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Taostische Alternativen für eine konfuzianische Welt
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„man“ and „human“4 January 2009

„Man“ and „human“ are two different things. „Man“ ist a static concept like „dog“, like „buffalo“, like „donkey“- „Man“ is a static concept, just the name of a certain species, one of the species. One species is of monkeys, another of buffaloes, one is of man. Have you watched? For man we have two terms: „man“ and „human“. For dogs you have only one term: „dogs“; for buffaloes only one: „buffaloes“; for donkeys: „donkeys“. Why? Why this „human“? It has significance: „man“ simply means a biological species; „human“ has nothing to do with biology. „Human“ is a growing concept, an open concept; „man“ is a closed concept, „man“ means you are a being. „Human“ means you are a process, you are going, your are a journey, you are a pilgrimage, you are ongoing, you are a going-beyond. Friedrich Nietzsche has said, „The greatest thing that I love in man is that he is not the goal but the bridge. The most that I love in man is that he is an ongoing process; not an end but a means, a journey“.




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mSqRKegmejirIjD23 November 2011
You get a lot of respect from me for wrtiing these helpful articles.
Posted by Christy

WIozPNSSgWPqhpQSG26 November 2011
Now I'm like, well duh! Truly thakfunl for your help.
Posted by Minnie

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