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Taostische Alternativen für eine konfuzianische Welt
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you cannot feel grateful12 February 2009

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Your expectations are so fantastic, so far out, that whatsoever happens falls short; you cannot feel grateful for it. People who have great desires can never feel grateful because whatsoever happens is always tiny compared to their desires, it is not much. And because you can't feel grateful, much more that could have happened cannot happen, because it happens only through gratefulness. So you get trapped in a vicious circle: you desire much, because of that you cannot feel grateful. Whatsoever happens you can't take any note of; you simply ignore it. And then you become more and more closed. If there is no desire, if you have no idea what should happen, you are without any idea, then things happen. If you are expecting that when you go on the road you will find one thousand Euros lying there and you only find a ten Euro note, you will say, 'What am I doing here?' But if you had not expected that one thousand Euros, a ten Euro note is good... nothing wrong in it! And if you had been grateful then from the same source from where the ten Euro note has come ten million can come. But you remain open in gratefulness.


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NMzVmGeCLcq24 November 2011
I came, I read this artilce, I conquered.
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