes, poor people common people, no matter you happy and smooth life, the suffering is very grave, after death, everybody's final result is the same. Only as regards this, life is really too empty to have.
"Die and know originally all things are free. " Why be empty to life, must we want, wait until, die for sorry and cognition so? Why world given birth to, empty that we can not see life?
In my view, life as to fame and gain, if we can from the angle, cognition brings true essence of life emptily, perhaps, our life will become more meaningful. Perhaps, we will know how to benefit others' true essence further, understand even more, get rid of the suffering, need interpersonal help, take good care of, but not injury.
Life is free. Because we grow and does not bring for the fame and gain or something like that, stubbornly refuse to take. See light fame and gain, some pursuit in inner world more, some love and mercy in others more, there will be a bit fewer sufferings and helpless of this world.

The healthy killer is 17 kinds of homely dishes

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The healthy killer is 17 kinds of homely dishes

1,Spring onions mushroom chicken nugget (  Chicken +  Sesame)  : The sesame can nourish the kidney of liver, nourish blood and promote salivation, relax bowel, dark hair. But will be poisoned with chicken and food, serious poisoners will die. Can be treated to fry the clothes with water of licorice root.

2,Spicy hot a kidney bean '  Garlic +  Shallot)  : Shallot of garlic is all the food stimulating the intestines strongly, apt to present symptom of suffering from abdominal pain, suffering from diarrhoea etc. after eating together.

3,Chives lime-preserved egg mix the bean curd '  Bean curd +  Chives)  : Everybody should know this one!

4,Banana yoghurt (  Banana +  Yoghurt)  : The sour milk can reduce cholesterol. Drink yoghurt can acidity in stomach too strong, lactic acid fungus survive while being very much difficult in gastric juice on an empty stomach, reduce the function of health care of the yoghurt. It is useless to the health with banana and food

5,Red date hairtail's porridge '  Red a date +  Fish + spring onions) : Red date is flat, can nourish the spleen and stomach, benefit nourishes blood angrily, will cause indigestion with fish spring onions and food.

6,Spiced a tea egg '  Tea +  Egg)  : Strong tea contain more tannin, tannin can make protein of material become solidifying the material difficult to digest, influence human body's absorption of the protein to utilize.

7,Soya bean stewed pig's trotters (  Pig hoof +  Soya bean)  : The sour residue of aldose in the soya bean and meal fiber can formate chelates and interfere with or reduce human body's absorption of these elements with the mineral in the pig hoof.

8,Green pepper ox liver (  Ox liver +  Includes the food which links C)  : Because vitamin C in the vegetables and fruits has very strong reducing, it is very easy and is oxidized by the copper ion in ox's liver, and lose physiological activity.

9,Turnip stewed the sirloin '  Carrot +  White turnip)  : The carrot contains ascorbic sour enzyme, will destroy vitamin C of the white turnip, make the nutritive value of two kinds of turnips both greatly reduce.

10,Red-and-white turnip Auricularia soup '  Pale a turnip +  Auricularia)  : Turnip flat and a little cold, have, clear away heat, detoxify, invigorate the stomach, disappear food, reduce phlegm relieve cough, pleasant profit, promote the production of body fluid to quench thirst, fit efficiency such as being dirty mend. Needing to pay attention to turnip and Auricularia and food may cause dermatitis.

11,The field snail makes the meat '  Pork +  Field snail)  : Pork the sour the cold the cold the oily,field snail Great Cold, unless belong to two thing cool, the apt to injure by stomach,so should not and food.

12,The tomato braises the butterfish '  Tomato +  Fish)  : Will the inhibitory activity of producing has put to the analysing of copper element in the fish in vitamin C in the tomato.

13,Black polished glutinous rice chicken '  Polished glutinous rice +  Chicken) : The main function of the polished glutinous rice is to enrich the spleen and stomach warmly, so some spleen and stomach were lost timidly, the person who often suffers from diarrhoea has eaten, can get up to very good therapeutic effect. It is uncomfortable to be but will be caused with chicken and food.

14,Ormosia wax gourd black carp soup (  Black carp +  Wax gourd)  : Black carp warm bad smell is sweet, and the stomach tonifies deficiency, subside swelling the poison, favourable water open milk, but if will make the body dehydrate with wax gourd and food.

15,Red yellow salad '  Cucumber +  Tomato)  : The tomato includes a large number of vitamin C, there is function of strengthening organism resistance, preventing and curing scurvy, resisting infection etc.. And contain vitamin C and decompose enzyme in the cucumber, can make vitamin C among them destroyed with the food.

16,Sour hot cucumber mix bean jelly '  Cucumber +  Hot pepper)  : The cucumber includes vitamin C and decomposes enzyme, will make vitamin C in the hot pepper destroyed, reduce its nutritive value.

17,Stewed bean curd with spinach custard(  Spinach +  Bean curd)  : Contain chlorine magnesium, calcium sulfic acid and these two kinds of materials in the bean curd, but contain oxalic acid in the spinach, two kinds of food can produce magnesium oxalic acid and calcium oxalic acid to meet together, can't be absorbed by the human body.

All sorts of psychologies that the woman oversteps the limit

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All sorts of psychologies that the woman oversteps the limit
Have asked a married woman, how you look unfaithful to her husband, her answer needs, ask why she needs, she says the need needs. Perhaps each woman who goes out of the wall each has a reason, just as the following classification. But if the happy the back is not happy, think thrice before acting.


First, the string is broken nobody and listened to - -Just feeling woman exceedingly fascinating and charming, put and marry the wooden people or muscle man. He can not produce the baffled thoughts and feelings to the deciduous autumn wind or snow blazing sun forever, it is ignorant and funny to regard this kind of move as. You have one graceful intellectual scholar dream of, you can with he Swordman, enjoy together effete and sentimental writings in general. One day, this person comes quietly, it seems to be a kind of destiny not escaping.

Second, you are crazy I am silly - -Can't choose the trouble on his morality. But you are difficult on him to catch due life vigor, and your always passionate four is penetrated. He often rushes through, you have no language quietly. That originally strange man, but let you smell his strong breath, having heard his flourishing heartbeat, you can restrain by oneself, have found that is regarded as the woman's happiness from him, certainly taste the agony too. Have one strength tear you, you need, find another strength your conglutination, but where is that strength? What is it? You do not know.

Third, one hundred things of poor and lowly couple are sad - -In any case, he is a good person, very good too to you. Once, you thought it so already ample, you would like to start from scratch with him, like the swallow held in the mouth the mud, build the small one's own nest bit by bit, really do so too. You have go through fragrant car of BMW, has gone through the sparkling luxurious hotels of star light one day, you looked like a piece of fruit that has withered gradually, thus only fresh and just the same as before to suddenly suck the moisture of foot. Do you collapse with a loud crash, the woman that oneself is one and can be lured by the material?

Fourth, sound Wu charming and kind in being drunk - -The husband is a hero on an undertaking, carry all before one, the ones that attract countless people are admired gaudily. But you take humble proportion in his eyes. He and you slightly do attentively at leisure, you are just a grain of dust when being busy. Remember a word: Sound Wu charming and kind in being drunk, whose old man old woman it will be gray hair. You understand why Helen leave the brave Sparta king who is good at fighting, it is willing to follow that little white face Paris to run away to Troy.

Fifth, that conditions and customs of smiling at - -In fact everything was so simple unexpectedly, you only had difficulties in competiting with his warm expression in one's eyes like father and elder brothers. That man of yours, after marrying you and getting home, regard you as his natural mother and an unnecessary nurse who pays the salary. He look like pieces of wilful child, can expose he greedy, ignorant, lazy in front of you, regard this as the symbol of the love, the sign of emerging as the kindred. Originally you think so too, but you are tired one day. Then, he arranges like Heaven, appears before your eyes. You have difficulties in competiting with the warm expression in one's eyes like his father and elder brothers. You go to sleep peacefully in his chest, so fragrant and sweet, you have not slept in this way for a long time.

Sixth, turn one's head suddenly, but that person locates in the lights waning - -Thought that person was only illusion of young girl times, does not exist in reality. Getting married,Handmade Bracelets| Imitation Jewelry| Wholesale Picture Frames| Beaded Bracelets| Butterfly Brooches| Unique Handcrafted Jewelry| Heart Necklace| Handmade Earrings| Handmade Jewelry| Beaded Necklaces| Hair Brush in fact it is out of the forcing of age, you thought at that time it was that that person in the dream existed. However, he appeared at last, it was that yes you after marriage.

Seventh, floor outside floor of green hill outside the mountain - -Where is the best man? He can at one's side, can before eyes, he in the unknown distant place forever, he is the next one, the next man is the best, this is your distinct logic, exist and never dare to make public on numerous women's bottom of heart. Look like a lunatic, no one knows what what you wanted is, even you yourself do not know, but you have been looking for, until your sweet-smelling China was no longer that day.

Eighth, lonely Chang'e and Shu Guang tucks inside the sleeve - -Although the husband is good, but at the ends of the earth. Eyes the man though general, offer you cordial touching temperature. You have no way of refusing, you launch long sleeves, comb him and enter cherishing. You are ashamed endlessly sometimes, also try to stop but cannot.

The sensitive skin is maintained correctly

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The sensitive skin is maintained correctly

    1,Keep the skin moist, the dry skin is aptest to initiate reflecting allergically, the moister the skin is, can accept other skin care products.

2,The skin care product one consumption the too much,whose name is each time grains of weight of peas small can with, the finer and it is the less to use piece of products, avoid bringing too many burdens to sensitive skin.

3,If it become cold too dry, had better avoid, use, can make skin dry pure vitamin A or fruit sour product.

4,Prevent suntan strictly, had better choose additional composition little, texture light and thin, physical sun-proof product of composition, avoid choosing the sun-proof product of chemical composition, in order to reduce the stimulus to the skin.

5,Fruit sour and vitamin A products want, use under the guidance of doctor, don't use, contain fruit sour, vitamin A, product of vitamin C at the same time within one day.

6,Interface active pharmaceutical in clean soaps is a past master who decomposes the cutin, do one's utmost to avoid. You had better use emulsion or clean pieces of products of soap, sour alkalinity to regulate skin. Avoid, use, rub sand mould go cutin products, if skin state better, can choose, exempt, rub up cutin product, use once at most each month.

7,You had better buy and contain the cosmetics which resist the quick composition under the guidance of professional personnel. Some series of products that design for sensitive skin, except contain a gentle one, test for basic material human body can bear, Handmade Braceletsnatural plant composition that skin is sensitive.

8,Don't change the cosmetics easily, before using the new products, should apply the products on the more delicate wrist inboard first, one night or two or three days later, observe and unusually react, is suffused with macule red, get up such as presenting, prove it is not fit for you to use.
9,Before not passing the dermatologist's diagnosis, don't reach the main point to buy ointment that can inhibit inflammation by oneself, avoid improperlying use the side effect brought to skin.

10,The physiological saline that injected on dipping in the cotton or gauze, apply it in the allergic position, the physiological saline that injected has very good security and permeability, to subsiding swelling, retreating red, the skin of stability has very good results.

11,Sensitive symptom will generally exist forever, it is impossible to effect a radical cure, be careful to keep a lookout, avoid that it may cause the allergic anaphylactogen to exposed to such as pollen, dust, food, medicine, pet,etc.. Wash hair every day, can prevent sensitive microorganism from affix to hair, cause sensitive.

12,If the sensitive phenomenon appearing is more serious, Wholesale Picture Frameswant even go to the hospital to accept the medical treatment, don't use medicine at will by oneself.

Beauty's skin care Use with and maintain the skin

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Beauty's skin care  Use with and maintain the skin iPhone Skin
The skin care product uses a brand, or are a lot of brands used with? No young girl all have such a doubt. Some people think, it will make the skin stimulated by more chemical composition to use the skin care product with, think that can regard face as "  The experimental plot "  . MP3 PlayerBut the professional beautician thinks, use the skin care product with according to the need, furthermore help to supplement the nutrition that the skin needs.


It is tired that the brand uses with and improves skin care

The newest investigation of magazine reveal, women 25- 35 years old have more than ten bottles of skin care products each person on average according to Japan " weekly magazines of women ", the brand is about three. These skin care products including water of tight skin, cream, whitening liquid and eye cream,etc..

Lady of island of beautician's China of beauty parlor of island of China of Tokyo pool bag tells reporters, a lot of people use to the skin care product with misunderstanding, think from washing one's face to the late frost to use a brand to be all right completely. In fact, it will not basically cause the harmful effects to the skin to use the skin care product with, help to supplement the nutrition that the skin needs instead. Because various skin care product brands have one's own strong points, have a distinctive quality in the nutrition of skin care fills a prescription, so, the skin care product which uses different brands with can take shape on nutrition complementarily.

In addition, some women find the skin care product of a certain brand of long term administration will present the tired phenomenon of skin care, i.e. while just beginning to use, the skin was obviously improved, but time was long, came to naught.

Ms., island of China, say, change brand may change the tired phenomenon of skin care often. Because the new brand can give supplementary and new nutrient of skin, help the skin to represent the moist and beautiful side.


    Wash one's face and unload the product of making up and should be changed most

Unless introduce China island Ms., generally speaking,outside to in, Metal zippersecret to change skin care product when following in order and advancing step by step. Wash one's face and unload and make up the products and water of tight skin and is used mainly for cleaning the skin, Plastic zipperso belong to " outside " ,It is easier to change;| Pullers It is used mainly in maintaining moistly whitening liquid, eye cream, belong to " in " . While changing the peripheral skin care product, can use the new brand in the morning first, wear-out brands in the evening, course that one meet gradually to let the skin have.

If use for some time, feel skin and right and really having results all without exception, can totally use the skin care product of the new brand. In addition at the brand of changing, can't a whole set of change, so easy to stimulate skin.


    The quintessence products should be changed few

Which kinds of nutrition when women are changing the skin care product, it takes to understand one's own skin on earth, then choose the skin care product according to qualifications. However, cautious while whitening quintessence products such as liquid and eye cream,etc. when changing.

Generally speaking, each skin care product brand will put out several competitive products, for example some brands whiten the products originally, the result of the products is prominent that some brands reduce wrinkle. If the products that women are using at present are quintessence, and is relatively suitable for oneself, don't change easily!

Certainly increase with age, the skin requires the new quintessence products are unavoidable too. Changing will pay attention to and follow in order and advance step by step too at this time, - wash one's face and unload and make up the products and water of tight skin from the periphery first - change one, whiten liquid and eye cream finally.

Lady of island of China still emphasizes, the color make-up should be changed or not changed few. Because the color make-up often contains the metal composition, have bad influence on skin. Once change, that skin needs to meet the new stimulus again, damage greater to the skin like this. Meanwhile, women apt to be irritated of skin should not frequently change the skin care product either.mp4 speakers Even change, need to see the composition of the skin care product clearly, and go on under the guidance of dermatologist. It should be out of use immediately in case it is allergic to appear. Apparel Accessories

6 pieces of health general knowledge which women must know

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To every woman, the health is the first key element of life, only have good health and fitness, could create the beautiful sky which belongs to women. iPhone SkinThe following is a global scientist in recent years about women's healthy latest research results.

 It is short-lived to eat to egg women every day

In a lot of people's daily life, the egg is the indispensable food. But ten finding for more than year, expert of Japanese, until young girl nature, eat the egg every day but diminish the health, even may bring the fatal hidden danger. Because egg yolk hits the cholesterol content very high, it is disadvantageous to health, women who eat more than one egg may be more short-lived than women who eat a few eggs of every week every day.

Have good health and fitness, create the one's own sky beautiful.

 Women's late childbirth is more long-lived

Discovering newly, compare the women that the great talent bore children at the age of British scientist, the muscle, skeleton or nervous system will all benefit because of this. These women not only delay coming in climacteric, the probability of suffering from senile dementia is reduced, and is relatively long-lived. Certainly, many doctors think too, lying-in woman's production has many risks in fact at advanced age.

 Women are apter to have a headache

In February of 2006, an item of research results that the British physician announces newly will reveal: Women are apter to suffer from headache than men. cheap mp4 players

Over the past 9 years, a research group from King's College London finds after surveying 253 ordinary cases, 6.4% of the cases have a headache for women, and man's troublesome case is 2.5%, this means probability that the woman suffers from headache is about male 3 times. Usually, the troublesome reason includes diet such as pressure, incorrect posture, dazzling sunshine, cheese and red wine.

 Eating too many milk products may bring out ovarian cancer

In 2006, " international cancer magazine " publishes a latest research in Sweden. This research shows: Women may bring out ovarian cancer while eating too many milk products. Researchers find women suffer from ovarian cancer and there are obvious connections among the full-cream milk product, low lipoprotein milk and high intaking amount of lactose. They think, the result of study is " to a certain extent " Have supported and taken in the milk product and brought out the view of the ovarian cancer too much.

 The sports of every day are 30 minutes during pregnancy

Most women fear to work up the nausea, vomiting and edema of legs during pregnancy behind being pregnant, does not love the activity very much. But the latest research of American-European countries reveals, can help women to keep good figure to move for 30 minutes postpartum appropriately every day during pregnant. In addition, go on sure exercise can also help woman prevent some disease from during being pregnant.

 Women may expedite the emergence of acne while drinking the milk

Many young girls all worry for the longer youthful small pox on one's own face, one discovers newly, the probability of the long acne relates to amount of drinking milk of every day.

Researchers claim, women who drink two cups and more than defatted milk every day, the probability of long acnes should be higher than 44% of ordinary person. If does not confine to the defatted milk, so long as drink more than three cups every day, the possibility to suffer from acne will be improved by 22%. iPod Nano Screen Protector

The trifling matters of everyday life let you slow aging

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From ancient times to the present, woman afraid of than man old and feeble more, find as oneself face at the time of the first wrinkle, that kind of anxious and fearful feeling is deep and eternal to every woman. Aging is no doubt unavoidable, but can always let the old and feeble step be slowed down a bit, Terminalsa bit slower. Long-term meticulous maintenance is no doubt indispensable, and the health of life style is the most basic. If can know how to adjust one's own life style in time, will find for 30 years old it is not woman's youthful end, beginning that and 40 years old is the beauty.

   Have an abortion, the injury of meeting unexpectedly: Artificial abortion is to stop gestation through the abnormal means. Frequently have an abortion to endanger seriously, this kind of behavior enables woman's obvious old attitude, even will have danger of can't become mother any moring. Not because there is no effective contraception method, but it is not enough to pay attention to. As the woman, should pay attention to protecting one's own healthy reproduction, paying attention to taking contraceptive. [Chinese table delicacies ]

    Put down the sitting posture with the legs crossed and one foot poised in the air: A lot of women like sticking up the sitting posture with the legs crossed and one foot poised in the air, but a medical research institution of U.S.A. has initiated " women, it is used to giving up and sticking up the sitting posture with the legs crossed and one foot poised in the air "  Activity. The reason sticks up the maldistribution that the sitting posture with the legs crossed and one foot poised in the air will cause the lumbar vertebrae and pressure of thoracic vertebrae for a long time, oppress the nerve, cause the hunchback of bending over out of shape of skeleton, and will hinder the blood circulation of shank, influence the normal activity of metabolism, is prone to the tired out sense, cause especially senilis of skin and skeleton of body.

   Eat a fish every week: Fish through practise and people generally acknowledged young food, because protein content of fish up to 25%-30%. And the unsaturated fatty acid among them is very abundant, they, to clearing up and softening the blood vessel, reducing the fat of blood and slowing aging and is all beneficial to. So, lady liking to be beautiful should eat a fish and have something special to eat at least every week.

   The gymnasium is a good place: The gymnasium is the place for making the perfect health. If can insist on going to the gymnasium to do exercises, it will be very helpful to the improvement of body constitution in 10 minutes even if only practise every day. Moreover, the perspiration course at the time of doing exercises in the gymnasium, can guarantee not to collect and store the toxin in the body. The fact proves, the person who often participates in physical training will seem younger than that of other people. Flash Drive

   Fruit juice, let aging brake: The destructive activity of the free radical is one of the old and feeble roots of the trouble of the human body. Vitamin C contained in the fruit, can halt the rampant activity of the free radical effectively, protect the human body, delay the body and wear out. You can be a bit more industrious, press the fresh fruit juice to drink by oneself. Wish to call your attention, the juice of the kiwi fruit defends declining treasures, it can have " the king of VC " Laudatory title.

   Kiss, it is beautiful to sob and suck on the lover's face: Scientist find kiss for magical strength, one of lover fragrant to kiss, can let people palpitate quickly, the blood circulates freely, the skin thereupon becomes ruddy and glossy too, the whole person seems getting lifelike and vivid. Don't be uneasy, tell your lover, you hope to get and kiss as many as possible and fragrantly, because you think a little more youngly, a little younger.

   Leaded food, it is the more well to eat few: The food that the scientist found lead content too much for example the lime-preserved egg is unsuitable to eat more. The food of too much lead content is apt to cause nerve transmission to hinder, cause memory to decline, will also make people's complexion gloomy, old and feeble too early.

   Add oxygen for the youth regularly: Living for a long time will let wrinkles come in the insufficient environment of oxygen earlier. So reach oxygen bar breathe pure oxygen or reach mountain forest activity seem particularly essential weekend regularly. Can get sufficient oxygen can let people vital capacity increase, energetic, it is even young for people to look.

    Press the wrinkles of the canthus in calmness of soul: " it is unoccupied in half a day to float and grow "  Have become a kind of luxury to busy modern. Can let oneself enjoy quiet time for several minute help woman mould, grow up light thing particularly oneself absolutely after working in tense 8 hours every day. So no matter how busily every day, don't forget, spare, stay alone some time, because everybody needs pure time to talk with oneself.

   Use the cotton of hygiene inside, it is the good fortune that use little: If not for some special reasons, the doctor uses the hygiene silver while proposing using for a long time. Because though hygiene silver is very convenient, belong to the foreign matter in the vagina after all, and if forgot to be taken out in time, would probably cause vaginal inflammation, and how do the people on the edge of disease discuss the young and beautiful side?

    Call the pressure of going, the young beauty of shouting: What pressure and oppressiveness can never be accomplished to people is beautiful and young. So, at the pressure and worried time that round you ring upon ring, you must look for the breach of a mood to lead off, reach the equilibrium state of heart. There is a kind of treatment of shouting abroad, there, the modern in square of the rule can put down all art of composition and rule when used to, shouting heartily and release, let the gloomy and trouble saved in the heart go out of the freely dripping wet shout outside the body. Ancient cloud: Stretched and relaxed, the civil and military way. It knows how to take good care of one's own person most too to know how to release one's own person.Pet Carrier

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