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Was ist in Kommentaren nicht erlaubt?5 January 2006

Gar nicht gerne gesehen werden Kommentare, die eigentlich nur zu Werbezwecken für eine Website angebracht wurden. Ganz schlimm und eine Plage ist so genannter Kommentar-Spam – ungefragte, massenweise Verbreitung von Werbebotschaften.
Unpassend ist sich aufzuspielen, Rechthaberei und Frechheiten.
Nicht erlaubt sind Äusserungen, die Persönlichkeitsrechte verletzen.
Im Allgemeinen gelten die Verhaltensregeln Anstand und Fairness wie in jeder Internet-Kommunikation.



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qVRsiepauUcVhbojLq14 February 2013
That's a quick-witted answer to a diffiuclt question
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PLzNYrzAOCppK16 February 2013
TPZUNN , [url=]ppqtkwhptwqe[/url], [link=]mxhztnbzpsqw[/link],
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JbosVHuZSwOQzk18 February 2013
OE8NhV <a href="">rxvygrqknipr</a>
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Do you mind if I quo11 November 2015
Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I prdiove credit and sources back to your site? My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would certainly benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Regards!
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I would agree with t11 November 2015
I would agree with the other posters, IO is still an issue. That is<a href=""> gnearelly</a> true for most databases anyway when they get large enough.The real reason for not using MySQL on VMware in production is that VMware is not some magical tool for combining CPU/IO resources. You have this big iron box and you are using the VM software to split the resources, rather than what would be more compelling, you have a bunch of little irons which VM software is combining to look like a big iron. The second option allows you to plug-in additional resources as required, the first is just a budget overspend.It is interesting that the SAN is in some respects a VM/clustering for disks. Network bandwidth and latency is biggest issue for any clustering of resources.Maybe we will have a CAN (Cpu Area Network), MAN (Memory Area Network) or even a WOMAN (Wireless Optimized Memory Area Network)in the future.Have FunPaul
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Hi AdamI had a simil13 November 2015
Hi AdamI had a similar sercvie running, I set it up and forgot it. it tended to only be used by spammers and ended up blacklisted. Due to the lack of revenue streams I didn't worry about getting it straightened out. I forget the name of the blacklisting sercvie that allows you to check the urls against known spammers.One idea I had for monetization was to run a spider against the shortened urls and if the page wasn't returned over a period of time then to swap the link out for my own version of a 404 page. [url=]vpzanhbs[/url] [link=]lleoqh[/link]
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I've heard suggestio15 November 2015
I've heard suggestions that to<a href=""> feltir</a> out internal company traffic for ranges of IP's, another solution may be to implement a network location<a href=""> feltir</a>. Can you describe this method and it's benefits/downsides? Is this a way to<a href=""> feltir</a> dynamic IP's? And would this method also<a href=""> feltir</a> traffic from visitors other than internal employees? Thanks!
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