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OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Program Landrover discovery 4 Smart Key All Key Lost

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How to:Program Landrover discovery 4 smart key when all key lost using OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Key Master. Video demo: Procedure: Connect X300 DP PLUS table with vehicle via OBD socket Press lock button->unlock  button(two keys should do it) landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-1 Select Diag Program->IMMOBILISER->LANDROVER->LANDROVER V31.01 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-3 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-4 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-5 intializing Mcu date ... Loading date... VCI id upgrading... Loding... Intializing... Intializing diagnostic date Authorizing... Wait a moment landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-6 Select DISCOVERY 4->Smart key system->all smart keys lost Then communicating... landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-7 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-8 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-9 Note: "all ket will be erased, press ENTER to continue press ESC to back" landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-10 If you choose to continue,note that at lease two smart cards need to registered to start the vehicle landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-11 Please press start button landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-12 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-13 Then Switch ignition off and press start button again landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-14 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-15 Configuring the system ,please wait landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-16 We will get: current number of keys:0 Press lock button->unlock  button(two keys should do it) Then press "Enter" Then we will get "program success,where to program next one?" Press "Enter" to continue landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-17 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-17 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-18 please hold the smart key to be added landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-19 Configuring the system,pls wait... Press unlock of the smart key to add for 1sec within 5 sec landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-20 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-22 Configuring the system,pls wait... Press unlock of the smart key to add for 1sec within 5 sec again landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-23 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-24 Now, Successfully programming one key. landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-25   We repeat the previous actions to copy the second key: ->Please hold the smart key to be added ->configuring the syetem ,please wait... ->Press UNLOCK of smart key to add for 1sec within 5 sec ->configuring the syetem ,please wait... ->Press UNLOCK of smart key to add for 1sec within 5 sec again ->configuring the syetem ,please wait... landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-17 Press lock button->unlock  button(two keys should do it) Programming complete! Then Press Enter landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-26 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-27 landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-28 Press start button  to check landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-13landRover-discovery-4-key-programming-with-x300-dp-plus-29 Done!
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