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The sensitive skin is maintained correctly

06:54, 17 June 2008 .. 5 comments .. Link
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The sensitive skin is maintained correctly

    1,Keep the skin moist, the dry skin is aptest to initiate reflecting allergically, the moister the skin is, can accept other skin care products.

2,The skin care product one consumption the too much,whose name is each time grains of weight of peas small can with, the finer and it is the less to use piece of products, avoid bringing too many burdens to sensitive skin.

3,If it become cold too dry, had better avoid, use, can make skin dry pure vitamin A or fruit sour product.

4,Prevent suntan strictly, had better choose additional composition little, texture light and thin, physical sun-proof product of composition, avoid choosing the sun-proof product of chemical composition, in order to reduce the stimulus to the skin.

5,Fruit sour and vitamin A products want, use under the guidance of doctor, don't use, contain fruit sour, vitamin A, product of vitamin C at the same time within one day.

6,Interface active pharmaceutical in clean soaps is a past master who decomposes the cutin, do one's utmost to avoid. You had better use emulsion or clean pieces of products of soap, sour alkalinity to regulate skin. Avoid, use, rub sand mould go cutin products, if skin state better, can choose, exempt, rub up cutin product, use once at most each month.

7,You had better buy and contain the cosmetics which resist the quick composition under the guidance of professional personnel. Some series of products that design for sensitive skin, except contain a gentle one, test for basic material human body can bear, Handmade Braceletsnatural plant composition that skin is sensitive.

8,Don't change the cosmetics easily, before using the new products, should apply the products on the more delicate wrist inboard first, one night or two or three days later, observe and unusually react, is suffused with macule red, get up such as presenting, prove it is not fit for you to use.
9,Before not passing the dermatologist's diagnosis, don't reach the main point to buy ointment that can inhibit inflammation by oneself, avoid improperlying use the side effect brought to skin.

10,The physiological saline that injected on dipping in the cotton or gauze, apply it in the allergic position, the physiological saline that injected has very good security and permeability, to subsiding swelling, retreating red, the skin of stability has very good results.

11,Sensitive symptom will generally exist forever, it is impossible to effect a radical cure, be careful to keep a lookout, avoid that it may cause the allergic anaphylactogen to exposed to such as pollen, dust, food, medicine, pet,etc.. Wash hair every day, can prevent sensitive microorganism from affix to hair, cause sensitive.

12,If the sensitive phenomenon appearing is more serious, Wholesale Picture Frameswant even go to the hospital to accept the medical treatment, don't use medicine at will by oneself.
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