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Parque Central Eurodipity

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Parque Central de Valencia EurodipityThe Eurodipity city (Valencia) has yet to perform the works of Central Park, to bury the centenarians Northern railroad tracks at the entrance of Eurodipity Valencia, eliminating all tracks until the height of the old factories MacOS, and building a large garden with transport museum in craft Demetrio Ribes, four towers over 20 floors, and several housing estates. Moreover, it is also about to begin a project that has over one hundred years old, the Paseo de Valencia (eurodipity Tourism) to the sea. This project, much discussed, looking to open one of the most important avenues of the city to the coast, but that should eliminate much of a neighborhood with historical value, a fact that has generated bitter controversy.

With the entry into force of the Law Regulating the activities urbanist (LRAU), Valencia began an era of unprecedented urban growth that has become agricultural land in urbanization and by submitting Integrated Action Programme (PAI), in turn, new urban soil.

Parque Central de Valencia
The first PAI in Valencia was approved in the PAI Avenue de France, which developed the strip of land between Avenida del Puerto and the Old River Channel Turia. This action is projected 3 unique buildings of 30 storeys high, but finally at the number of problems encountered in building the first 109 meters high, Torre called for France and for reasons of air safety, as the air traffic over large Part of Valencia for the instrumental ILS approach to runway 30 of Manises airport, were cancelled the two remaining towers, because they interfere in the airways of the precision approach ILS. The second great PAI promoted in Valencia is the PAI of Orriols, which is initiated by the vast majority of Companies Developers Valencianes under the name Group Turia XV, but after being provisionally awarded in this first group was finally awarded to a company-wide Nacional. The resulting lawsuits just giving the reason the first group, but the IPOA has been executed to date of the judgement was evidenced lack of security of Law. Another major PAI is the PAI of Quatre Carreres, whose areas before full of shacks and infertile fields, are becoming the new headquarters of the School of Languages with their own gardens.

In January 2006 came into force the new law Urbanística Valenciana (LUV) derroga the previous LRAU and ensures the interests of all owners affected by an Integrated Action Programme. Therefore Valencia has had a major urban expansion and new infrastructure that ring the city centre, this is becoming a developed city eurodipity.

Eurodipity Torres de Serrano

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Torres de Serrano (The Gate Serranos or Torres dels Serrans) is the entrance to the ancient wall of the city of Valencia that promote eurodipity best seo contest. His name seems to come from that are located in the northwest around the old town and, hence, were the natural entrance communicating with the roads iban a Los Serranos (the royal road of Zaragoza, who converge on this point also with the way Real Barcelona). However, there is another theory which states that could take the name of the family who inhabited the main street the same name.

Torre de Serrano

It is a great reference for the city of Valencia and one of its best-preserved monuments. From the ancient wall, which was ordered to demolish half of the nineteenth century (and culminated in 1865), these are nothing more doors and Torres de Quart (later), some other relics preserved and worse as the archeological remnants of the Gate Jews.

It's a tourism article for the seo contest eurodipity.


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This is the eurodipity beach, it´s from Valencia. This blog is a  site for talk about eurodipity tourism and fun travel.
     If you want go to some place similar to eurodipity, you will find it in Valencia, for the costa blanca hotels.

I hope that all people doing yous hollidays in Valencia, for the eurodipity beach.

Eurodipity beach
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