my trip to asia in dec 2006/ jan 2007


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Leaving Switzerland just in the right moment!

SNOW!!! COLD! I am leaving!!!

This was on sunday morning (10.12.2006), taking pictures from our rear bath room with a view towards the Rigi.

Koh Samui:

With a lot of delays, but whit much luck catching every flight in time, finally I arived at Smaui after a 20 hour trip in this prop airplane.

Tired but happy to be at Samui, I checked in to my room at 11 pm.

Wow...what a nice suprise!

I found heaps of orchids in my room. Did they know, that orichids are my favorites flowers?

I don't think so ;-).....but it was nice welcome gesture!

The first 3 days:

Just relaxing at the beach, enjoy the sea, the hot sun and all other nice things here.


...taking everything easy....

...have real nice food at the beach, cooked and served next to my easychair...

After sunset, at the ARK bar...

..listening to cool house music and have refreshing drink's :-))..... the nice sunset...

...and some strange people at the table next to me ;-) 

It's big fun, just watching the people. I can do that for hours. It's like watching a movie!

 The whole week we had bright sunshine, the water was about 30 degree celcius....and the beach..

 ...a perfect  place for a "early morning jogging" tour.

Yes! I have a jog every morning at around 7.30 am!!!

And after the jogging, searching for a bit of shade under a palm tree.

And then today!

Just gray sky...stromy winds....and it is not raining!

No! It's "pissing" dog's and cat's!

(sorry for the pissing. but that was the only word that fitted this kind of rain)

A day for shopping, reading a book...and updating the blog :-))

I almost forgot to show you the main street at chaweng:

uups...when taking the photo, I didn't see the police car...:-))

And here my favorite restaurant. I know, it don't look very special.

But the food is really good! Tasty thai food, the way I like and spicey!

And it is cheap ;-)  

see you soon.......






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Samui in December

{ 08:16, 21 December 2006 } { Erstellt von Anonymous }
Jinxi, Koh Samui in December can be a beast! I hope the weather get's better soon.

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