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Using Tips Of KTM Bench ECU programmer

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To KTM Bench ECU programmer users:
Please remeber 3 Don'ts:
  1. Don't enable the network connection, it works offline.
  2. Don't update KTM Bench by yourself
  3. Don't run the unknown software from others or from pcmflash, only run our software, otherwise the KTM Bench will be damaged even though it works offline and you don't update.

No tokens limitation, can calculate Checksums.

In case the KTM Bench software lost, you can click the following links to download (uploaded by obdexperess.co.uk engineer)
Link 1:
Pass: pzo9jz
Contains Car models and ECU model list

Link 2: https://mega.nz/#!B9oTQahI!HNlNhOuMYmYghLlLyCSECV6GyLbDJLg8wTZrv1J2m10
No password
Contains software and diagram
On windows x86.. Work 100%

If you are not at ease, contact email at Sales@OBDexpress.co.uk

After that, you will be happy with KTM Bench.
  1. Received one yesterday.
Working so far, haha.
Trying to find some egpt pinouts.
Tested volvo edc17cp22 and vag cp14 and working.
Some others dont seem to work.
looking for volvo med17 and siemens sid807 gpt.
Bdw. im running on win 7 32bit

Pcmflash bench mode reads flash and eeprom

tested volvo edc17cp22. Working well.
cp14 works good.
as i can see it reads all exept boot area, for recovery purpouse.
tested also sid 807 evo in boot. works.

Cabel Vkey dont have 12v.
after splitt powercabel all works.

Connector db15 don't have 12v+ on output KTM adepter. I reworked power adepter so i can use ktag db15 cabel.

To be continued...

Edited by Laurance July 12, 2019.

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