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Oft kann man lesen, ein Weblog sei ein «Tagebuch». Was ist daran richtig, was falsch?5 January 2006

Richtig daran ist, dass ein Tagebuch wie ein Weblog täglich – oder zu mindest häufig – geführt wird und dass die Beiträge eine Datumangabe haben.
Der Vergleich greift zu wenig weit, was den Inhalt betrifft. In einem Tagebuch werden meist ausschliesslich persönliche Sachen notiert. In einem Weblog ist das Themenspektrum weiter.



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Problem mit Beiträgen27 November 2008
Wenn ich einen Beitrag erstelle, und dem einen Titel gebe, der ein Ö, Ü oder Ä enthält und ich anschliessend einen Kommentar schreiben will kann ich die Website nicht aufrufen. Ein Bug?

MfG Joel
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kWNNTNjruGogKgNVSIT30 December 2011
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LPVavzvbRVKN1 January 2012
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and some of the best11 November 2015
and some of the best Smart TV functional (of great ineertst to me) functionality of all TVs in the price range.Let's start with the screen: Perfect size for our living space of roughly 10-15 from screen. It has great color and life like tones. I popped it into passive mode, just to check out some 3D action and I think it flowed very nice. I have yet to see any ghosting or issues with movement. I chose LED over Plasma, as Plasma tends to have more glare and our living space is bright.I was most ineertsted in the Smart functions. I was looking for a TV that would allow for a QWERTY keyboard to make searching for movies and browsing the net quick. However, with the exception of a few Panasonics from 2011, there were few TVs that have a QWERTY keyboard. With the exception of a few high end models, there was nothing that fit the bill. Until I found the ET5 series.It not only has a free app from Panasonic (this TV is compatible), but it also allows you to use the keyboard on your iphone/ipad/android to type in things. ADDITIONALLY, (Panasonic does not advertise it very well and Best Buy sales guys are clueless), but you can use some USB wireless keyboard devices as an input device.What makes it stand out:1. Panasonic Viera remote compatible with Iphone/Ipad/Android control2. Can use 3rd party mini wireless keyboards3. Easy wifi or ethernet connectivity4. Bright, vivid screen5. Excellent value for the priceWhat could be better:1. It only has 2 USB ports (could be expanded?)2. The basic remote it comes with really is generic. I need a remote that can learn functions (so as to replace existing remotes) and has a keyboard for easy entry.Hope this helps!
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Yay! There were so 11 November 2015
Yay! There were so many cute Halloween Benton's, it's hard to decide on only 5 to vote on! Thanks for<a href=""> hsinotg</a> these link ups and for always stopping by to comment! It's so fun to see so many great ideas all in one place and to have the opportunity to share my own ideas with more people.
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My ISP generates a b13 November 2015
My ISP generates a broad range of Dynamic IP's. I've found it was much eisaer to identify the City name of where my address connects to the net and simply filter all visits from that City Name. The minimal loss of what few local hits is insignificant in comparison with my ability to use the traffic reports without our company's access skewing the data! [url=]liwevpep[/url] [link=]vchmqb[/link]
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Huhu- haben uns bere15 November 2015
Huhu- haben uns bereits am Mittwoch <a href="">aneelemdgt</a>. Meine Frage gehts anschliedfend wieder zu Fudf zurfcck oder wie kommt man ans Auto zurfcck. Eventuell Gruppenfahrt?Roli und ich mf6chten keine Suppe- ist nicht so unser Ding. Gibt es eventuell eine Alternative ffcr Menschen die kein Kfcrbis mf6gen?Liebe GrfcdfeRoland und Kerstin mit Linus und Lilly
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