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The longest and most complete constellation analysis in the history(two)

04:59, 16 October 2008 .. 14 comments .. Link
The longest and most complete constellation analysis in the history(two)

One pair of fish

See a lot of various legends about one pair of fish, analyze, explain. The ones that seemed without exception had regarded one pair of fish as a woman's constellation, just shed the tears easily, moan and groan. It's a pity that can sigh, if one pair of fish is really only such a constellation, can then say nobody would like to do one pair of fish, and there was not any famous pairs of fish personage in history.

The most essential part: Thinking
What is the most essential characteristic of Pisces? Kindhearted? Cowardly? Gentle? No, I tell you, think (under many circumstances, it is too much thinking) .
Yes, all characteristics of Pisces, all come from his too much thinking, perhaps not have the second constellation that can insight others' psychology even more than Pisces in the world, can analyze the essence of the thing even more.
It can call thats to be the sensitive to you,but once this kinds of sensitivity can correct use, can there are no people than the society favor accident with faster Pisces, in this respect, there is especially outstanding what a great man of Pisces did, his name is Chou En-lai.
Because there is too much one that thought, even if the person of Pisces is not really kindhearted, it is kindhearted to be a surface at least too. To one pair of fish, the kind-heartedness is more of a life style that one pair of fish likes than essence, live by way of kind-heartedness, relaxed and respected, general Pisces can be insighted to this point early very.
It is gentle to have a talk again, this, no matter which article, will not forget to propose tenderness of Pisces. Yes, one pair of fish is really gentle. Because the slight change of realizing the other side that a pair of fish's total energy is sensitive, knows the transition of the other side's compliment constantly, show, in the action, can know when should put on one's own coat for girl as soon as possible, when should stop the work in the hand, turning round and words with good woman friendship.

The part out of the common: Faith
The faith of one pair of fish has no faith!
Inside the world of one pair of fish, there is not the absolute one correctlying and fault, if a thing happens, his first thing done is to understand this, analyze this, but not go to judge this is right or wrong.
Quote this characteristic of explaining one pair of fish of a passage below:
"Pisces man have prejudice, wear deerskin move odd Luis in person, he will not judge Indians; Not trying the barefoot and walking, his persons who will not judge the naked body doctrine either. Even these have been done, he will forgive with joy that but will not overly criticize. His few grim accusation, the warm each time one stands, he will even have a try to understand his mother-in-law, how many men are there be like this in the world? The sea prince has rare sympathy spirit, his friend reveals the secret to him and never worries that will frighten him, it takes bomb of more than two tons to frighten to the fish at least. If you and I and fish three people of you with hold one room, one man come in, tell us to be he a little worried, because of he bigamy, have one wife respectively in four state, you might eyes afford to stare at, in spite of fire, think prison the place for most suitable for himming, whom I might scorn say he pieces of base hooligan, but your fish will probably ask: "Which four states? Do you love any one among them? " The fish are very curious, but resist shock. To him, the fellow need one mug sympathize with and getting kind lawyer very. "
A great man utilized this characteristic, accomplished the mythology in the history of science finally, he is Einstein

The fatal shortcoming of one pair of fish: Cowardly
Pisces in reality really gives people too much disappointment, cowardly, suspicious, feel self-humiliation, indecisive, there is no judgment ...... Perhaps one Pisces does not have all characteristics of above, but there is one at least, two. Even if great like Chou En-lai, unavoidable some indecisive and having no judgment sometimes, certainly, this kind is not many at time.
The reason causing Pisces to be indecisive is very simple. Because a same choice, in a shooter's view, only need to consider 2 kinds of things, but in one pair of fish's view, need to consider 10 kinds of things, because what he thought are really too much. To put it briefly a word, one pair of fish will all expect how much kinds of different influence it will bring to person around, what kind of views it will be have to oneself by people, will cause and misunderstand. (though frequently,it is will excited in pairs of fish escape one's lips some)
As for suspicious, this point and feel self-humiliation get in touch closer. Though understanding intention of the other side whose Pisces is can easily, find out the truth of thing, but often can't insist on one's own view, this kind can't insist great majority are because Pisces is unwilling to accept this fact, because one pair of fish is not self-confident enough to oneself frequently too. About before some,a piece oves on it is getting more outstanding in example, girl of Pisces the straightforward to tell by she in less than boy, he love she, girl entertain a gleam of hope still always, though girl understand very in the heart.
Cowardly? Linked to faith about this point. You will certainly feel very strange, what does it have to do with cowardly with faith?
Faith is to plant very terrible strength, he can let someones make the thing not dared to do at ordinary times, have courage that there shouldn't be, sacrifice the thing that shouldn't be sacrificed. One pair of fish does not have a bit faith exactly, even if have, it is just for adding a bit and flavouring pharmaceutical for life, or find oneself a sanctuary. To one pair of fish, oneself can be too comfortable, smooth day is more important than any other things. Rich and powerful like the floating clouds, this point of making of thinking most is Pisces. The anything it is as for being patriotic one, it is full meal the pairs of fish of foot can can have spared no high price construct with deep feeling and enthusiasm too in wine on, but just base on the premise that have auspicious day oneself set up.
And then, can explain the cowardliness of one pair of fish.
So long as can let oneself and lover safe, anything not to stand? Some dignity, some morals, go to hell. So so long as does not force one pair of fish to the impasse, you can mock the cowardliness of one pair of fish. To stand range to be different each fish, but how so littly than normal people generally. But if you let a fish think that have no way to go because of carelessness, then you will be really careful. The fish can trample on all laws in human world, ignore all reasons, will not consider one's own dignity and personality. You must want, believe this, this few time, that only because God want, let people see miserable condition of hell often.

The greatest advantage of one pair of fish: Emotion
It is better to say that one pair of fish is a constellation for the emotion alive than to say that one pair of fish is a constellation to love alive.
To one pair of fish, the most important thing is the emotion in the world, a piece of fish that satisfy psychologically, there can not be other things, it is the happiest person (certainly, under most situations, without other things, it is very difficult to satisfy psychologically) .
Any emotion is all important to one pair of fish, the love is very important, but may not be certain to be more important than the kindred, in the eyes of one pair of fish.
To fish, the emotion is simple, and single. The fish can forgive the other side's everything, so long as that person is wholehearted it is kind to him. You can with wicked to the extreme, can eat and drink, visit prostitutes, gamble, the people to the limit before being permitted but the s JN, it can be a mean and shameless cheat, can all forgive for, so long as the fish can confirm you are the wholehearted liking him, it is kind to him. Please pay attention to a bit, most fish clever than you, don't think your little trick may deceive reach fish, whether you like him wholeheartedly, he knows more than everyone.
To a boy, one pair of fish girl can give you everything wanted to a girl, gentle, love you to be lovely in all desperation (whether be pretended frequently, most fish very clever) ,Consideration  .....
To a girl, one pair of fish boy .... Eh .....  Having seen your luck, if the fish that you met are that one have no ambition, do not want to do things, fish that play, and he already 25 about year old, so kind warning you, let's leave him as soon as possible. Unless you are a rich old woman, or you just look for a lover (nobody is suitable for cooking the lover than one pair of fish: Safe and happy and does not have side effect)  . Otherwise, you will go through most dreary marriage and life in this world, amen ................
If the fish that you met are enterprising, can be enterprising, the fish willing to do things, it is the successful fish or clear-cut, so congratulate to you on really, you are the luckiest one in ten million young girls, the even more nitpicking woman is unable to have more requirements to a piece of enterprising fish with the undertaking. You can receive in the world all tenderness and happiness, including spending money whom buying arriving and spending money, buying, the fish are willing to devote all of his to the person who he loves, see the person that he loves is happy, he will be more happy. Most fish "  Everything " Only only emotion, but without material, but what we discuss now are that kind of best fish, that kind can give fish of you fame and prestige and wealth at any time, now you know how lucky you are.

Jin Niu

The humour is a talent of the golden ox
Opposite with the golden oxen that are described on the general constellation book, in fact Taurus has sense of humour very much. They have ability that make laughs innately, good at, make relaxed atmosphere, need, think ox ox one stiff person that degenerate again, opposite they are very lovely. Remember playing with the golden ox of the treasure to send at the issue meeting-place of " takes gold first to the limit all over the city " to the brother constantly? His sense of humour absolutely makes the reputable entertainment reporter shocked too, does not say popularly at will, Taurus has generous mind.

In fact they have rebellious soul
The golden ox basically seems that all obedient children, seem to do solid work, stubborn and honest, but, who has expected, in fact does their heart have a little evil spirit to haunt? Though they are the life of following a prescribed pattern in speech or action, like the naughty practical joke in their heart. The ones that do not want golden oxen to imagine are too oppressive, they are actually riot of color of heart, and the special clock purpose produces small fun for various life. It is exactly so rebellious soul too, let some golden oxen make people startled. So general appearance handsome good well-behaved woman, common people gentle and quiet man of ideal, in fact, the appreciation range not belonging to golden ox, they are always strange to like some persons doing things creatively. It is comparatively outstanding that this point behaves on the golden ox man, spread out and bear many water bottles woman and golden ox's man's much-told tale because of this too.

Thinking is one of the golden ox is alike
Under the appearance of seeking pleasure, the golden ox has a philosopher's hearts. The method that they look at problem is out of the common, they have thinking logic of materialism, will not say what others say easily, just because of this too, they let people feel stubborn and extraordinary.
But must not deny the intelligence of golden oxen because of the stubbornness, there is Marx, Lenin, Kant   It is a card, can often set up tight system in intact rational thinking of golden oxen, just sometimes they are too apt to waste time and effort trying to study an insignificant or insoluble problem! But have distinct idiosyncrasy even if it is the ox ox wasting time and effort trying to study an insignificant or insoluble problem, Ao Li for this kind the representatives of golden ox:)

Do not need romantic arms in practical life
It is a duller thing to follow ox's ox's life, if you dote on the romantic ceremony.
No matter money or life because of ox's ox, they are all stepping on practical paces. They will not say easily I love you, they will not give the flower at will, they do not even remember your birthday, it mention Valentine's Day by shape what there is still more but at various commemoration day,make this by people fires getting more mere very. Because of not having love of the form, how could prove it is the love?
However, golden oxen will tell you, in fact sometimes real help is actually better than the perfume of flower, what sometimes step forward bravely takes on and actually surpasses all honeyed words. So the love of golden oxen, perhaps make people getting bored, but, under the representation of the poor love, but it is deep and watertight and filling hard care with the passing of time to hide them

Faith of indulging in material comfort in life
Golden oxen understand life. Though they are very persistent, when should give up, there are not too much they to hesitate. Proceed from interests way that consider, let they feeling just like fish in water suitable among actual life, and understand the one's own reading greedily of equilibrium, and pursue enjoying and tranquility wholeheartedly of the material, it is the highest grade in Taurus. Such a golden ox can be calm in the adverse circumstance, know how to comply with in the favourable circumstance. Their proactive intelligence, make life get intact planning. Seek leisurely and comfortable when being appropriate, so Taurus few face whom predicament be unable to free oneself strand beasts, they understand self-regulation and live suitably. They have one's own rhythm.

The wise of the life that it can be relaxed
Golden oxen behave generally in the constellation rank, but actually they are all very outstanding, the child of Taurus is often a cadre, the Papa and Mama of Taurus are all exemplary parents, they fulfil one's duty in life, are rich in the sense of duty, it is a little old fashioned and inflexible though sometimes, but exactly the frame that they prop up the so-called rule.

It is actually very lovely to live seriously and ponder deeply but there are golden oxen that can enjoy life fun, certainly, if they are not then the sordid merchant, it's much better!

Huge crab

The huge crab is soft-hearted, easy to be moved, even if the surface seems to always have a pair of hard and hard shells, but it is to be the soft to feel very much quickly in every one in that shell to heart. They face an emotion to hesitate repeatedly, don't say they are cowardly, they just understand oneself is the easy injured. They entertain faith to the emotion, believe purely, it is as long as the heaven and earth endure to believe, so is nitpicking sometimes.
This is a layer of shells with hard surface, it is easy to in fact capture, because crab's crab has a soft heart.
Crab crab love, at this moment whom they change glue people very much, the old woman mother very much, because you are in the center of it, it will consider a lot of for you, have you had a meal? Will the weather become? Remember taking the umbrella! It is many for way to get on the bus, slow to move a bit!   . Like that!
Crab crab deep love but unreasoning passion, fall in love with whom one will like very dark, know obviously, come to nothing, free oneself while being very much difficult. This is a kind of stubbornness of a huge crab, the thing wanted to get, will not often go all out easily. Sometimes, a section of loves of coming to nothing will become life center of crab's crab. This is undoubtedly painful, but hard to extricate oneself. However, cry to give up in heart in sense of insecurity of the huge crab, so the crab crab at this moment is always the hard suffering in the enormous contradiction insisting and giving up. The society gives up a subject that is crab's crab.
Certainly, if crab's crab really determines to give up, its is firm will make all people startled.
Remember: Except yourself, nobody can injure you

Crab son belong to unreasoning passion, good at, express, in the face of one's own loved people being overcautious putting, turning on. Their sense of humour becomes jerky at this moment.
Crab's son is affectionate, but not good at holding, why lose control of one's own mood again and again, say that knows the words that shouldn't be said perfectly well?
Split and good at hermit crab of illusion before saying the huge crab, say several several idol that have appreciate all the time first, they different, but they have one common point, they huge crab man. Zhou Xingchi, Wang Jiawei, Luo Dayou, Li Zongsheng, Liang Chaowei, Zhang Xueyou   Generally always depend on the huge crabs of the end in the billboard each time, it seems that there is not very obvious distinction, however, they are that others are difficult to be equal to in intuition and acumen of the artistic respect, it is easy to find out from these names. They are all gentle and cultivated in life, passive, even is often reticent, but in their film, in the song, open up and show the amazing talent, let us always can't help being infatuated with it. As Zhou Xingchi lets us smile at the time when the tear flows over, he outside is serious and serious that we actually hear the play early too, reserved, it is all very harsh to treat friend and lover; Movie emperor Liang Chaowei with shooter that personality try to go south by driving the chariot north Liu Jialing cohabit 20 more than year like we know, perform everything supernatural shape finish in play, the unwilling marriage so far, he always says, in fact his life is in the play; We know Zhang Xueyou was once the mixing small of underworld before being engaged in this profession, still drank after a night everyday, give oneself up as hopeless, see too Zhang Xueyou still fights desperately for the family after becoming famous, nearly collapse  

This huge crab, in fact, can prove huge crab speciality most, - -split no matter which kind of crab, they have a thought split. They wish eagerly to be stable, wish eagerly to be outstanding too, their heart is full of inspiration of art, exaggerative mirage, but in actual life, they are always submissive, very the difficulty is really demonstrated thinking furiously in the heart. So at stage of art, they can put to good use instead, let wanting ultimate attainment of enlarging to furiously strange in the heart, they can whom one role deduce really penetrating the song, all come from the passive acceptance in life, has got the best leading on the palace of art off, so the huge crab should really belong to the stage. Even there is not voice well that does not have good appearance, but they have good feeling strength and expression, their personality is like a hermit crab in fact even more, in really self- life, they make one's own parcel very urgent often, and deduce someone else, in annotate, the emotion of their heart has been released.

Another strong point of Cancer whether they have thinking strength world because two strength mutual growth and decline of philosophy, and water like typical overcast gentle strength. Water has a kind of innate world view like the person of the constellation, the huge crab is the same, in addition they have complex of mother love innately, so their thinking often has humanized care. Engaged in the huge crabs of the trade related to art, can be regarded as the lucky huge crab in any case, because can give play to the natural chief of institute of personality. But each huge crab has a such chance, so most huge crabs will feel one's own depression and agony. They wish eagerly, opposite they have numerous demand, thirst for a lot of, but they always hide and do the illusion of all kinds in one's own shell, just thinking, seldom implement. So if what you saw is always that submissive huge crab is not a real huge crab in fact. That is only a false appearance of a huge crab.

The ones that can't be erased forever feel self-humiliation huge crabs actually feel a group of proud persons of very good mark air oneself, but but formidable moment wants to hide from the inferiority complex into shell. They are suspicious and sensitive innately, meet the difficulty, hide from into shell first, deceive oneself as well as others, weave self- sense of safety in the dream, it has turned the crisis into the opportunity voluntarily how and has never thought of. They treat difficult passivism way, make them always very difficult wooden show really in the forest, they are always catching them and thinking the best opportunity, but that opportunity is always unable to come, in fact where is there completely safe plan in this world? When crab's crabs are arduous and self- rich each other, the great opportunity has already lost. But it is very difficult to change such innate inferiority complex really, crab's crabs nearly totally can't help. vhf radio banduhf radio banderp solutionserp systemserp vendorserp systemerp manufacturingerp softwareerp projecterp accountingerp producterp application

It misses old times or old friends to be huge life in crab theme huge crabs miss old times or old friends very much. They like the old things, cherish the emotion of yearning for the past, there is natural attachment to the family. Yellowing photograph, the silk ribbon fading, the dressing table covered with dust   All old things with romantic ambience, can all make them dispirited alone, recall dimly, they always immerse it in the past memory, it was lonely and sensitive while remembering forever youngly, remember first love lover forever, still look for the first love lover's news everywhere many years later, have consoled the book and remained fresh memory throughout for many years. So Wang Jiawei's film always likes such one type beginning: Many years later  

They are pessimistic innately in the cold one minute and hot next love swayed by considerations of gain or loss, need more forever, more sense of safety. Why they need sense of safety so, because they do not have sense of safety innately, so they are very apt to be panic, so they just become very suspicious and suspicious and resentful. Should consider to love a huge crab carefully, because they will be suddenly cold one minute and hot next, ignore suddenly, unexpected rude language in opposite directions, but they love you actually, sometimes they are angry with vomiting by oneself. They wish eagerly to glue staying with you in 24 hours of everyday, they have strong occupying wanting to the lover, itching to draw the lung to give to you from the bottom of one's heart, they pay close attention to your bit, are even as small as buying a hairpin for you, which kind of bus to even as big as helping you to choose   They strenuous attention, they everything whether you consider constantly, the ones that but because pay do not anchor increase to worry more and more, will not be less than the reciprocal love. So they will suddenly become cold, perhaps only because of an expression in one's eyes of yours, they thought you have already been not so good as the past, then began the ceaselessly probe, they are always full of turns when speaking, but always hope you take a stand clearly forever, suppose you too getting ambiguous some day, over then, crab crab beginning of conditioned reflex anxious and fearful to find out countless fictitious scenes at once, in endless pessimism, all sorts of miserable scenes happens excessively in purpose, while meeting you again, it is cold one of cold mouth, even say the words of the incomparably hopeless feeling - -So, you and they of the huge crab, will go for break-in hard, will give them enough trust and security, they repay you, the one that absolutely moved you is brimful of tears.

The false packaging makes the heart which exchanges the sense in fact the huge crab is good at disguising. They like smiling at, no matter when and where, they will often smile, perhaps sometimes this smile is gratifying, but sometimes will let people feel extraordinary sham. Certainly huge crabs always have one's own raping and seducing small and bad small too, but their false prerequisite, always first in order to protect oneself. They black ancient unit of weight, equal to 1/24 liang must relatively to one's own deserved interests, sometimes it let people feel them to be very much petty, but in friend person who have a get-together occasion, they straight forward and generous absolutely, vying for the person that pays the bill voluntarily. So huge crab pieces of concept clear person very public and private actually, they courteous at all absolutely to will have, and treat the friend, they think again actually this money is basic nothing. They sentimentally attached to friend and family, they basically some like wine. And capacity for liquor is all also good, because they are sentimentally attached to that kind of guest's atmosphere with to the limit joyous looks, sentimentally attached to the families and happy and harmonious senses. So huge crabs like cooking, even can not cook and show favouritism to table delicacies naturally, they know how to enjoy the life of the house, so huge crabs have an ideal marriage is the happiest thing. Question whether huge crab choose, marry at a mature age or get married often, because they suspicious and also afraid, they are always full of suspecting to new dreamland, yearn for and refuse the new family, in oneself's contradiction, are wasting time in time constantly.

It is always uneasy to create the huge crabs of stable feeling for oneself by oneself, this is a kind of bad feeling, because like this, a lot of huge crabs waste time futily, strongly fragrant and strongly fragrant all day. In fact, huge crabs can try oneself as creating the stable feeling by oneself. Look for a target who family members like, set up a own family, perhaps the huge crab will find that will make smooth a lot oneself. It is a more ideal choice to look for one to rub the castrated ram. Or look for a own hobby, throw into all energies, will make stable a lot oneself. Natural crab crab can say you stand, speak waist ache, if it is so easy like this perhaps, need your saying? Oh. However, in any case, at uneasiness that we realized oneself, should make great efforts to overcome him, the world in fact outside the shell, it is so terrible not to have, this is true.
Generally speaking, huge crabs are very lovely, especially those successful people in art, what they created are to make people admire the monument stopped, so huge crabs needn't feel self-humiliation without rhyme or reason, in fact you are all very charming.


Say the different class of Virgo, double personality, even have a little nervousness, in fact there is one reason, everything of Virgo should rotate with apparent personality outside oneself, call it tentatively " The state " . In Virgo state fine, can oneself talent, exquisiteness, ability, tender feeling, humour, have intension,etc. fine quality totally other exhibition, they seem perfect at this moment, radiate brilliant light, and can behave very export-orientedly, talkatively, it is easy to become one with people '  This is not originally their personality)  . And once Virgo is in bad condition, will become another person, even very good-for-nothing, accomplish nothing, but usually they all avoid the external interference at this moment, so let people feel that there is intermittent self-closing disease) Because with defend for Mercury, so virgin as double sons apt to change, double son the attention in a apt to change one, the virgin apt to change is the mood.

Virgo want, face a lot of real trival matters frequently, Virgo at this moment have when being cold in the face of the world around: Or it is very unatural to speak and do things, there are artificial traces; Or extremely cold and detached and passive, ignore to everyone. In fact one's own look like this that Virgo is very clear, but they are unable to change and control one's own mood, can only choose to escape everything crazily.

What they thought is: Instead of facing you very unaturally, say some words irrelevantly to you awkwardly, or because until contrast too heavy to say, fail to act and think in the same way at ordinary times, the personality is unusual, it would be better to hide a moment first, wait for and regulate coming out well. So, in associating with people, they will only be with the person (really hide from) having to exchange Or totally strange people '  Anyway not matter)  Talk, but and the friend knowing well it drifts apart instead.

So. The heavier your position in his mind is, he hides so that you are the farther. Especially the lover.

Moreover, everybody knows the person of Virgo is prone to serious perfect doctrine, so there is the so-called one \\" The person of Virgo likes most being partly accepting and partly rejecting \\" . The reason is very simple: He only wants to give you a piece of oneself that had better be perfect, and unwilling to let you see his helpless and fragile side. So please remember, Virgo is cold to you sometimes, it is not you that do anything wrong wrongly definitely, this they normal physiological phenomenon, they want, let severe cold and moral integrity injure you (can these kind of method injure in fact) just . Needn't be sad, because they mind your words, their heart will be sadder and feeling guilty and guilty than yours! They can do, only hope to adjust good mood as soon as possible, come back to your side.

Because of two the above-mentioned points, Virgo will demonstrate very different behavior and thoughtcast sometimes. Personality of them a lot of source herein too: Like, voluntarily, good at communication ' can hospitable too, hot in today just can cold some day) ,Like, behave, like, show up (in case which day mood unable grasp in bad condition, do not quite lose face)  ,Like that.

About " The clean addiction " --It is not the virgin that all have a clean addiction, a lot of Virgo does not like cleanliness, but require neatly, they are in good order, do not like others to destroy what they sort out and assign " Perfect " Pattern. More spiritual clean addictions of Virgo. Once touch and touch their spiritual forbidden zone, will display hysteria when being serious.

About " Fickle in love " --Get on very well Virgo to be never fickle in love generally, loyalty is their pronoun. It will be probably that they need to confirm a popularity and oneself are charming that opposite sexes have many relations, to strike back those general views. Once find the true love in the heart, he will take good care of you all one's life, so long as you can give him sense of safety, he will never betray, only you alone in the eyes in the heart. Go round singsong houses, these and they unfaithful to her husband are insulating (result from sense of duty, second, afraid of the trouble)  .

About " Clever " --It is flexible and adroit not to like a pair of something small and hard, it is outstanding not to like the intention of the water bottle, it is not scorpio that kind is planned carefully, what Virgo reflected more is intelligence. Learn to add first-class insight and the strongest logic thinking ability in 12 constellations finely and smoothly, rationally, easily, Virgo wants to be non- clever and difficult. It's nothing, little to talk irresponsibly in front of Virgo, lie at will, much false yarn they can see through at one glance; Not playing with any scheming with them either, you can not play with them. Virgin whether that kind can sell for you you must to type that him express one's gratitude. It's nothing, too little to argue with Virgo, they cut, can also find out, pay attention to, find out more than one proper arrangement come. The virgin will never suffer a loss.

About " Simple " --Virgo is very pure, but never simple, their heart is so complicated as to make people difficult to imagine, a lot of careless things may be all fixed up meticulously by them. Virgo in pure to become reconciled color wander up and down, this is most difficult to make it clear always too. But it is extremely kindhearted that their real heart is,
Oneself would rather be bitter and unwilling to injure anyone too, soul is as sparkling and crystal-clear as crystal.

About " The humour " --Say Virgo is cold as ice and frost, lack the humour. Keep in touch with them more, you will realize what is the cold humour, what is the real humour, and does not sample vulgar making laughs.

About " Obtuse " --Although they do not just realize until half a day when you and Virgo talk about some propositions, in a moment, they might turn over five six you the consequence (passive consequence usually) that proposition will lead to the fact already in the brain in whom you agree . They always think too much, absolutely not think too slowly.

About " Selfish " --Selfishness of Virgo it feels to be that kind of lion extremely conceited, no regarding oneself as the centre of water bottle even. Because Virgo just because it is unselfish, seem selfish. (Understand, OK? )Because the virgin does not want to injure anyone.

About " Escape " --Because of the factor on Virgo personality, the pressure is very large that they will usually seem. When the things of the surrounding area have been already unable to control, or one's own mood is unable to regulate well, they will escape crazily, degenerate oneself, this kind of state is usually harmless to others, but injure oneself, let all love the people of theirs to feel heart-broken. But needn't be too anxious, they can do by myself well later, the self-criticism spirit of their natural instincts will work soon. Virgo will seldom be degenerated completely, may have already allowed some leeway before degenerating, arrival that is just waiting to hope. Even degenerate and all show others sometimes.

About " Intension " --This is definite that Virgo knows how to exercise self-control. Draw the lesson in growing up constantly, is studying constantly, suck a person's brains abundant one's own intension. Because they feel the unable assurance of mood, these can be accomplished steady and surely oneself, will certainly be helpful in the future. This is a perfect doctrine goal that they pursue.

Virgo one surface mysterious to get difficult to ponder reveal but simple constellation very. Most close to the person of the god? Perhaps, Virgo likes like this
To brag about oneself. Because they really have extraordinary and refined side. Their heart is close to the god, is in this world, can't be above the material attractions of the world, so must wear a mask and live in this world.

Virgo likes saying some ambiguous words to people, but the target to the heart appearance is too shy to explain.
Virgo hopes others understand oneself, but that part that can be announced only is shown to the outside.
Virgo is responsible individual the most, can fear to bear responsibility frequently.

Double sons

Have many friend, but " whether seem friend to be numerous, the intimate one there are not odd " This description with very deep sentence is double sons. Double sons are good at speaking, he can have a chat the Eight Diagrams very much with others by having a chat of far apart, will have a chat about some very serious topics too. Double son can have a chat a lot of things with you, notice he to have a chat with you some imprison one's own thing. He tells you at will what it is, but it is all only the fur a bit to relate to oneself. For example how about does it there is a certain star today how; There are handsome boys of a lot of beauties' in the class next door. About one's own thing, he does not almost say, even if say, say too some is about one's own irrelevant thing. Until you think further one understanding pairs of son, he will getting more natural very have topic given if tearing, turn on.

To double self-confident sons, he does not have sense of safety very much at the same time, these are characterized contradictions of double sons. He likes to live in one's own tight encirclement, do not allow exposing by oneself. To double sons, if expose oneself in front of a person not understanding, mean letting others catch one's own handle. Lose certain advantage in this way. Feel sadness Dugu, only can shelter from in the room crying alone as double son, or a person is gloomy.

Double sons are very afraid of being injured too, would rather bear all by oneself frequently, does not wish others to catch one's own handle either. So has just formed a habit as time passes. Double sons are basically a very painful person too. Always very vigorous on the surface, very happy appearance, he was always very sad when but there are no people. Double sons are always shrouded by a kind of baffled sadness. But he will not let others find, he is afraid of being injured, is afraid of being abandoned by others, everything that can only be one's own to endure with all one's will. So double son nervousness very, spirit fragile, it is easy for personality to split, bear too many things.
Generally speaking double sons' children are all very early-maturing. Double son afford to lie in to a lot of thing. Double sons do not want to cover up oneself on purpose, say above, this is only a kind of habit, but he becomes the false person in stranger's view.

Double son generally acknowledged most fickle in love, unfeeling constellation most. It is fickle in love in fact to double sons, really what have not thought of saying again. Explain too much, tired, not patient either. But talk about a pair of something small and hard, have to mention the emotion, double sons this life, seem to be led the companion by the emotion, pester with the love all one's life. A lot of people say a pair of something small and hard is not fickle in love, just universal fraternity, so just there is so good popularity. Have forgotten where to see such a a word: Double son heavy grief lie in, have two thought of people most, but only health of man, double sons have the right to love the person loved by oneself, have obligation to protect the person who loves each other too, when double sons are only one left, the love just only has obligations left.
I want with come if a word spoken to go give pairs of son fickle in love to make a summary: Infatuation that the extreme fickle in love is is terrible. The person who should understand should be able to understand.

Too unfeeling to really know that it's time to talk about from where. In fact double sons are the most gentle constellation, if needn't conflict, will try hard to avoid. Double son quarrel with others seldom too, he dislike quarrel, if because some life trifling minor matter quarrel, then forgetting this at that time when finished if double sons are quarrelling;
Want a pair of something small and hard to turn hostile suddenly with you truly, only your behavior or said really lets a pair of something small and hard not been stood, he can cast a look at you very much at this moment, then the head does not walk going back either, will even not leave leaving face for you. You do not want to become reconciled with him again either all one's life at this moment, even if double sons of some become friends for fear of face and you, but they have already disdained you to the limit, have only maintained this layer of " friend " having to keep Relation actually, a big chunk double son, treat emotion very single-minded, leave somebody the good name fickle in love, because few people can let double sons with childlike innocence work up the real emotion, not double sons are ironhearted, but there is some melancholy innately inside one pair of sub individual characters, some a potential one self-confident, double son hidden deepening just, but once let a pair of something small and hard work up the real emotion, has congratulated you, double sons' innocence, forthright, the extra ability to express is abundant, can unquestionably let you obtain much happiness.

Each double sons all have a story to hide in the heart, the majority is the past event that cannot bear to look back on, double sons are a constellation keeping old friendship in mind or liking being immersed in remembering, he (she) This pieces of story usually is surround because of feeling,it carries away by emotion to be fragile double son that injure, it is strong too, he (she) Can bestir oneself quickly, can look on as any thing and has not happened, all these ones that are performed for common people to see by double sons, when in the dead of night, the pain of injury of a pair of sub heart permeates through whole body with the blood, he (she) Can a whole night go bit remember, can with to immerse among the agony a whole night, can sit in there staring flankly a whole night, but once daybreak, want, go out, meet the people, double sons will leave and walk from the agony soon, what you saw must be a piece of double something small and hard full of vigor, this is double sons, double sons with double personality, one is carefree in front of common people, happy, double sad sons alone of lonely night.

Double sons' love is the most eternal, can pay all, someone says we are fickle in love, we did not have real love at that time, was painful when double sons fell in love with a person, because we are too sensitive. If double son love one like one's own person, that I believe he can love and then never, having given a person to love, he has no ability to pay again, in fact too many people do not understand us, in fact even we do not understand oneself, we can disguise very well, can lie very well, but we are the most fine and most smooth, the most sensitive to the emotion, who really understands double sons' love and sad


Leo, a universal fraternity and full of sunshine, the constellation of energy, in fact the person of Leo yearns for the love very much, the love that he has is not the true love sometimes only a kind of yearning or one's own dream, it is frankly speaking that what the person of Leo loved most is oneself, he wants to let oneself emit light and heat, obtain others' love and respect, among them, he feel joyful to can realize this kind of care from others, then, he falls in love with others. . . However, we of Leo think about it, think about it carefully, did you really love? The love really like what you said?

Study carefully its at all, we love, because we love oneself, narcissism intensity of person of Leo say to be 12 constellation the first, he all right because others' sight or attitude of weak tendency of worship represent one's own love and vast mind, however, this is not pure love;

In addition, the person of Leo likes conquering the sense very much, either he does not love you, or not enough to love you, conquer sense, he or can " love " for one part Having you, in order to prove one's own outstanding glamour, certainly, the person of Leo is very unwilling to injure others, because it is kindhearted and was full of sense of justice that his heart is, he is a person who pays attention to the principle, however, if he does others' thing of injuring, even if he has not said anything out of face, but actually he will be really easy to accuse the so guilty one in heart, though others can not see, but he will really be so sad.

Person of Leo, no matter men and women, very easy to fall into one emotion, come on quickly warmly, the pace of cooling is surprisingly quick too, I do not know whether others are like this, I am true such. If he can last very long time to an emotion, congratulates, the advantage is very charming to explain you really very, it is enough to make him die-hard to you, otherwise, such Leo has no animal with very sensitive sense of safety inherently, will probably look for and make warm from more charming and more fresh things, because the so strong good sunshine is so optimistic that we of Leo look, but the unsettled sense sub inside of bone has never disappeared, superficial confidence only protects one's own suit of armour, but not very true.

Meanwhile, person of Leo can very hopeless feeling too, this I know all person of Leo include myself picture very much too, it is impossible to gaze on the old pasture, has not " regretted " in the dictionary Or " turn round " These two words, because the person of Leo is very concerned about face-saving, the self-esteem is more important than any other things, once give up or determine can not go back excessive to change, the person of Leo is very afraid of being injured too. As me, would rather miss an emotion, would rather give up. Will neither want, nor take the danger that may be injured, is not worth very much, because the person of Leo loves oneself very much. . .

Person of Leo like, liven up, enjoy lonely very much too, he can engaged in very much balancedly between these two, he likes it with friend very much, crazy playing and making a noise, become the protagonist of one party, come back home, he set up horse can become unusually quiet, dislike, bother, he needs one's own space to think, if does not give lions this space, pressing him hard step by step, then he is sure to go frantic, become impervious to reason, he will also leave you, because in the dictionary of the lion, " free " With " oneself "  The proportion of these two words nearly occupies all.

In addition, the person of Leo likes the fresh one very much, magnificent, have the feel, expensive, there are things of the grade, he likes too being sincere, it is boring and barren not to but does not like, he fears the unalterable dullness, he fears that can predict the possibility of tomorrow today, the interesting things that what he likes is fresh, if you happen to possess this, then you and person of Leo cooperate very much.
The person of Leo has two kinds of different inclination, one likes the natural thing very much, do not like too much decoration; Another kind likes the things with peculiar luxurious different class very much, Leo or the two more to have concurrently, I belong to this kind, my disagreeable and excessively meaningless decoration, but appreciate different class very and graceful things, as to on the lover's choice, perhaps will combine this standard too.

The person of Leo is very tolerant, will not usually worry about petty gain or loss because of minor matter, they like representing one's own kind heart out of the common and be respected. As to the passing lover, the person of Leo seldom discusses whose merits and demerits, no matter how the other side at that time injures oneself, but went over in the past, the person of Leo will not go to curse or ****, because they like looking forward, they do not like being eight old women and diminishing the thing of one's own noble image. The person of Leo believes, so long as oneself is perfect and diligent, happy just in the front, the more beautiful one must be waiting for us! !
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