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Sad love beautiful

08:43, 3 December 2009 .. 6 comments .. Link

Sad love beautiful

My love, the way in bloom with a flower begins

Autumn, a high chrysanthemum
Smile at me on the desk, smile
Come into my sunflower chrysanthemum in the study like last Double Ninth Festival
Form different chrysanthemums, in the autumn wind that slowly
State the same essence, after going in winter
All of my chrysanthemums
Adjust and thank

My love, end up with way in which a flower fall

The happiness is involved in a swan

A swan, pure king, closed on suddenly
I have no enough time, meet, one snow the same swan
Cross white night, neon and fan which cross the city are unreal
Come, if a bunch of warm white flame
Calm burning in my eyes pupil
The white one radiates brilliant light, the brilliant rays are reflected and leaked
All vacancy, dust and ugly in my world

This is the coming of a king, a swan is admired by me
I am on the ground like the shade crawling of rickets
A swan, a white high mountain
Amazed by in front of me toweringly and stood suddenly, boundless and indistinct snowfield
It inclines to be forgotten all me carve. Mine is noble-minded and unwilling to swim with the tide
I refuse open soul among this world again and again
In the sea where the white is pure, struggle earnestly
I collapse, I collapse, I become mud decayedly

One swan, in outside city dirty independence
I assert this is a king in my dream, this is
King that looks for in drifting on the road 30 earnestly
King of me come day that go to in severe winter
But I can't stretch out my hands, I fear
My hands have stained the beauty of the pure white swan of the swan
I fear I want to embrace the love and beautiful hand
Turn in the eyes of the swan into the dark muzzle

A swan comes, she bears the wings of the heavy burden
The city that declines here walks, how lonely she is
Swan! I am a initial and last king
I have already opened my door, the daytime and night
Wait and expect flag kind of me I
Hold up the goal post high, if you fly hard
Please hold back the wing, please fly into my quiet world
I will give you blood, give you a heart, here you are
I hide the love not polluted in the bone


What way can I use
Open oneself, like exquisite spring
Open a flower slowly, let you see
One kind of young and clean hearts of my pistil

What way can I use
Oneself appears, let you fix one's eyes on and care for
It is just like your small child, even
I have an innocent fault, innocent fault
Can get your tolerance and care too

What way can I use
Cover up oneself, let you rest assured to walk close
Then I become your cleverest patient
Let you treat and cure internal injury for me carefully

What way please tell me, can I use
Explain oneself, what way can I use on earth
Let me flood all of you with a heart
And is refused your injury by you


A thousand sails have already been crossed, you came suddenly
Just like the pure white snow lotus in the city
In one quarter when the pistil appears suddenly
I realize in surperise, life
Happiness like this unexpectedly originally

Originally, all frustrations
All drift and roam about
All arrangements sedulously of the destiny

Originally, all all pains of wound
All sad and grief
All a ring that can't lack in life

Originally, after it is penniless to have me only
You will be suddenly coming up to me

Eyes that can sing

I am singing day and night
Sing without using the mouth vocal cord in my song
I sing with eyes
Eyes which I can sing, all the time
Towards the road to lead to your soul

I spend a pair of dusk turbid eyes are sung
The deepest love of the song, sing the densest feeling
My song does not have a sound, this world
Too many ears are being eavesdropped
I'm afraid the song sung for you, will turn into
The rumor flying floats all over the sky
Become a knife which injures you

I sing, do not use the cliche
How abundant and how dull and pale the speech is
I sing only with my eyes
Then, my gate left unlocked or unbolted
Wait for you to knock lightly diligently, wait for you
The ones that go to me are at one's side
Listen to me singing with your eyes

Wait for your telephone

My aspiration, my arrow
Wash in the thick ink in night floating
Uphold in a direction, uphold
Just like drawing the string of all over bow
Split open tightly
Some unimportant telephones, are like the wind
Shake, shake string, let I palpitation
Then it is so disappointed as to run to put down

Have not made an appointment with you
I am waiting at daybreak like the blind one of one
Turbulent thing in my mind
Like the sea water in the middle of the typhoons of force 12
When can you use pleasantly surprisedly
Open a gap which attacks you for her
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This night is so thick, the arrow which I thirsted for
Hou penetrate her when in what
Then fall by your pillow, or in the dream
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