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Top 5 things I would do if I were U.Va. president

1. Nap days

We all love readings days because they’re a chance to gain back all of that sleep we lost over the semester. But is it really possible to return from full zombie to regular student in a couple of days? I certainly can’t. Instead, I would introduce nap days. These would be similar to reading days in that there would be no classes, but the priority would be getting rest and not studying. Would people inevitably end up at the library or some frat party? probably. But don’t say I didn’t try.

2. Endorse green books

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A lot of people don’t know the difference between blue books and green books, but it’s really quite simple — green books are made from recycled materials. Everything else is the same! Same price, same number of pages and same format. There’s really no reason to buy blue books over green books unless you’re really concerned with the color of your exam booklet you will inevitably throw away after you get your grade back. But maybe all we need to finally realize that green books are superior is a little presidential push.

3. Amend the Board of Visitors

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I truly don’t understand anything about the Board of Visitors. Like, I get that they make decisions for the University and all that, but nothing about it makes any sense. First of all, Board members are appointed by the governor, and Ralph Northam didn’t even attend the University. The members that are chosen might not even have anything to do with our school before being appointed. Additionally, the majority of them aren’t located in Charlottesville, but they keep getting to make big decisions about the University, like raising tuition every year. It’s a totally illogical system in my opinion, so obviously, there would be some changes.

4. Buy a crown

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How will anyone know I am president if I don’t have some sort of indicator? Lots of people wear pantsuits, so dressing professionally wouldn’t help me at all. Sure, people would probably recognize me from the endless media coverage, but where’s the fun in that? Therefore, the only logical and viable solution would be a crown. I’m thinking silver, maybe with little blue and orange jewels as a reminder of which school I rule over.

5. Get some better food

Just like the chef, kitchen designers put different components together to create a harmonious end product, the dream kitchen for every culinary ambition.

If you’ve ever read any of my articles, you know I have a little bit of a problem with the food served in the dining halls. Technically it’s all fine, but serving the same under-seasoned options on an identifiable schedule can get a little old, especially for those of us that prefer eating things that taste good. Also, the dining hall workers always look so sad. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re not making a living wage or that they keep making the same thing over and over, but who am I to make assumptions? So who better to make some changes to such a big part of college life than the president?

Mars Needs Moms

Other than “Beowulf,” his most successful performance-capture film to date, Robert Zemeckis has chosen to deploy this system in children’s films.

This film from Zemickis’ ImageMovers Digital and Walt Disney Pictures has been shot and will be projected in Disney Digital 3D as well as in Imax 3D.

It is based on a children’s novel by cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, who admits the book came in reaction to a disobedient* son expressing strong dissatisfaction with even having a nagging* mother. So, the story about a mom kidnapped* by Martians and her rescue* by her young son is filled with emotions*.

For this film, Zemeckis turns directing chores* over to Simon Wells, who directed “The Time Machine” and co-directed the animated “The Prince of Egypt.” Wells and his wife Wendy adapted* the book with nearly every plot turn proving that kids need moms.

Milo, age 9, is the focal* point. He is enacted by Seth Green and voiced by a much younger Seth Dusky, age 11. Joan Cusack is Mom but since she spends most of the time under lock and key, the major roles fall to the very funny Dan Folger as Mars’ only other human, a techo-wiz* named Gribble; Elisabeth Harnois as Ki, a rebellious young Martian who learned English watching ‘70s sitcoms; and Mindy Sperling as the nasty* Martian leader whose body appears as mummified* as her heart.

Designer Doug Chiang has a grand time turning the Red Planet into a giant fun ride from Martians with triangular* heads, no real noses and otherworldly bodies and gaits* to an underground world of simplicity and sterility*. Females run the place while men — Gribble calls them the Hairy Tribe Guys — get tossed down chutes* with the garbage as they’re the most expendable* resource on the planet.

The movie is set up as a race against the clock by Milo to save his mom but the film finds time to take in the Martian civilization in passing, a gag*-filled and lighthearted re-imagining of our own world if women ruled it.

The movie shrugs off any real attempt at science fiction other than oxygen helmets* for the surface of Mars. The characters run around those surfaces in short sleeves in what should be a -10 degrees Celsius climate and make the round trip from Earth to Mars, which should take about 18 months, in half a minute.

National Museum

 CHINA’S National Museum reopened yesterday with state-of-the-art facilities after nearly four years of renovations.

    The museum was expanded to 191,900 square meters with 49 exhibition rooms, making it one of the largest museums in the world.

    Four years ago, the museum was a national embarrassment. Visitors to the building, on the eastern side of Tiananmen Square in central Beijing, had to make their way through a maze of poorly lit exhibition halls, leaking toilets and crowded hallways with mould around the doors.

    But what disappointed many visitors most were the museum’s collections. Of more than half a million items available for display, one-third were coins鼆b.

    Many provincial museums, such as those in Shaanxi and Henan, had bigger and better collections.

    The museum now has a collection of more than 1 million cultural relics, according to the museum’s official Web site.

    One of the most valuable collections is the Si Muwu bronze quadrate vessel, 1.33 meters high and weighing 833 kilograms, dating back about 3,500 years.

    From yesterday to March 16, the museum is only open to visitors in groups but from March 17 it will be open to groups and individual visitors.

    A maximum of 3,000 visitors will be allowed in each day — 2,000 visitors in groups and 1,000 individuals.

    Group visitors will need to book in advance while individuals can get tickets at the entrance.

    The museum will host two regular exhibitions, one featuring ancient China and the other, titled the Road of Rejuvenation, about Chinese history since the Opium War in 1840, said Huang Chen, a publicity official at the museumN.

    Admission for the two exhibitions was likely to be free, he said.

    The renovations started in March 2007 and were completed at the end of last year. The entire project cost 2.5 billion yuan (US$367 million)Mosquito Screen.

Unfinished building near airport to go

AN unfinished building near Shenzhen International Airport is finally being demolished after work was suspended for 16 years.

Occupying 40,000 square meters, work on the 15-floor building was suspended in 1995 when one of the building’s two developers ran out of money, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported.

One of the developers, Fuyong Village, reached an agreement with a local company to develop the land where the building was located. However, the company ran out of money and suspended construction in 1995, the paper said.

The village’s lawyers sent a letter to the company demanding an end to their cooperation and reclaiming the land.

The village had sold the land to Shenzhen Jian’ancheng Investment Co. for 150 million yuan (US$23 million) in 2005, the paper said.

The initial development company sued the village for breach of contract.

The Supreme People’s Court recognized the rights of Shenzhen Jian’ancheng Investment Co. to develop the land.

The company would develop commercial and residential properties, the paper said.

Three floors of the building were demolished at the weekend.

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U.K. students protest hikein tuition fees

    THOUSANDS of British students protested Wednesday against government plans to triple university tuition fees and there were sporadic scuffles with police, two weeks after a similar demonstration sparked a small riot.

    The Metropolitan Police said two officers were injured in London, including one with a broken arm. Fifteen protesters were arrested.

    College and university students across the country held marches and sit-ins to oppose the decision to increase university fees to 9,000 pounds (US$14,000) a year, a key plank in the government’s deficit-cutting austerity measures.

    In central London, the university students and younger pupils in school uniforms marched from Trafalgar Square toward the Houses of Parliament, chanting “no ifs, no buts, no education cuts.”

    Some climbed on top of bus shelters, while several attacked a parked police van, smashing the windows and scrawling graffiti.

    “Education is not a rich kid’s game,” said Tash Holway, 19, a student. “If this keep up, the entire industry will change. It won’t be about talent, but only about who can pay.”

    Lines of police guarded the headquarters near Parliament of junior government partner, the Liberal Democrats, which have drawn particular anger because the party campaigned on a promise to abolish tuition fees, then abandoned it once in power.

    “I massively regret finding myself in the situation” of not being able to keep this promise, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, said. (SD-Agencies)

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Banks urged to adopt Basel III

  A SENIOR Chinese banking regulator urged the country’s lenders to conform to the Basel III rules — the new set of global banking regulations — in a bid to improve international competitiveness, the China Securities Journal reported Wednesday.

    Cai Esheng, vice chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), told a forum in Beijing that banks should set up comprehensive risk-management systems that conform to Basel III, and shift toward quantitative risk measurement and capital management, the newspaper said.

    China should actively participate in global banking regulatory reforms, and should promote useful financial innovation while caution against a repeat of the “shadow banking” crisis in some overseas countriesHair weave.

    Many believe that the shadow banking system, under which non-depository financial institutions operate beyond the radar of banking watchdogs, played a major role in the recent global financial crisisSecurity company.

    CBRC vice chairman Wang Huaqing said in September that the Basel III rules would have no immediate impact on Chinese banks, but that they could constrain capital raising in the next decadelaptop bag.

    Basel III rules set minimum capital and liquidity standards, to try to create a more resilient international banking system, after the financial crisis.

Expatriates covered in national census taking

EXPATRIATES and residents of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan living in Shenzhen are required to register their information for the sixth national population census launched yesterday.

    From Nov. 1 to 10, nearly 100,000 census takers will go door to door visiting 3 million households across the city, recording family information to finish the first stage of the census.

    This will be the first time the expatriate population has been included in a census.

    The expatriate population must register their name, nationality, gender, date of birth, purpose and period of stay, education and occupation.

    The census office opened an English hotline 8367-0531 for inquiries.

    “We have trained census takers in English and required census offices in districts to organize interpreters,” Yin Yong, head of the statistics bureau, said.

    To gather more accurate figures, from Nov. 11 to Nov. 15, another round of the census will be conducted, although on a smaller scale, Yin said.

    Compared with the fifth census in 2000, the sixth census would be more challenging because the permanent population had increased to 8.91 million in 2009.

    Shenzhen is a city with a large floating migrant population and a challenge to finish the census in a short time, said Yin, hoping residents would cooperate with census takersÉúóŒË®.

    The census was expensive but necessary to learn the total population picture of the nation, provinces and cities. Yin said the information would be kept confidential. It was the basis for decision makers to determing policies for the nation’s economic and social developmentNon-woven Bag.

    The national census is expected to cost around 60 billion yuan, according to Wang Guangzhou, a researcher at the Population of Labor Economic Research Institute under the Chinese Academy of Social Scienceslaptop bag.

    Statistics will be calculated in December, with key data to be released by the end of April next year, sources saidUÁÏ»ØÊÕ.

    The previous census detailed China’s population at 1.29533 billion.   

Strawberry black tea

A lot of years ago, she is still a girl, delicate and pretty, pure. There is a boy loving her very much, loving that kind that the heart draws out. She like, take strawberry, every strawberry list, boy buy, much, soak with the salt soon, use cold water washing several times again, then the strawberries are delicious and clean and fresh, grip, the sweet juice like the honey, keep flowing until it in the heart glibly. Not very sociable, but that kind loves, so usual, ubiquitous, like the air. He is a poor boy, even there is no surplus money to ask her to drink coffee in the coffee house. The girl hears the colleague of the office discussing one kind while going to work to let " The strawberry black tea " Beverage,say delicious. At that time, so sweet and fat a beverage rose yet in this city, only the tea house will be modulated. " This kind is fragrant, really easy to smell very much. The young lady in the tea house says it is tea of fruit, only foreign talents drink. " The girl is always of few words at ordinary times, but that time, she asked one sentence at the behest of supernatural powers: " Very expensive? " " It is expensive of course, but you can go drink. " The colleague says touching on lightly. The girl's face is red quickly, she remembers the boy meets that broken bicycle of hers every day, even bicycle bell vacillating and staggering, have him seem never from old jacket of gigging of body. Quite right, he has no money to buy a cup of strawberry and black tea. The girl suddenly felt all right unfair. Why can only drink a cup of green tea in his cabin by oneself, and can others sit in the music drinking the graceful tea of fruit in the pleasant tea house? Why can the colleague hide the course of conversation, insult her touching on lightly again --Because just poor, she has a poor boyfriend. One day, she is bored and bored. When the boy comes to meet her, she sees that shabby bicycle, does not know where to come while being angry. He what is the matter finally? It is a person who earns the salary too, unlikely even a new car can not be afforded. The girl is always gentle, but that time, she has pushed away the bicycle quickly, the head does not go ahead going back either. The boy wondered where to offend her, followed all the way terrifiedly, did not dare to speak. Two people leave like this, walk a long way unconsciously. The girl has been tired gradually, the step begins to be in disorder. Boy these dares to gather up her: " What's the matter with you? " Under being mere, eyes of girl look like two deep and serene well, tears spring has overflow gradually night: " I want to drink the strawberry black tea. " Boy's silence. His salary of this month, the majority is all sent to the sick mother in countryside. The girl never spoke, she was tired, she rested on and fell asleep in the boy's bicycle back seat. The boy has wet eyes, he is determined to make a cup of strawberry and black tea, a cup of this most fragrant and most pure strawberry and black tea in the world for her. The girl just knows oneself is in the boy's cabin when waking up. The injury received in the daytime is presented to her again, she does not know whether can speak to stay with boy happily. He is doing an ordinary job, his brothers of parents are all in remote countryside, he eldest son, responsibility and shoulder tired and in weight. Through to the end, should sit on his bicycle, until old all the time? She immerses it in the darkness, outside the window is a black boundless sky, even, without star light, like her mood at this moment. All of a sudden, light bright, boy a cup of hot tea of end come in gently, on the face, the ones that made warm smiled. That kind smile, let heart of her soften whole, soften, succeed one pool spring water. She loves him, likes liking very much very much. Been taking his bicycle until old all the time. She has heard one's own bottom of heart sending out gentle sigh, later, was the permanent calmness. " Let's drink a cup of tea. " He says. That is real strawberry and black tea of cup. Never the scamp work, absolutely pure. That kind is fragrant, refined from the sunshine in June, came out from the most green most tender sharp upper reaches of leaf; That kind fragrant, have a little impurity, drink some, freshness of strawberry and tea mellow all, warm to flow from the lip of the tongue in the heart too. " Do you have any plaster? " She asks. " No. I just buy strawberry and tea. Then, crowd the strawberry into a juice, boil, water it on tea. " How many strawberries does he want to crowd to boil such a cup of black tea out? What patience he have, boil and offer such a cup of black tea gently? With how much love does he want to boil such a cup of black tea out? Have a lot of things money can buy, but such one cup black tea be bought, black tea of a glass of pure ones, crafts; A lot of things are the priceless treasure such as true love. At this moment, she really decides to sit after his car all one's life, there are no complaints. Even if all parts of this car have been lost, or has already fallen apart, has not mattered either, they can also go. Later, they had got married. They live a very happy life, though is still not rich in economy, however, he dotes on her. He cooks the strawberry and black tea for her, makes and wastes the soya-bean milk offered on stone mill, cook the cake roasted into the oven. He did, can not all be bought outside. Mere this, let her never envy others. Because the love which she gets, pure, eternal --Genuine ˺b坍 | 坍˾ | YyI | ˮC

Successful thought

In 1904, at the fair of Saint Louis, a man rented a stand and sold the hot egg cake, he has been holding the egg cake with the paper plate all the time. One day, his paper plate was used up because because of being afraid of influencing one's own business, people's Kenya did not sold the paper plate to him, he has to sell the egg cake to the customer directly. As a result, three kinds of batching in the egg cake flow on the customer's sleeves. Having no choice, he has to change to sell ice creams, buys ice creams from near the standing at the price made a discount of, then resell out. However, his brain is thinking how to deal with those egg cake raw materials left. Suddenly, a thought flashed on his brain. The next day, he cooked 1000 eggs cake, and flattened them with an iron plate, then roll these cakes scene into taper form, fill out ice creams inside, before noon that day, he sells out these 1000 egg cakes containing ice cream.
   Later, he specialize in making of " ice cream sweet tube ", become first Fu Shang.
   Everybody might run into paper thing that plate sells out etc.. Common people are only the reversion yielding to the thing, but this egg cake stall owner is not like this, always rotating the thought how in his brain to let oneself succeed in front of the setback, after thought is produced, are put into practice immediately.
   It is this kind that take good care of and manage one's own spirit of thought diligently, make him take successful first step.
   Sometimes thought is the intention.
   There is thought and dare to meet the person who fail, has surmounted and failed finally; Laid aside and neglected thought the person who does not want to fail, moved towards failing finally     Accomplish nothing.

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