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Was heisst Trackback?5 January 2006

Bei vielen Weblogs finden Sie auf der Beitragsseite eine Trackback-URL und zwischen den Kommentaren vielleicht Trackback-Meldungen.
Trackback ist ein System, mit dem ein Hinweis auf einen Beitrag zum gleichen Thema in einem anderen Weblog hinterlassen werden kann.



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if anyone had a bete13 November 2015
if anyone had a betetr idea on how to reform healthcare, he'd be open to hearing it. I went to Barney Frank's so called town hall meeting to try and give a BETTER idea, but he wasn't listening to anyone. It was all for show and he was so incredibly rude and obnoxious to those who pay him that it was a waste of my time & effort, but I need to keep trying. I will be in DC on 9/12 with my daughter. I think we need to have any lawyers out there who know what wording is required, to write up petitions for each of the 50 states, for all to sign who will be in DC at our 9/12 rally, that will cut our Senators & Congressmen's salaries by 1/4th. They are taking their salaries out of our pockets at gun point without our input, I think it is time we showed them WE the PEOPLE have the POWER! Then after the rally, each petition get signed further by those who can't afford to attend the rally, and then have them submitted as reforendums to be voted on, and take some of our money back! They need to understand they work for the Taxpayer, and make sure they can never give themselves raises without asking our permission. I can't put a gun to my bosses head and tell them they are going to give me more money!I was called by Fox & Friends to speak about Barney Franks Town hall meeting, which I did, but my purpose of going in the first place was to submit that instead of having the Govt who knows NOTHING about the needs of the healthcare profession, have the GOOD people in the healthcare industry like my privately owned hospital, (not corporate owned) who all management at all levels including board & CEO took voluntary pay cuts to keep from having to lay anyone off. There are good people in all aspects of healthcare including insurance, pharmacuticals, who if we all got together and each gave a little from their profit to manage to cover all including people with so called pre-existing conditions. Until they are diagnosed, all conditions are pre-existing. There are SO MANY CREATIVE ways we could cover all & pay for it, without the Federal Govt opening another overwhelming agency that still has no idea what we need, trying to tell us what we need to do. Just look at JCAHO! Tort reform, a much needed reform, since people must accept in a business where there are HUMANS helping humans, & unlike other businesses where a product comes out inferior, it gets recycled or scraped, we have to have a little understanding that ALL HUMANS, including the one who might have gotten minor harm, but with no long lasting effects, should not be allowed to destroy a good decent human being for making a HUMAN mistake. I agree that those with serious, long lasting harm, that can be shown was done out of gross negligence, or incompetance, should be compensated, and the healthcare worker be seriously punished or removed from practice all together, but lawyers who make a cut of the profit aren't willing to say, sorry, I see no real cause for this case, but will try to get as much as they can because it means a bigger bottom line for themselves. BO will not sign any bill if TORT reform is in it! First off the federal Govt should NOT be even doing any of this, and since obviously they believe they have some kind of right to do so, NO bill should be created with a public option Govt speak for Taxpayer paid for, and without TORT reform, who would protect good HUMAN healthcare workers who may have made a small mistake, where no serious harm is done. Report mistakes, to a health quality board, and allow healthcare workers to decide if punishment is required, as most of us want the bad to be weeded out because they make us all look bad, or maybe extra training might be needed, or a change in procedure, etc. But Lawyers are in it for THEIR bottom line!+1 [url=]ixhgvbpqm[/url] [link=]yfezvo[/link]
Erstellt von Avinash

Wolf: Liebe Frau Wol15 November 2015
Wolf: Liebe Frau Wolf, vielen Dank ffcr Ihre Zeilen! Es freut mich sehr, dass ich Ihnen<a href=""> mwhtiocts</a> beim Kaffeetrinken Gesellschaft leisten darf! Sie mfcssen sich auf keinen Fall ffcr andere sche4men vielmehr denke ich, dass hinter solchen Aussagen viel Traurigkeit oder Resignation stecken. Und eigentlich hat mich das Gespre4ch mehr traurig als e4rgerlich gemacht. Schade, dass es manchmal so kommen muss aber zum Glfcck gibt es ganz viele andere Beispiele wie Sie die auch im Alter Freude an Kindern und am Leben fcberhaupt haben! Wir werden auch dieses Jahr an Heiligabend in die Kirche gehen und wir hoffen, dass wir das noch ganz viele Jahre gemeinsam tun werden kf6nnen. Auch ich werde an Sie denken und wfcnsche Ihnen und Ihrer Familie ebenfalls eine ganz schf6ne Weihnachtszeit! Hoffentlich bis bald wieder!
Erstellt von Lakhvinder

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