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Wozu soll ein Permalink nützlich sein?5 January 2006

Ein Permalink ist praktisch, weil Internetbenutzer die Webadresse eines wertvollen Beitrages oft als Favorit (Bookmark) speichern oder als Link auf einer anderen Webseite eingefügen wollen.
Die URL des Permalinks lässt sich in den meisten Browsern einfach über das Kontexmenü als Favorit ablegen oder über die Auswahl 'Link-Adresse kopieren' in die Zwischenablage speichern.



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cTGIHtumGzNSZ17 February 2013
Alessia credo tu abbia interpretato le inrfomazioni con un po di pessimismo ma comunque non sei lontana dalla realte0. Come vi avevo detto tempo fa anche in maniera un po pif9 approfondita, il terreno con quello che c'e8 costruito sopra non va oltre i 4 مليون (il valore indicato dagli inglesi e8 quello del solo terreno). Vi invito a leggere sul blog inglese quello che e8 stato scoperto riguardo a GIC. Preferisco spendere anche qualcosina in pif9 ma andare sul sicuro. Purtroppo devo dire che il caso di Zafarana era un po diverso. Li ormai la costruzione e8 quasi tutta definita mentre noi siamo ancora all'alba.Vi lascio infine con una riflessione: se IPS e8 cosec convinta che il valore di tutto quello che ad oggi e8 costruito e8 tale da permetterci di recuperare i nostri soldi perche8 non spinge Orbit a volturare i nostri contratti e fare una offerta di riacquisto ai soci del MABR? Per loro dovrebbe essere comunque un affare no?. Perche8 non si sta impegnando nel reperire un investitore ma nel proporre delle ridicole permute? La prima volta si e8 fessi .la seconda si e8 c (ovviamente mi riferisco a noi investitori).
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rear camera + (Pe11 November 2015
rear camera + (Personal Computers) To be hensot I wasn't really in the market for a tablet. But after I found I was using my smart phone in which to check my mail, check the news and finding myself getting somewhat frustrated at the small screen size I decided; What the heck and did a trawl for the best tablet for me. Initially the I-Pad was out of the running simply because of the price. But after looking around at the competition it soon became very clear, that actually the I-Pad was the only worthy contender: Dual Core Chip, fantastic build quality, capacitive touch screen and best of all it is so intuitive in use.I ordered off of Apple (Got the free engraving) and through their website was able to check its progress: China, Middle East,Germany,England. The I-Pad arrives fully charged, however if like me and this is your first Apple product you need to download I-Tunes in which to register the product. (No other-way to get it working)Well, to turn it on, you depress the wee button on the top of the Pad, It's up and running within seconds and I mean seconds. To access your mail touch the mail app (Ok,you do have to enter your e-mail details first) and again within seconds you are checking your e-mail. Check the internet, touch the Safari app (Safari is the Apple version of Window Explorer/Firefox/Opera etc) very smooth again within seconds I'm surfing the net.The battery lasts around 10 hours and takes up to a couple to recharge.Now I suppose the main selling point for a lot of people will be the applications (Apps) that are available. I simply bought a couple of pre-paid vouchers in town and entered them into my I-tunes account. Its as easy as that and you don't have to enter any bank details anywhere. Every-time I purchase an app within a few days I receive a receipt (e-mail) from apple informing me of my purchase.I've downloaded a backgammon app. (Ok) the Daily mail app (Don't laugh as the app is really something else.) Which costs a3[] for the year and as somebody who reads the Guardian on a daily basis and the Economist on a weekly one I will be purchasing it once the free period runs out in Aug. What I'm saying here is from what I've seen of the difference in Android and Apple apps. Apple wins hands down in the quality stakes.I've downloaded the bookshelf app and currently have 4 books downloaded. To be hensot I just wanted to know what they would be like and as the books were a lot cheaper than the usual paperbacks I purchase I thought I'd try them out. Well reading them is no different to reading a real book and you get the bonus of being able to instantly check out what any word means. Simply by moving your finger across the screen the pages move back or forth. However I can't see myself giving up the pleasure of reading a real book any-time soon. For a start you never ever worry about a book.I also purchased a plastic screen protector. Now having fitted a Zagg Invisible Shield to my phone I knew fitting one to the I-Pad would be a job and a half. Guess what it was. However I recommend buying one of the wee packs (3 or 6) in which to get used to fitting a screen protector without coming up with something that looks like an aero bar.All in all, I am most impressed with the I-Pad, my only gripe is how anything connected to Apple is so damn expensive. On the other side of the coin you get what you pay for. At the moment the I-Pad2 is the best tablet on the market with the most peripherals, yes there are lots of competitors in the background. But if you want the best, then there's simply no contest.
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Das ist eine geniale11 November 2015
Das ist eine geniale Webseite mit ganz<a href=""> tlelon</a> Infos und Anregungen und so vielseitig und was mir gut gefallen hat, mit ganz viel Herz ffcr Hund. Werde gerne immer wieder auf diese Seite kommen. Kompliment ffcr eine so bunte und Kreative Gestaltung.Lieber GrudfUrsula
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Why are there no cat13 November 2015
Why are there no categories, index or tags for this blog?It would be real hlfepul if, for example, I wanted to follow the "Back to basics" series from the start I could click a Category or tag and see the whole series.It just seems like an obvious thing to do, am I wrong?How about making things easy to find? [url=]vwwgerhh[/url] [link=]pnramxyce[/link]
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and I have an old iP15 November 2015
and I have an old iPod 4th gen with color display which is still going <a href="">stonrg</a> after a few years, but aside from that I typically use Windows PCs and my phone is Android. If you don't have an iPad, and you're trying to decide whether you want one or not, ask yourself: What will I use this for? This is meant to be an overview for the uninitiated, since according to initial news reports, 70% of people who have bought the iPad 2 so far didn't own an original iPad. Advantages: If you want it for web surfing, a portable Netflix or other video screen, gaming, or FaceTime/Skype video chat, it's definitely adept at all of those things. I used to read books and magazines in my bed before going to sleep, and I still occasionally do, but now I've found that surfing with the iPad is just as convenient and relaxing. The iPad is all about the apps, many of which greatly expand the native capability of the iPad. You can get Microsoft Office clones, remote desktop, second screen, calculators, alarm clocks, remote apps for cable boxes and disc players, and more. Some are free, many are not. I'll get into some of those a bit later, but keep in mind this isn't intended to be a review of apps. If you want to see what's out there, you can search the App store on the web or in iTunes. If you expect the iPad to be able to do something not in its specs, check the app store first. The only difference I've seen with the iPad 2 is that now there are a few games out there that are optimized for iPad 2, or have improved iPad 2 modes. Lots of games are free and those that aren't occasionally go on sale. The only two I've bought are Scrabble HD and Dungeon Hunter 2 HD, both when they were $1 each. (I've played many more free ones.) I recommend both. Dungeon Hunter 2 HD is a great 3D game that tries really hard to be Diablo 2, with character classes, customization, and online play. It looks great and has never crashed or had a framerate stutter. The iPad 1 had problems with crashing and low framerates with games occasionally, and this version seems to be a much better gaming system. That's the only big difference I noticed between the iPad 1 and iPad 2 so far though. For me, having a huge array of apps to play with, many of which are free if you don't mind ads here and there, and the convenience of being able to web surf without having to drag out my laptop makes this worth having. Plus the battery gets 8-10 hours on a charge, which is a far cry better than any laptop I know of. It's a great e-reader for airplane travel, even really long flights, though you can't use it on take-off and landing of course. Wi-Fi performance is flawless and the range is excellent. More than once I've pulled up in the driveway and before I'm even in the house, I've heard my iPad's ESPN ScoreCenter app go off to inform me of a score. I can't speak to the 3G quality, though, as I don't have that model. Frankly, I don't think most people need it. If I'm out of the middle of nowhere and need the web for something, I'd much rather pull out my phone than the iPad. If you just have to use the iPad, tons of public places have Wi-Fi these days. If you want to be able to print things, you might think at first that you need an AirPrint compatible printer. Fear not! A simple Google search for AirPrint any printer will show you how to configure your PC or Mac to broadcast its printers with AirPrint. I have Brother and Canon printers and they both worked with it. It took some time to download and install the AirPrint service and then configure printer sharing options on my network, but that was a far cry better than buying a new printer or an expensive printing app! Still, I've found that my printers occasionally disappear from the list, and the only way to get them back is to shut the iPad down completely and power it back on. Annoying. Limitations: The iPad 2 still doesn't support Adobe Flash. Some websites are adapting to this and adding HTML 5 video. Many aren't. Keep that in mind if you're a heavy web video user. I love to watch web shows like the Nostalgia Critic and the Angry Video Game Nerd, and most web show hosting sites are still in Flash. Also, some sites have flash menus, making them completely unusable to you if they don't have a mobile version. It's this that prevents the iPad from being a true laptop replacement, regardless of how much you spend on apps. I still end up having to fire up the laptop to use several websites I enjoy. The screen is supposedly oleophobic but gets fingerprints all over the place in mere minutes of use. I find that extremely irritating. If you feel the same way, get a screen protector like
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