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Welche Arten von Weblogs gibt es?5 January 2006
Typische Weblog-Arten sind:
Geschichten mit literarischem Touch.
Diskussion und Austausch von Fachthemen.
Beiträge von einem mobilen Gerät gepostet; meistens Fotos mit der Handy-Kamera.
Abbildung des Alltags in Fotografien.
Mitarbeiter schreiben im Namen einer Firma zu PR-Zwecken.

Alle Weblogs werden entweder als Gruppenweblog oder Einzelweblog geführt



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rear camera + (Pe11 November 2015
rear camera + (Personal Computers) So, you're tnhiking of buying an iPad however, you're not so sure of what it can do and how it works. So, here is the Dummies Guide to the iPad to help you make that decision. I promise to keep the jargon down to a bare minimum )To begin with the iPad must be paired to an existing Laptop or Desktop PC. These can be normal Microsoft Windows or Mac PC's. Once paired you can use the iPad by itself. It only has to be paired once. Although, there is a rumour that the next generation will work straight out of the box.You will be able to:-Touch and pinch the screen to type words and move things around-Send and Receive Emails-Browse the Internet including Online Banking, Internet Shopping and more -Listen to Music, including the Radio when there is a Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection-Watch Videos and Movies-Write and Print Letters (see the section on Printing' further down)-Download and Play Games-Become a Smarter Person (more on this later)-Display Pictures it is an electronic Picture Frame too!-Take Pictures and Movies, if it has the onboard camera (iPad2 and newer)-Have a chat with the relatives abroad using Video Conferencing technology-Download THOUSANDS of books into a snazzy Book Reader that you can actually turn pages on the screen with-There are loads more I'll leave them as a surprise if you decide to buy one You will NOT be able to:-Watch a special type of animation or movie using a technology known as Flash' don't worry about this though, you'll hear lots of people complaining about it. It really is no big deal and you'll learn to live without it. Over time, many of the popular web sites will move away from using Flash and use a newer technology that DOES work on iPads.-Insert a CD (there is no slot and you don't actually need one)-In fact, there is not much else you can't do with an iPad )THE WIZARDSNo, not the ones' from Oz! Wizards are helpful programs that magically pop up and automatically configure things like the Internet and Email connections for you. The iPad has more Wizards than you can wave a wand at! When you first switch it on and whenever you need to set something up it will automatically present you with a Wizard. Therefore setting things up is as easy as 1-2-3.The iPad is also an iPod!! Loading music is done in one of two ways.1 install the free version of iTunes onto your normal PC and follow the Wizards instructions to download your music from the iTunes Store' or transfer your music from your favourite CD collection. Then, connect the iPad to your computer using the supplied cable and it will automatically Synchronise' your music to the iPad. Yup, you guessed it using yet another Wizard!2 iTunes is a built in application (or App) on the iPad itself. Tap this App to search for and download your music directly to the iPad. You could even download a movie or your favourite episode of 24 too!Once the music is on there just tap the iPod App to listen to it. Easy-Peasy!APPSThe iPad extensively uses Apps. Apps are downloaded, using Wi-Fi. This is why you don't need a CD drive. These are the icons that are displayed on the screen.Apps are downloaded from the Internet using yet another App called: The App Store . Tap this icon to search for or see a list of the most popular Apps available, some are paid for and some are free! Tap the Install' button next to the one you'd like, follow the Wizards instructions and the App will automatically download and appear as a new icon on the screen.LOADING PICTURESThese can be loaded onto the iPad using iTunes, Email or the Camera Connection Kit' this is a separate adaptor (a325) that plugs into the bottom of the iPad. Just insert the memory card from your camera into the adaptor and it will automatically load the pictures into the built in Photo App.THE PICTURE FRAMEWhen the iPad is locked (by pressing the button on the top-right side) and then back on again, you'll see a little icon in the lower right side corner of the display. Tap this and the Photo App will automatically display your pictures in full screen mode, converting the iPad into a digital Photo frame! It is a great feature. This means that you can leave the ipad on the shelf, literally as part of your rooms decor! You may want to purchase a Dock (a325)' to have the iPad tilted and supported at just the right angle.Tip: if you need a reason to justify buying an iPad to your wife use the Picture Frame one!!PRINTINGPrinting is done wirelessly, however you MUST use one of the wireless printers detailed on the website. Typically, it will not print to anything other than one of those printers. There is one
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Because, quite frank13 November 2015
Because, quite frankly, IO pmarorefnce sucks in vmware. We've tried various things but IO is always slow. There are other nasties that come and bite us too such as the scsi timeout error which hangs the box.It would be impossible to run more than one VM in the same hardware because of IO contention therefore, it seems a little pointless.There's also the not inconsiderable cost of vmware licences for our very large number of production servers (no, they CANNOT be consolidated by vmware, they are numerous for pmarorefnce reasons) [url=]zqffdehfmpa[/url] [link=]odhswdd[/link]
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and I have an old iP15 November 2015
and I have an old iPod 4th gen with color display which is still going <a href="">stnorg</a> after a few years, but aside from that I typically use Windows PCs and my phone is Android. If you don't have an iPad, and you're trying to decide whether you want one or not, ask yourself: What will I use this for? This is meant to be an overview for the uninitiated, since according to initial news reports, 70% of people who have bought the iPad 2 so far didn't own an original iPad. Advantages: If you want it for web surfing, a portable Netflix or other video screen, gaming, or FaceTime/Skype video chat, it's definitely adept at all of those things. I used to read books and magazines in my bed before going to sleep, and I still occasionally do, but now I've found that surfing with the iPad is just as convenient and relaxing. The iPad is all about the apps, many of which greatly expand the native capability of the iPad. You can get Microsoft Office clones, remote desktop, second screen, calculators, alarm clocks, remote apps for cable boxes and disc players, and more. Some are free, many are not. I'll get into some of those a bit later, but keep in mind this isn't intended to be a review of apps. If you want to see what's out there, you can search the App store on the web or in iTunes. If you expect the iPad to be able to do something not in its specs, check the app store first. The only difference I've seen with the iPad 2 is that now there are a few games out there that are optimized for iPad 2, or have improved iPad 2 modes. Lots of games are free and those that aren't occasionally go on sale. The only two I've bought are Scrabble HD and Dungeon Hunter 2 HD, both when they were $1 each. (I've played many more free ones.) I recommend both. Dungeon Hunter 2 HD is a great 3D game that tries really hard to be Diablo 2, with character classes, customization, and online play. It looks great and has never crashed or had a framerate stutter. The iPad 1 had problems with crashing and low framerates with games occasionally, and this version seems to be a much better gaming system. That's the only big difference I noticed between the iPad 1 and iPad 2 so far though. For me, having a huge array of apps to play with, many of which are free if you don't mind ads here and there, and the convenience of being able to web surf without having to drag out my laptop makes this worth having. Plus the battery gets 8-10 hours on a charge, which is a far cry better than any laptop I know of. It's a great e-reader for airplane travel, even really long flights, though you can't use it on take-off and landing of course. Wi-Fi performance is flawless and the range is excellent. More than once I've pulled up in the driveway and before I'm even in the house, I've heard my iPad's ESPN ScoreCenter app go off to inform me of a score. I can't speak to the 3G quality, though, as I don't have that model. Frankly, I don't think most people need it. If I'm out of the middle of nowhere and need the web for something, I'd much rather pull out my phone than the iPad. If you just have to use the iPad, tons of public places have Wi-Fi these days. If you want to be able to print things, you might think at first that you need an AirPrint compatible printer. Fear not! A simple Google search for AirPrint any printer will show you how to configure your PC or Mac to broadcast its printers with AirPrint. I have Brother and Canon printers and they both worked with it. It took some time to download and install the AirPrint service and then configure printer sharing options on my network, but that was a far cry better than buying a new printer or an expensive printing app! Still, I've found that my printers occasionally disappear from the list, and the only way to get them back is to shut the iPad down completely and power it back on. Annoying. Limitations: The iPad 2 still doesn't support Adobe Flash. Some websites are adapting to this and adding HTML 5 video. Many aren't. Keep that in mind if you're a heavy web video user. I love to watch web shows like the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd, and most web show hosting sites are still in Flash. Also, some sites have flash menus, making them completely unusable to you if they don't have a mobile version. It's this that prevents the iPad from being a true laptop replacement, regardless of how much you spend on apps. I still end up having to fire up the laptop to use several websites I enjoy. The screen is supposedly oleophobic but gets fingerprints all over the place in mere minutes of use. I find that extremely irritating. If you feel the same way, get a screen protector like
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