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Ford Transit key Programming, SKP900 or OBDSTAR H100

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Have Ford Transit to program key? Superobd SKP900, OBDSTAR H100, OBDSTAR F100 can work? Read this post for answer.

  1. Just use Superobd SKP900 to program a 2011 Ford Transit connect under focus immo2 and it worked perfect.

  1. OBDSTAR F100 Ford Transit key programming with ALL KEYS LOST BYPASS OK.

  1. OBDSTAR F100 and OBDSTAR H100 share mostly the same functions.
Only the new H100 covers a few US ford more.
The MK7 Transit is listed.

  1. obdstar h100
add new key ford s-max 2011 europe
I chose the region europe and wrong pin code
I changed the region to Asia and success key added

  1. Question:
I need to add a remote key, to a 2009 transit.
Adding a separate transponder what's easy.
Now I still need to add a remote.
I see these blue head, with remote and transponder.
And same model black remote, with separate transponder.
Will the cars accept these black remotes?
Both are tibbe 3button.

Answer: I used obdstar, selected asian,

This video is F100, it is updated as H100 now.
**The remote will work instant after programming a blue remotekey. (on a mk7)
So these remote teachings procedures apply to cars with separate remote.
or used Superobd skp900 remote control 2 minutes, ad100pro 7 minutes

FYI: Sometimes with such tools you need to try different models, systems, regions etc. Don't wanna play with tools like that? Go original MVP, AVDI and you will be happy...

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