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All sorts of psychologies that the woman oversteps the limit

05:11, 5 August 2008 .. 5 comments .. Link
All sorts of psychologies that the woman oversteps the limit
Have asked a married woman, how you look unfaithful to her husband, her answer needs, ask why she needs, she says the need needs. Perhaps each woman who goes out of the wall each has a reason, just as the following classification. But if the happy the back is not happy, think thrice before acting.


First, the string is broken nobody and listened to - -Just feeling woman exceedingly fascinating and charming, put and marry the wooden people or muscle man. He can not produce the baffled thoughts and feelings to the deciduous autumn wind or snow blazing sun forever, it is ignorant and funny to regard this kind of move as. You have one graceful intellectual scholar dream of, you can with he Swordman, enjoy together effete and sentimental writings in general. One day, this person comes quietly, it seems to be a kind of destiny not escaping.

Second, you are crazy I am silly - -Can't choose the trouble on his morality. But you are difficult on him to catch due life vigor, and your always passionate four is penetrated. He often rushes through, you have no language quietly. That originally strange man, but let you smell his strong breath, having heard his flourishing heartbeat, you can restrain by oneself, have found that is regarded as the woman's happiness from him, certainly taste the agony too. Have one strength tear you, you need, find another strength your conglutination, but where is that strength? What is it? You do not know.

Third, one hundred things of poor and lowly couple are sad - -In any case, he is a good person, very good too to you. Once, you thought it so already ample, you would like to start from scratch with him, like the swallow held in the mouth the mud, build the small one's own nest bit by bit, really do so too. You have go through fragrant car of BMW, has gone through the sparkling luxurious hotels of star light one day, you looked like a piece of fruit that has withered gradually, thus only fresh and just the same as before to suddenly suck the moisture of foot. Do you collapse with a loud crash, the woman that oneself is one and can be lured by the material?

Fourth, sound Wu charming and kind in being drunk - -The husband is a hero on an undertaking, carry all before one, the ones that attract countless people are admired gaudily. But you take humble proportion in his eyes. He and you slightly do attentively at leisure, you are just a grain of dust when being busy. Remember a word: Sound Wu charming and kind in being drunk, whose old man old woman it will be gray hair. You understand why Helen leave the brave Sparta king who is good at fighting, it is willing to follow that little white face Paris to run away to Troy.

Fifth, that conditions and customs of smiling at - -In fact everything was so simple unexpectedly, you only had difficulties in competiting with his warm expression in one's eyes like father and elder brothers. That man of yours, after marrying you and getting home, regard you as his natural mother and an unnecessary nurse who pays the salary. He look like pieces of wilful child, can expose he greedy, ignorant, lazy in front of you, regard this as the symbol of the love, the sign of emerging as the kindred. Originally you think so too, but you are tired one day. Then, he arranges like Heaven, appears before your eyes. You have difficulties in competiting with the warm expression in one's eyes like his father and elder brothers. You go to sleep peacefully in his chest, so fragrant and sweet, you have not slept in this way for a long time.

Sixth, turn one's head suddenly, but that person locates in the lights waning - -Thought that person was only illusion of young girl times, does not exist in reality. Getting married,Handmade Bracelets| Imitation Jewelry| Wholesale Picture Frames| Beaded Bracelets| Butterfly Brooches| Unique Handcrafted Jewelry| Heart Necklace| Handmade Earrings| Handmade Jewelry| Beaded Necklaces| Hair Brush in fact it is out of the forcing of age, you thought at that time it was that that person in the dream existed. However, he appeared at last, it was that yes you after marriage.

Seventh, floor outside floor of green hill outside the mountain - -Where is the best man? He can at one's side, can before eyes, he in the unknown distant place forever, he is the next one, the next man is the best, this is your distinct logic, exist and never dare to make public on numerous women's bottom of heart. Look like a lunatic, no one knows what what you wanted is, even you yourself do not know, but you have been looking for, until your sweet-smelling China was no longer that day.

Eighth, lonely Chang'e and Shu Guang tucks inside the sleeve - -Although the husband is good, but at the ends of the earth. Eyes the man though general, offer you cordial touching temperature. You have no way of refusing, you launch long sleeves, comb him and enter cherishing. You are ashamed endlessly sometimes, also try to stop but cannot.
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