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Nissan consult3 plus V75 .20 free download win7 8 10 works

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Nissan consult3 plus V75.20 free download:
Nissan consult3 plus V65.12 free download
OS: Win 7 8 10 all works
No password
Safe to download (supplied by fly Company)
Optional multi-language:
English/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Japanese/ Russian/ Finnish/ Greek/
Chinese(Simplified)/ Chinese(Traditional)/Portuguese

How to do after downloading consult3 plus V75.20?
Contact the dealer for remote assistance to update.

Consult3 plus V75.20 is verified working greatly with the best quality hardware like:
nissan-consult-3-iii-plus-inner-pcb-board-picture-1 nissan-consult-3-iii-plus-inner-pcb-board-picture-2

Reliable Source:

Nissan consult 3 plus v75.20 software installation:
  1. Uninstall the firewall, antivirus software.
  2. Install the Consult 3 plus V75.20 to the C drive in the "NTFS" format.

Simple guide:
  1. Open IE exploer browser to run "Start.html" .
  2. Open folder "C30 License" to run "C3PCheckLicense.exe".
  3. Run "V80003T_20101215_x32.exe" to enable Bluetooth.
  4. Open folder "ReprogramData" to run "pus_v65.1F.exe".
Then, Nissan consult 3 plus v75.20 software will work greatly.

Fly Nissan consult 3 plus software test reports:
(Incl. car list and functions)

1). Nissan consult 3 plus software car list:
Cover cars up to 2016 year.
Nissan,Infiniti,GTR: diagnostic OK, Immo & smart key OK
Nissan GRT: diagnostic OK, Immo OK
Electromobiles car: diagnostic OK, Immo OK (Require additonal Nissan consult 3 plus security card, Otherwise button "Immobilizer key" will be gray color and is unavailable to use.)

2). Nissan consult 3 plus software feedback:
- 2010 Infiniti FX35...OK
- For ECU programming, you do not need to buy other card.
- Program tcm and bcm OK with the programming file found out by yourself.
- Done lots of programming. He’s done several blank trans modules. I installed a used ecm in a 2012 Altima with smart key.
- able to program a blank pathfinder tcm.2009, I do not have any cards, using version 51.11.
- Got my Nissan VII and its working as expected.
To be continued...

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