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Tips and Guides for Users with Galletto V54 China Clone

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After reading this thread, I bought a Galletto V54 china clone, and hope it will be as they told me it would be. Here are some tips that I copied from hard-working friends that were willing to help us:
Tip 1: obd R-W with temp under 50° only on renault-bosch diesel
renault-siemens diesel dont have this strategy
Tip 2: tprot on vag are present from 05/2009 but is very random this option, is most present on engine with low power and is not compeer to years or ecu type.
the best way to know if tp is active is always bootmode and read tag on file
Tip 3: desold resonator, clean central hole, place a piece of ribbon or paper on central hole, resold up the quartz.
Tip 4: don't use FGtech china for checksum correction, there are better ways like using Winols or something in that way.
Tip 5: Important is also U2. You have a rezistor and a cap instead of tranzistor and it has impact direct in bdm and bootmode.
Tip 6: U2 "S5B" is the same as "ADAA". Made by texas instruments.
Tip 7: You should have only one missing resistor, 4.7kohm near U19. The rest are empty places.
Tip 8: BDM timing is dependent of software and system clock (crystal or ceramic resonator), other components can't have no effect in speed.
Tip 9: ZVN and ZVP transistors are connected to OBD pins 2 and 10,
this two are used for J1850 protocol, so cars that use it, will not work (some ford e.g.)
Tip 10: the 70% of problem on this tool is not HW but SW....bad cracked and without stability (and old for v54_0386)....on HW you can play how you need.
Tip 11: V54(0386) is poor cloned version. Firmware need downgrade to V53(0475), then can use newest(11/2012) soft which is also better cracked than V54 soft.
Tip 12: SN 0386 and SN 0475 both is fw53 not 54 !
difference only one... 0386 use sw from 11/2012, 0475 use sw from 12/2012 (can read/write epp in pcr2.1 ecu)
Tip 13: fg 49-50-51-52 are ALWAYS v48!
Tip 14: Galletto eu have ONLY pcb better, nothing else!
v53_0475 china hw-sw upgraded is better
Tip 15: desold resonator Y1, clean central hole, place a piece of ribbon or paper on central hole, resold up the quartz.
Tip 16: replaced Q20 with 2N7000
Tip 17: usb cable from tool to computer, bad quality
Tip 18: -v54 and v53 have same pcb, not the same fw, you need change fw inside LPC2119 and use v53_0475 sw
-you MUST change all components to have stable tool
-aes use the same SW and FW of v54 china, very bad!
Tip 19: U14-U9-U19 are 74HC14D nxp
U8-U17 are 74HCT125D nxp
U11-U15 are 74HC245D nxp
U20-U22 are MAX485ESA+
U16-U23 are E-L9637D
U10 are PCA82C250 nxp
U21-U12 are LM393
U18 are HEF4011BT nxp
Q18 are ZVP2106A
Q20 are ZVN2106A
big relais : G6AK-234P ST-US 5VDC
small relais : G5V-1 5VDC
Y1 change resonator with quartz 16 mhz
c21-c26-c28 100uF 50V
the other 7 capacitor are 10uF 50V

Tip 20: use this with LPC2000 software :


Look at the video:

Tis 21:All FGTech Galletto item at here:

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