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How to intall kess v2 5.017 Ksuite V2.47

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Ksuite 2.47 for Kess V2 5.017 with extra 7400 vehicles is tested working perfectly. I guess you want to know where to free download Ksuite 2.47 and how to install? This post will give you answer. You can free download K-Suite 2.47 here: https://mega.nz/#!8QgwSboa!XLUqAJBt6ISsL4ijpdxZ68emHJa8EMAvwLAq_ZRlZPg Password: Send personal message to email Sales@OBD2eShop.com. - No need to active - Works on Win XP / Win7 32bit, Win 8, etc. - Language available: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French. Ksuite 2.47 installation: (Sorry for your inconvenience, the video title is incorrect,this video is about how to install Kess V2 Ksuite V2.47 Software on WINDOWS XP) Ksuite 2.47 is tested ok with the following kess v2 5.017 hardware: 1). Item No. SE137-C, green PCB ksuite-247-pcb-se137-c Source: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/kess-v2-online-version.html Price: $105 2). Online Version Kess V2 5.017 Red PCB ksuite-247-pcb-se137-c1 Source: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/kess-5017-red-pcb-firmware.html Price: $109 free shipping 4) Online Version Kess V2 5.017 Green PCB (Same as the above one) ksuite-247-pcb-se137-c2 kess-v5017-eu-version-green-pcb-qc-test-02 Source: http://www.obd2eshop.com/wholesale/kess-v2-green-pcb-firmware-5017.html Price: $109 free shipping K-Suite 2.47 compares with 2.23: Caterpillar A5E2 P549 VOLVO 1.6/2.0 Continental SID807 P489 Ford Truck FPT ENGINE BOSCH EDC7U31 KLINE P548 Husquarna KEIHIN P554 ALL SIMOS18 18.1 18.2 NEW GENERATION 4,5mb MUCH NEW VERSIONS ON OLD PROTOCOLLS MANY CHECKSUM BUGS FIXED It's the time to put all of the K-Suite 2.47 added 7400 car models: kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-01 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-02 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-03 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-04 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-05 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-06 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-07 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-08 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-09 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-010 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-11 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-12 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-13 kess-v2-ksuite-247-new-carlist-14 K-Suite 2.47 tech support is offered by www.obd2eshop.com Src: http://blog.obd2eshop.com/ksuite-v2-47-win-7-8-10-free-download-and-installation/
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